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 Curriculum Specialist, Ministry of Education (2016 – current)
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Naema ALthani_RESUME

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. NAEMA ALI ALTHANI ALFALASI Mobile:+971-50-8812246 Mobile:+971-55-8827280 e-mail: Vimeo: Visual artist 3D Character Animator Naema Althani, artist From UAE, Recently! She earned her Master degree in Fine Art in 3D Animation and Visual Effects, from Academy of art University in San Francisco, California. From background of teaching Visual art, for six years passing by all grades from Kindergarten to the ninth grade. She had the chance to get inspired by her student's art works, and the stories behind them. On the other hand, Her inspiration came from short animation films she used to watch since she was kid. Currently, she is working as a Curriculum Specialist in the Ministry of Education in Dubai, UAE. EDUCATION  Master of Fine Art in 3D Animation and Visual Effects Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA. (2009- 2015) The MFA in Animation & Visual Effects program focuses on developing skills in any one of the many areas of expertise within the animation and visual effects industry. The program educates students in all aspects of animation and visual effects, from ideation to post production. Communication, collaboration, and time management skills are emphasized throughout the program to ensure graduates are acclimated to the intense professional culture that awaits them.  Bachelor of Art Education UAE University. UAE. (2003) The Art Education Program is designed to prepare art teachers for grades K-9, Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 according to the classifications of Abu Dhabi Educational Council (ADEC) and the Ministry of Education. Other activities and participations Organizing and Participating in Fine Art Exhibitions:  Personal Exhibition- House of Talent (2007) Dubai, UAE- Organizing and Participating.  Spring Exhibition (2006) Ras Alkhima, UAE - Organizing and Participating.  Exhibition of touch- International Table Tennis (2006) UAE – Organizing.  Dimensions Emirian Exhibition (2006) Sharjah, UAE- Participating.  Eial Alblad 2 Ehibition (2005), Ras Alkhima, UAE - Organizing and Participating.  Art Education First Meeting Exhibition (2005), Ras Alkhma, UAE - Organizing and Participating.  Al Ewais Cultural Competition (2005) Dubai, UAE – Participating.  Colors Exhibition (2005) Ras Alkhima, UAE- Organizing and Participating.  Activities Exhibition (2004), Ras Alkhima, UAE - Organizing and Participating.  Eial Alblad 1 Exhibition (2004),Ras Alkhima, UAE- Organizing and Participating.  Creation exhibition (2002), UAE University, Organizing and Participating. Projects  3D Animation Director, producer and animator of The Tree Man, short film (2013- 2015) animation. Demo Reel: Web Site:|/
  • 2. Work experience  Curriculum Specialist, Ministry of Education (2016 – current) Creating visuals using a variety of techniques and media. Works with two-dimensional art forms, using shading, perspective, and color to produce scenes. Create illustrations and designs for print, books, and other forms of media. Collaborate with publishers on ideal designs  3D Character Animator, Freelancer (2012 -current) Creating and drawing the colorful moving images that appears on television, in films, and in video games. Write storyline for characters and put cartoons together with special effects, soundtracks, and other layouts.  Visual Artist, Freelancer (2003 - current) Create works that convey messages of emotion, ideas or information. Incorporate a variety of different disciplines, including drawing, painting, and sculpture and textile design. Specialize in graphic design, photography and film, among others areas.  Art teacher, Ministry of Education (2003 -2015) Provide art instruction to elementary, middle or high school students, with the aim of creating an interest in the subject amongst pupils and assisting them to express themselves through the medium of art. Plan classes and appropriate assignments according to course requirements. Explain various elements of art. Introduce techniques and procedures for painting, sketching, designing and sculpting. WORKSHOPS AND SHORT COURSES  Character design for video games, (2016) California Institute of the Arts.  Demo and Lecture Intensive. 3d Animation(2015) San Francisco, California, USA.  Graphic design. Visual and Graphic design. (2015) Alison Free Online Learning.  Basics of Italian language (2007) Sharjah, UAE.  Fashion Design, Institute di Moda Burgo(2007) Milan, Italy.  Thinking outside the box, Dr. Hoda Alsubaie (2007) Ras Alkhima, UAE.  Easing and Effective Decision Making, (2007) Ras Al khaima, UAE.  Drawing Mental Map using Inspiration. (2007) Ras Alkhima, UAE. Skills  Story board  2D Traditional Animation  Pre-production  Social skills  Managing Teams  Teamwork  Evaluating art work  Directing  Software : Adobe after effect , Adobe paint brush, adobe illustrator, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox  Film Editing  Produce a professional-standard project, with topical content for the industry, showcasing technical and artistic ability.  Demonstrate facility with animation technology and software. References: Will be provided based on request 10th Feb 2016

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