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nan yu Resume_lastest_2015_Aug

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. 572 S 9th st San Jose CA NAN YU 4157130101 nan.yu.pat@gmail.com95112 www.linkedin.com/in/nanyusjsu Looking for Entry-level full-time positioninsoftware engineering EDUCATION San Jose State University Software Engineering (specialization: cloud and virtualization), Master of Science. San Jose, CA Jan 2013- May 2015 Griffith College Dublin Dublin, Ireland Computer Science, Bachelor of Science (Hons). Sep 2007-Sep 2011 Academic rewards for Excellent Student from 2008-2011. WORK EXPERIENCE Software Research Assistant at TCL Research America (San Jose, Jan 2015- May 2015) Creating algorithms for ALCATEL ONETOUCH watch using C++ and C. I am responsible for improving algorithms to detect human sleeping activities. The algorithm’s accuracy increased from 84% to 95%. Software Research Assistant at TCL Research America (San Jose, Jun 2014- Dec 2014) Built a Content Management System to manage TCL Rideo Android app using Spring MVC, Hibernate, Backbone.js and Bootstrap. The system reduced human error by 30% and significantly increased workflow by 60%. I am responsible for implementing Restful APIs for client side and creating part of frontend GUI. Software Research Assistant at San Jose State (San Jose, Mar 2014- May 2014) Designed and implemented an Android App for travelers and travel agencies. I am responsible for building map API using Google Map for Android. TECHNICAL SKILLS Languages: Java, PHP, JavaScript, VB, Python, C++. Database: MySQL, SQLite, Mongo DB. Frameworks: Node.js, Spring MVC, Backbone.js, Flask. Technologies: Ubuntu, Windows, Android SDK, AWS EC2, VMware VI, Mobile Cloud, Git, Google App Engine. Software development skills: Waterfall, Scrum, Agile. ACADEMIC PROJECT EXPERIENCE Big Data Security Management System, 2015 Design and implement a centralized cost effective solution for big data security system. The project is using Flask as backend sever, JavaScript and bootstrap as frontend GUI. Contributed to front end GUI design and implement and build sets of Restful APIs for security policy engine. VMware virtualization development: VMware VI and vSphere SDK, 2014 Project url: http://goo.gl/U3mvC4 Design and implement a disaster recovery system Build an availability manager that monitors the liveness of the virtual machines (VM) running on any one of the hosts and restarts any virtual machines that fail on alternate, healthy hosts, using an earlier cached version of the VM. A VM is not failed by powered off. Octocat's Data Lab, 2013 Project Report: http://goo.gl/5izXvo Data mining for millions of GitHub users’ behavior and technology trends. Implemented three phases: data collecting, data preprocessing and visualization. Technologies: Hadoop, Google BigQuery, D3.js. Security QR Code Scanner, 2013 Developed an Android App (Android SDK 4.0 and ZXing) for taking in information which can be converted into a QR code. The same QR code could be decoded using the Android App to ensure that the code was received and decoded by the correct recipient. GPS Alarm for Android, 2011 Built an Android app using Android SDK 2.0, Google Map API, SQLite and Eclipse. The app features: Search or Touch the screen to set location for alarm. Store history locations. KEY COURSES Data Structure, Analysis of Algorithms, Operating System, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, Cloud Technologies, Database System, Virtualization technology, Enterprise softwarePlatform.

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