Nancy Jones
2025 Crowley Circle West | Longwood, FL 32779 | 407-461-6555 |
 I am a tech-savvy...
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Nancy Jones 2015 Resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nancy Jones 2015 Resume

  • 1. Nancy Jones 2025 Crowley Circle West | Longwood, FL 32779 | 407-461-6555 | Skills  I am a tech-savvy project manager who is versed in all aspects of project management from inception to completion. I work alongside the planning teams to turn great ideas into a reality; work within tight deadlines, remain calm under pressure and work well with a variety of different personalities in order to do jobs well.  I am fluent in internet short and long-form content writing and passionate about products and platforms.  I am a prudent financial manager who oversees the department budget and ensures that each product comes in at expected target cost or below.  I am a confident people manager who finds each person’s expertise and uses it to assist with achieving company goals and to help them achieve their personal goals.  I have a strong foundation in overseeing the day-to-day workflow of the content creation process including the development and management of content in all formats from assigning through editing, copyediting, fact-checking, QA, publishing and measurement.  I have a bias for action, understand the need to gain agreement, am comfortable with ambiguity and enjoy building new structures and processes from scratch. Writing Experience  Business and Corporate Writing: I write and edit a wide range of business materials including project documentation, executive summaries, meeting notes, blogs, magazine, tweets and emails.  Freelance writing: I have worked professionally as a freelance writer since mid-2008. Writing includes app reviews for my website ( and previously, as a contributing writer for an online magazine (Bluegrass Now) and for the website eHow. Work History  Freelance Writer – June 2008 to present  AAA - 1000 AAA Drive, Heathrow, Florida, 1992 – 2015  IBM - Las Vegas, Nevada, Chicago, Illinois and Orlando, Florida – 1978 to 1992. Sales activities including managing orders to the plant, customer support and accounts receivable. Education University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida - 2008, Bachelor of Arts, English

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