Najwa Bekkous
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Young professional Italian Legal A...
Najwa Bekkous
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 Responsible in setting and defining goals with all ...
Najwa Bekkous
Mobile: +971 52 97 97 338 E-mail:
Jan 2010- Jul 2010
Delegate-Temporary Contract
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Najwa Bekkous Mobile: +971 52 97 97 338 E-mail: SUMMARY OF PROFILE Young professional Italian Legal Associate with over 10 years of extensive international experience in procurement, negotiation, transaction, contract and claim management; litigation and arbitration. Provide excellent legal service to various client within multi-national, private and government entities. Possess strong educational background on LLB, Bachelor of Laws on International Law and Legal Studies, in European University of Rome and currently pursuing, LLM Master in Comparative, European and International Law in European University of Rome. Hardworking, trustworthy and result driven individual actively seeking for the next career challenge in contributing high level of Legal expertise. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND  Currently Pursuing, Master in Comparative, European and International Law (LLM),European University of Rome  1991 – 2001, Technical Diploma in Export Sales, Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Antonio Gramsci, Studied Italian Technical language  2008 – 2014, Bachelor of Laws (LLB), International Law and Legal Studies, European University of Rome CURRENT WORK EXPERIENCE Nov 2014 – Present Legal Advisor – Permanent Contract PRESTIGE Advocates & Legal Consultants (Private Law Firm) - Dubai, UAE  Reviewing, drafting and negotiating contracts.  Offering counsel on a variety of legal issues.  Advising executives on contract status, legal risks and business terms.  Ensuring legal objectives are met and interests of clients are protected.  Suggesting solutions to complex legal issues.  Involved in all aspects of litigation support, including legal research and factual investigation.  Preparing witness and matter materials for case preparations.  Ensuring contract and agreements are properly executed.  Drawing up the formalities for the amicable settlement of disputes which may arise during contracts implementation; analyzing complex situations and disputes in contracts and trade agreements including dispute resolution.  Collaborating with senior legal advisors and partners in case of judicial disputes and trials.  Responsible for timely and proper fulfillment of all tasks entrusted. PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE Oct 2013– Apr 2014 Legal ContractManager- Temporary Contract Global Village (PrivateEntity) – Dubai,UAE  Responsible in providing resolutions and agreements with customers and suppliers.  Negotiating and managing external and internal procurement and contracting arrangements.  Identify and ensure procurement opportunities are evaluated and processed.
  • 2. Najwa Bekkous Mobile: +971 52 97 97 338 E-mail:  Responsible in setting and defining goals with all interested parties.  Evaluating the needs of customers and clients.  Facilitating the re-negotiation of existing contracts.  Providing expert advice to colleagues on any issues that may arise.  Responsible in making amendments to contractual documents.  Ensure the companies interests and managing contractual staff.  Provides advice to on any issues that may arise in relations to contract management and legalities.  Investigate complaints, disturbances and violations and resolve problems followingmanagement rules and regulations. Dec 2011 – Sep 2013 Junior Legal Consultant - Permanent Contract SORZE – FORTUNATO (Private Law Firm) - Rome, Italy  Responsible in managing client and provide legal service.  Assist the lawyer in day to day activities such as preparing for trials, hearings, and closings.  Specialized on political asylum, refugee and immigration law, following many cases on global mobility of countries affected by the Arab Spring.  Conducting legal research and gathering relevant information to the case including researching the facts of the case as well as identifying the appropriate laws, judicial decisions, and legal articles relevant to the case.  Drafting legal document including correspondence and pleadings, such as complaints, subpoenas, interrogatories, deposition notices, pretrial orders, and legal briefs with various parties. Mar 2011 – Apr 2011 UAE Delegate (United Nation Model) - Temporary Contract Giovani Nel Mondo (Government Entity) - Rome, Italy  Represent the United Arab Emirates to Rome Model United Nations which is an authentic simulation of the U.N. General Assembly and other multilateral bodies.  Responsible in providing research on UAE history and its current perspective on international issues, and then represent it in the assigned committee.  Write position paper about my state on the issues that the committee will be debating and considering what potential solutions could be proposed during the conference. Sep2008 – Jan 2011 Headof ImmigrationDepartment,Whipand Party Member - Permanent Contract YoungDemocrats (GovernmentEntity) - Rome, Italy  Work with stakeholders at all levels within the Party with excellent political judgment and communication skills.  Liaising with members of government and local government, party head quarter, other politicians and their staff,embassies, commissioners, relevant interest groups, themedia, relevant voluntary sectororganizations and constituents.  Attending and hosting national and internationals conferences.  Developing and implementing an integrated strategy to ensure that young members of the Democratic Party are trained and empowered to play a full and active role.  Managing special programs and development projects to be sent to the Italian Parliament.  Carrying out research into local, regional, national and international issues and ensuring my staff and colleagues are made aware of any relevant matters on immigration.  Writing press releases, newsletters and mailshots to promote our department work.
  • 3. Najwa Bekkous Mobile: +971 52 97 97 338 E-mail: Jan 2010- Jul 2010 Delegate-Temporary Contract GenerationLiboaProject(GovernmentEntity) – Madrid,Spain (An eight month project, funded and supported by the European Commission. Aiming to strive and build values in responsibility, diversity and for the common good within the European Institutions.)  Discuss in a realistic and critical way, the thoughts on employment situation, college and youth mobility in Europe, following the adoption and entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon.  Discuss the European Space for Higher Education, and its controversial Bologna Plan.  Discuss the new actions introduced under the Lisbon Treaty in the Community institutions in order to promote its transparency in theeyes of citizensand its effectivenesswithinthe international framework,and in the Employment policies of the European Union and the way in which it will affectthe young people once they have finished their studies. Jan 2007– Jul 2009 VisaandImmigrationConsultant-Permanent Contract ACLI, AssociazioneCattolicaLavoratori Italiani (PrivateEntity) – Padua,Italy  Ensure the client avoids any legal issues that may occur in relation to their relocation by assisting them to obtain visas and other related immigration documentation.  Responsible for providing the client with advice and guidance, how to complete the process smoothly working within strict timelines and communicating with authorities and the client consistently. It was also necessary to have a strong understanding of border control procedures as well as any related legislation.  Drafting requests for residence permits, family reunification and political asylums. Sep2004 – Oct 2007 CourtInterpreter - Permanent Contract Courtof Padua andVenice(Government Entity) - Padua, Italy  Interpreter for police department, judges and criminal justice proceedings, including police and probation service interviews, court hearings, solicitor interviews, arbitration hearings and immigration tribunals. OTHER SKILL  Language:English (Fluent written and spoken), French (Fluent written and spoken), Italian (Mother tongue), Arabic (Fluent spoken)  IT Skill:Holda fullEuropean Computer License, MacOS, MicrosoftOfficeWindowssystems, Proficientin Outlook/Express/Web App Light and Lotus Notes PERSONAL INFORMATION  Nationality: Italian  Date of Birth: 15th January 1983  Marital Status: Single References Available Upon Request

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