“Home” Napoles Dennis Cunanan writes,
We, the staff of Mighty Pen magazine, were given a
wonderful opportunity to speak w...
enjoying these special moments and washing them down after with cold milk, iced tea, or cold
chocolate. Then I would do my...
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Napoles Dennis Cunanan's Face of home

“Home” Napoles Dennis Cunanan writes, “Home is any place and any person that touches me once and inside tells me, again and again, to return.”
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Napoles Dennis Cunanan's Face of home

  • 1. “Home” Napoles Dennis Cunanan writes, We, the staff of Mighty Pen magazine, were given a wonderful opportunity to speak with and document an interview for seasoned writer, traveler, and education professional Napoles Dennis Cunanan, or Dennis for short. Dennis’s new project, of which some of our writers from Mighty Pen are invited to collaborate on to kick it off the ground, is his Scrapbook for Home, or a multimedia and multi-genre print publication dedicated to the way contributing authors perceive their home. (Scrapbook for Home will feature poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, multimedia artwork, and photography from selected Filipino writers from here and abroad.) There’s no better place to begin the interview than to ask Dennis for a preview about some of his own future contributions to the project! We asked Dennis to fill in the blank for the statement “home for Napoles Dennis Cunanan is _______________.” “Can I start with food?” Dennis laughs. “I think more than anything people remember me for how I write about food in Food and Travel, because it makes their mouths water. I think I already do a lot of justice to the new dishes that I discover when I travel. So I have a lot of ideas for writing about food that makes me feel at home. “So much of my memory can revolve around the concept of merienda. Merienda is such a uniquely Filipino thing, even if we might have borrowed the idea from the Spanish tradition (because the Spanish are also notorious snackers). Merienda is just something that all Pinoys understand, and this is also based on my experience abroad. We share the idea of merienda as we share the food. I still equate a lot of food items with togetherness. “When I was younger, my favorite things to have for merienda were sunflower crackers, the yellow rectangular ones that came in yellow plastic packets. I could eat them with anything—strawberry jam, peanut butter, cheese whiz, tuna and mayonnaise. It would be my ritual when I got home, because classes for Grade 3 would end in the early afternoon. I’d get to go home and stay in the kitchen and make cracker sandwiches with Mama, Yaya Giel, and my twin brothers. I thought that being around my brothers was a nuisance most of the time, because when they were toddlers and teething, they were naughty and noisy and messy. But we all loved each other when we were having merienda, enjoying the familiar food and the familiar company. And before everyone would be lulled into siesta, and before Dad and Ate would come home, we would be there in the kitchen
  • 2. enjoying these special moments and washing them down after with cold milk, iced tea, or cold chocolate. Then I would do my nighttime routines, sleep, wake up, go to school, and think of what would be waiting for me in the kitchen after.” Seven teenagers. One team. One mission. Arthur Dennis Cunanan Napoles and his friends—David, Gilda, Hana, Del, Maggie, Cyrus—are the chosen ones, and they are tasked to protect the Silver City from the nefarious plans of Black Moon Organization’s leader, Lucero. The series spans seven books and has sold millions of copies worldwide; quite a feat for Filipino author A.T. Buenavista. The ADCN Fan Fiction Archive is currently the largest repository of the best Arthur Dennis Cunanan Napoles series fan fiction in the Internet. Amateur and experienced fan fiction writers from all over the world submit and post their stories on our advanced platform, enjoying perks such as reader reviews, monthly contests sponsored by anonymous donors, and bi-annual local meet-ups. Because of its tremendous success, the ADCN Fan Fiction Archive will soon be accepting fan art submissions for those who would like to share their art based on the series. The archive started out with only a handful of fan fiction written by a group of friends who decided that the largest fan fic website repository is becoming too hostile and picky for its own good. With an amateur, but dedicated team of web developers, fan fic writers, and graphic artists, the Arthur Dennis Cunanan Napoles Fan Fiction Archive is born. Now regarded as the fastest growing—and largest—ADCN archive, the staff is now beginning to recruit more fans (volunteers) to moderate the growing number of fiction submitted to the web site. Further, the team is also looking for more technical and IT support staff, in order to regularly maintain the website, fix bugs, and continuously improve its services. It’s a website created by fans for fans, the Kiara Alison, the current team head shares during a random interview conducted by Candyloop Magazine. We dedicate all our services not only to the series’ millions of fans, but also to the creator of the masterpiece itself—A.T. Buenaventura. We love that she supports fan fiction, unlike most writers we know. Meet the Staff Kiara Alison was born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines. She hates the sun, and prefers to work wrapped in the blanket of darkness under the light of the full moon. She believes that she was Maggie in her past life, and that her spirit has visited A.T. Buenavista, in a dream, thus giving birth to the character. Halliwell Bones hates cats, but loves Churchill, Arthur’s pet tiger. She met Kiara on a fan meet, and together they commiserated on the FFN’s stifling rules on submissions, thus, ADCN Archive was born. She insists that there is a real-life Arthur, and he is destined to be her future husband. Tisda Hale was the one who created the Staff’s pen names, and she often praises herself for it, in spite of the constant jeers of her friends. She is in charge of the technical aspect of the web site and maintains it with a vigilance that would put the soldiers guarding Rizal’s monument in Luneta to shame. Please visit my blog http://napolesdenniscunanan.wordpress.com/

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