Nanthaw an Chalitapanukul Resume 1
 Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team environme...
Nanthaw an Chalitapanukul Resume 2
 Set up short training program for renowned academic institutions of Thailand to expan...
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 Create and maintain glossary for project reference
 Translate essential projects fro...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Nanthaw an Chalitapanukul Resume 1 SPECIAL SKILLS  Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team environment and under pressure.  Familiar with cooperation in international culture.  Analytical and critical thinking.  Work under high pressure PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER Oct.2013 – Present EQHO Communications Ltd.  Ensures legal compliance by monitoring and implementing applicable human resource national requirements; conducting investigations; maintaining records; representing the organization at hearings.  Develop HR planning strategies with line managers Analyze training needs in conjunction with line managers; planning and delivering training, including staff inductions.  Ensure successful employment of non-Thai shortlisted candidates and compliance with the hiring regulations of Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI)  Conduct the 1st stage interview using a variety of selection techniques including psychometric testing in interviewing shortlisted candidates  Advise on and administer com & ben-related programs and other issues to regular employment, including promotion and relocation.  Standardize and maintain departmental documentation in accordance with ISO and legal requirements  Interpret and advise on employment legislation; develop and implement policies on a variety of workplace issues e.g. disciplinary procedures, absence management, working conditions, performance management and equal opportunities  Listen to grievances and implementing disciplinary procedures  Ensure completion of human resource development plan by Training staff  Oversee and be consult on all HR activities by HR staff (payroll, recruitment, training, office management, employee relation) Achievement: Improvement of HR process, documentation, and internal communication; constructive performance evaluation process; successful consult for employees; coaching supervisor levels on manager skills. TRAINING MANAGER Aug.2010 – Sep.2013 EQHO Communications Ltd.  Coordinate with the company’s managers to identify the list of training needs for each position  Create individual development plan for successful competency gap closure  Coordinate on-the-job training and orientation meetings for newly hired employees  Provide training on localization business and internal process of EQHO  Design training courses for ad hoc request  Develop training plan to ensure continual performance improvement of existing employees  Produce and encourage the relating department to produce the required training materials  Develop the first localization course of Thailand (Fundamental of Localization) for the graduate students in Translation and Interpretation Program of Chulalongkorn University. Ms. Nanthawan Chalitapanukul 48 Chan Road, Soi 43/26-1, Bangklo, Bangkorlaem, Bangkok 10120 E-mail: TEL. (m) +6681-927-9008
  • 2. Nanthaw an Chalitapanukul Resume 2  Set up short training program for renowned academic institutions of Thailand to expand understanding of localization business, e.g. the course of Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools, Understanding Localization, Translation in Localization, etc.  Seek any helpful materials or courses for employee improvement  Be a knowledge center of the company in collecting all useful materials to share with internal staff  Support any urgent tasks upon request such as translation, editing, and review. Achievement: Development of training process including all forms and required documents by human resource development plan. EX. Workflowof training process, Training Needs Form (corporate & departmental), Training Report, etc. BUSINESS PARTNER MANAGEMENT (BPM) MANAGER Sep.2009 – Jul.2010 EQHO Communications Ltd.  Manage BPM staff who are responsible for external resource provision to a project  Maintain resources database which includes all contractors from various countries  Response to Sales directions in terms of preparation for new resources intended for any potential language and subject  Recruit new resources in all languages to increase EQHO capacity  Occasionally track performance of the existing resources to insure consistently reliable service  Coordinate with Linguistic Resources Department to ensure a comprehensive test kit for candidate screening process that aligns with company strategy  Control cost on resource management of on-going projects  Retain the best margin of the organization in the negotiated rate with new qualified resources Achievement: sufficient qualified resources; seamless support of resources requests; negotiated rates in controlled. LINGUISTIC DEPARTMENT MANAGER Jun.2008 – Oct.2009 EQHO Communications Ltd.  Manage and allocate in-house resources for the projects as per individual expertise.  Provide input on linguistic issues upon request  Develop and improve the proper evaluation processes to implement on linguistic appraisal  Design a test kit for a specific project  Constantly expand competence of in-house linguists to support new projects and for their career path Achievement: the linguistic job scope in localization process for internal use; corporate Linguistic Report Form (Co-designer); the set of linguistic tests per specific subjects LINGUISTIC RESOURCES MANAGER Mar.2007 – May 2008 EQHO Communications Ltd.  Manage and allocate resources, both in-house linguists and contractors, for the projects  Control cost in outsourcing.  Optimize existing resources to ensure the best margin in a project.  Estimate timeframe and do resources planning upon request from Quote department  Manage and maintain required database for staff/contractor improvement  Recruit new translator and editor from all over the world to increase availability of resources  Solve linguistic problems  Develop linguistic process to assure smooth operation against other departments Achievement: Optimization of internal and external linguistic resources; various linguistic and resource solutions for Project Manager THAI EDITOR Sep.2003 – Feb.2007 EQHO Communications Ltd.  Key editor of all Microsoft projects. Co-editor of PeopleSoft, NetSuite and other significant IT translation, including different types of technical documentations.
  • 3. Nanthaw an Chalitapanukul Resume 3  Create and maintain glossary for project reference  Translate essential projects from English into Thai and vice versa  Provide linguistic input in case of critical issues  Run linguistic test and review Achievement: Provided upon request FREELANCE TRANSLATOR 1997– 2009 Achievement: Provided upon request JOURNALIST 1992 – 1997 Prachachat Business Newspaper/Matichon Pcl.  Write report, news, articles, and columns in Lifestyle section and Marketing section. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Mass Communication (MA.) 2001 – 2003 Murray State University; USA Graduate Diploma in Thai & English Translation 2000 – 2001 Thammasat University; Bangkok Journalism & Mass Communication (BA.) 1988 – 1991 Thammasat University; Bangkok French-English Program (Certificate) 1985 – 1987 Mahapruttaram Girls’ School SPECIAL TRAINING Train the Trainers (HR Center) 2010 Developing IDP (HR Center) 2011 Employee Termination (Splendid Sessions) 2012 Labor Laws for HR (Splendid Sessions) 2013 HR for Non-HR (HR Center) 2013 Finance for Non-Finance 2014 Designing Salary Structure (HR Center) 2014 Competency-based Interview (HR Center) 2014 REFERENCE Ms. Ulaiwan Thasripoo Tel. 094-3962145 Ex-Human Resource Manager/EQHO Communications Ltd. Ms. Wanida Nanwansawadi Tel. 097-9659459 Trade Marketing Manager/Cerebos (Thailand) Co.Ltd. More references will be provided upon request EXPECTED SALARY: negotiable

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