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Nannette Powers Resume, August 2015

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nannette Powers Resume, August 2015

  • 1. Nannette L. Powers, M.B.A.   South Charlotte, NC | 704.904.4508 Diplomatic Professional / Strong Communicator / Creative Thinker / Strategic Insight / Enterprising § Superior Customer Service § Driven, Self-motivated, Detail oriented § Diplomatic Conflict Resolution § Excellent Resource Optimization § Personable, Out-going, Professional § Creative Analytical Skills § Decisive – gifted at handling demanding situations § Team Leadership and Guidance § Technically Savvy; always thirsty to learn more § Medical Office Support; Patient Services   Possess endless energy, excellent at multi-tasking with a very pleasant personality. Have the ability to work long hours, flexible schedules, and can travel. Enjoy working and seeing projects through completion. Master Degree in Business Administration and Master Degree of Science in Leadership Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ 3.65 GPA   Work-at-home/Student/Volunteer/Community Involvement/Fundraising (13 years)   October, 2003 - Present • Raised two daughters, both honor students, service minded. One now in college, one finishing high school. • Excellent at administrative duties; verifying and reconciling expenditures, problem solving, conflict resolution. • Proficient in Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, plus all office equipment. • Quite efficient at learning new software. Easily navigate the Internet, emails, and apps. • Returned to school to earn dual Masters Degree in Business Administration and Leadership. • Full-time volunteer with a hands-on approach. • Accountable through many roles responsible for finances; Treasurer, Fundraising, financial leadership. Familiar with GAAP-based financial accounting. • Worked well in diversified group situations - babies (family crisis intervention), school age (elementary, middle, high), adults (community planning commission teams), and elderly (medical health care solutions). • Led cross-functional teams addressing community growth and planning, academic accreditation, resource selection and funding. • Achieved Red Carpet status for school district that was in Title 1 status. • Proposed action plan awarded by county council addressing strategic priorities, goals, and broad strategies for growth action in phases through 2020. Ready to return to work full-time Co-owner and General Manager (11 years) Door Tu-dor Company | Cleveland, OH January, 1992 – October, 2003 § House design, building, and reconstruction. Offered flexible design options to perfect living space accommodating lifestyle. § Contract sourcing and negotiation. § Excellent quality craft. Responsible for overseeing work completion, meeting building codes, written acceptance, and payment. City Hall recognition for excellent craft integrity. § Developed strong subcontractor relations, particularly with Amish contractors. Continually recognizing cost savings through progress tracking and change order minimization. Ceased business after relocation PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE | BUSINESS OPERATIONS | CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS
  • 2. Nannette L. Powers Page 2 of 2 704.904.4508 |   Purchasing Agent (12 years) Austin Powder Company | Cleveland, OH March, 1990 – September, 1992 SNS Properties (Krasny-Kaplan/Yoder/Northcoast) February, 1988 – March, 1990 Bowen Machine Products August, 1986 – February, 1988 Cleveland Vibrator Company October, 1980 – August, 1986 § Responsible for servicing company operation sites; communications, inventory maintenance, problem resolution, order analysis, troubleshooting assistance. § Transportation logistics – truck and rail control – hazardous material concerns, environmental sensitivities, time and work schedule deadlines, demurrage and fine resolution. § Project reporting; worked in specialized areas linking excellent quality and tact, providing strategic support through analysis and formed recommendations. § Collaborated with internal departments and external agencies on corrugated and paper packaging for hazardous product, meeting company brand wishes and DOT/government regulatory policies. § Sourced, negotiated, and implemented MRP purchase agreements with steel, castings, forgings, fabrications, secondary processes, and parts relative to custom equipment systems. § Purchasing liaison between engineering and manufacturing for design discrepancies and blueprint justification relative to bills of material. § Responsible for purchase tracking, process progress, delivery conflicts, and status updates. Maintained reports for project completion additionally used to trigger accounts receivable progress payments specific to contract jobs. § Involved in several special side projects (paint booth, cyclical inventory control training, project management reporting), recognized for excellent multi-tasking capabilities and ability to re-align priorities. § Facilitated RFQ’s coordinating all communications with potential bidders; sourcing and responsibility over outsourcing of equipment processes. § Analysis of government RFQ’s for risk assessment and acceptance determination. § Assisted with ISO compliance and training. Left for better opportunity Inside Sales (2 years) Cleveland Vibrator Company (1980 - 1982) § Performed inside sales functions, telephone sales, answering technical questions, order processing, delivery confirmation, outside sales support, and graduated into problem resolution. § Gained responsibility for account oversight (approximately 75 locations) reporting for commission reimbursement based on receipt/installation/start-up of equipment sales. Offered purchasing opportunity and moved to purchasing department Assistant to Director of Public Relations (2.5 years) Fairview General Hospital April, 1977 – October, 1980 § Gathered newsworthy information and initial formatting for print copy; a four hundred plus bed teaching hospital. Three major publications plus all print matter for the hospital. § Collaborated with department heads for fundraising, research project promotions, and volunteer assistance. § Assisted with compiling and editing executive board reports and stockholder meeting preparations. § Practiced good team participation and how to well serve the different facets of departments within the hospital. Mastered strong communication skills, both verbal and written. § Provided leadership and acted as proactive team member in areas of work sequence, scheduling, and achieving objectives of assignments, cooperating with others, operating within specific policy/regulatory guidelines, and teaching volunteers proper protocol and accepted behavior. § Led hospital tours. § Aided in-house patients with media needs. Left for greater work responsibility

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