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Nakisa Private Cloud Module Overview

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nakisa Private Cloud Module Overview

  • 1. Visualize what matters most All the power and agility of the cloud, all the control and peace of mind of on-premise. Copyright © 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. Nakisa Private Cloud is a cloud computing platform that keeps your data safe within your corporate firewall. With this deployment option, you gain from the same features and benefits of the Cloud, without compromising control over your company and data, data security, and regulatory compliance. By using Nakisa Private Cloud, you can continue to focus on your strategic business objectives without needing to shift the focus onto IT infrastructure. Since Nakisa provides and maintains its solutions through its private cloud as a service, your company can easily and quickly solve some of its toughest technology challenges. Nakisa Private Cloud eliminates the need to purchase, install and maintain servers to host Nakisa’s solutions, while preserving the functionality and security of your data and systems. This helps reduce costs, increases efficiency, and introduces innovative business models to make your organization more agile with a fully managed service that can adapt to your needs quickly. Business continuity is crucial for your organization’s agility. That is why protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and service is of utmost importance to Nakisa. To deliver the full benefits of a private cloud, Nakisa integrates unified data center architecture with intelligent, cloud-ready networks. This helps to simplify IT operations, maintain your security standards, increase business agility and enable consistent cloud experiences for users. Nakisa’s solutions leverage SAP’s data model and security, so that you can continue to manage your data and user accounts within SAP. By moving your infrastructure into the private cloud, your organization can focus on its core business as opposed to spending time and resources managing infrastructure. Nakisa Private Cloud offers you: • A unique architecture that leverages SAP’s data model and works as its data repository, which makes it possible to run Nakisa’s solutions in the private cloud environment without any persistent data. • A network that provides a highly secure user experience, wherever the user may be. • A standardized and flexible approach to deploying and delivering IT infrastructure. • Agile and rapid access to IT infrastructure and services leveraging automated and on-demand resource provisioning capabilities. • High availability, security and monitoring with high level redundancy, so you can relax knowing your technology is up and running. • An automated monitoring system to provide a high level of service performance and availability. Nakisa Private Cloud
  • 2. Nakisa Private Cloud benefits Increase business agility Improve the ability to respond to shifting market demands and changes in IT-supported business processes. If your organization grows as a result of a merger or market changes, the private cloud will enable you to gain control over your newly expanded network and adapt quickly. Reduce costs and save time Decrease costs by accelerating implementation and by eliminating the need to purchase, install and maintain solutions that also require specialized skills. Keep control of your data With the private cloud, your data stays with you and you can be assured that the data transmission is fully secure in a closed, private environment. Also, your data will never be lost since it remains up-to-date in your SAP ERP. Visualize real-time data from any location Users can securely access their up-to-date, real-time data at any time from anywhere. The data is fetched in real time, in a secure manner from the customer’s ERP SAP system. Comply with regulatory protocols Nakisa Private Cloud has been independently validated to comply with the PCI Data Security Standards as a shared host service provider, most requirements from EU Directive 95/46/EC, and will enable you to meet regional data hosting regulations. Visualize and update data in real time Authorized users always visualize the most up-to-date information. With Nakisa solutions, leveraging SAP authentication and security models, only certain authorized user groups are allowed to access and write back information directly into SAP ERP. Ensure business continuity with high availability The operating system, software and services that power your solutions are constantly monitored. Nakisa Private Cloud consists of a comprehensive monitoring platform to ensure high availability and health of the infrastructure. Obtain high quality expert implementation Nakisa’s solutions are implemented by expert implementation consultants to ensure: installation and validation of the configured solution, performance, system testing and support, and training. Private cloud is the right cloud computing option for you if... Data security & privacy is important to your organization Nakisa Private Cloud keeps your data safe within your corporate firewall. You own and are in control of your data, which ensures no unauthorized or accidental access to your critical information. You must comply with regulatory guidelines No public cloud model is flexible enough to accommodate all regulations around the world. The Nakisa Private Cloud architecture will empower you to control compliance. You need a flexible, adaptable solution to meet changing business needs If you need a tailored solution, complete control of your data, and the flexibility of cloud at the same time, the private cloud is the way to go. It delivers the level of scalability to satisfy your immediate software needs. With a private cloud, you can quickly recalibrate IT resources changing needs. You have immediate business requirements With high availability and dependability, Nakisa Private Cloud offers the flexibility to implement Nakisa’s solutions without the burden of operational and configuration concerns. This helps accelerate implementation so that your business can readily benefit from your SAP ERP solution investments. You want to save on IT infrastructure costs Nakisa Private Cloud provides all the great benefits of virtualization, security and cost-savings. You no longer need to purchase hardware and maintain software. Copyright © 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. Learn more Visit for more information on Nakisa Private Cloud or email for more information. About us Nakisa® Inc. is a leading Organization and Talent Management software company, providing the world’s largest organizations with the ability to visualize and maintain accurate HCM data, confidently execute organization design, devise harmonized succession and career plans, and create an aligned, high-performing workforce. In collaboration with a global network of partners, Nakisa serves a wide range of customers across all sectors and regions. Nakisa’s expanding client base includes 700+ enterprise customers, with more than 4 million subscribers from 24 industries, in 125 countries. Nakisa has been a partner of SAP® since 2007. SAP® Organizational Visualization by Nakisa® (SOVN) and SAP® Talent Visualization by Nakisa® (STVN) are co-developed, supported and sold by SAP. Available in 18 languages, these official solution extensions form a key part of the SAP product and enhancement roadmap, ensuring customers fully benefit from the latest SAP HCM technology innovations.

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