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Naji  Azizi  
Ramsey  rd,  #663,  Little  Britain,  Ontario  -­  K0M  2C0  
Tel:  514  653-­5084  /  email:  azizi.n...
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Master  of  Engineering,  Building                                                  2016...
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Naji azizi cv

A resourceful junior civil engineer who is interested in engineering design from the initial conceptual stage, through feasibility study and to detailed design. Physically fit and able to work on-site and at remote locations, I am more than willing to undertake any work of a technical nature that falls within my ability and competence. I have a solid record of health, safety and environmental focus when working on projects, and am committed to my personal and professional development. Right now I am looking for a suitable position with a forward thinking company.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. - 1 - Naji  Azizi   Ramsey  rd,  #663,  Little  Britain,  Ontario  -­  K0M  2C0   Tel:  514  653-­5084  /  email:  azizi.naji@gmail.com     PROFILE   A  recent  graduate  with  over  ten  years  of  employment  experience  together  with  a  Bachelor  of  Engineering   Degree  in  Civil  Engineering  and  an  impending  certificate  in  Building  Engineering.  Acquired  experience  in   structural  design,  cost  estimation,  reinforced  concrete  design,  steel  structures  design,  bridge  design,  wood   design,   structural   design   of   multi-­story   building,   construction   project   management.   Trained   to   work   productively  in  a  host  of  construction  fields,  including  research  and  development,  technical  sales  and  field   support.  Ability  to  use  modern  technologies  and  tools  to  diagnose  and  solve  engineering  problems,  saving   substantially  on  time,  costs  and  other  resources.       A   team   player   with   strong   communication   and   interpersonal   skills,   including   fluency   in   French.   Highly   adaptable  to  new  environments,  challenges  and  increasing  levels  of  responsibilities.         ENGINEERING  &  PROFESSIONAL  EXPERIENCE
   OFFICEPIER,  Toronto,  Ontario                               2014,  2015                                                     Internship  in  Project  Management                                              (summers)   •   Define  the  mandate,  the  range  of  the  project,  the  roles  and  responsibilities,  indicators  of  measurement   and  limits  of  the  project   •   Managed,  coordinate  all  stages  of  a  project,  and  write  reports   •   Contribute  the  improvement  of  processes  and  maintain  good  business  relationships   Internship  in  research  project  (Water-­engineering  and  risk)                            2014   Officepier,  Toronto,  Ontario                                  (summer)   •   Characterization,  measurements  and  data  types  of  structure,  management  criteria   •   Automated  Risk  Assessment  breaking  flood   •   Real-­Time  Evaluation  of  the  risk  associated  with  the  state  management     Building  Supervisor                                                                      2001-­2012       CUSTOMS  AND  EXCISE  ASMINISTRATION,  Rabat,  Morocco   •   Estimate  costs  for  materials,  labour,  and  equipment   •   Help  to  implement  methods  for  each  construction  stage   •   Monitor  building  progress  against  agreed  completion  dates   •   Supervise  teams  of  building  contractors  on  site   ACADEMIC  PROJECTS     Civil  engineering  design  Project  (drinking  water  treatment  plant)   •   Achieving  service  offer.   •   Achieving  detailed  design  plans   •   Detailed  cost  estimation   Project  of  characterization  with  GPS  and  GIS   •   Use  of  modern  technologies  (GPS,  GIS)   •   Characterize  transport  networks  and  integrate  aspects  of  environment.     •   Search  information,  synthesis  and  georeferenced  modeling  and  analyzes   ADDITIONAL  WORK  EXPERIENCE     Signalling  Construction  work                            2013   Vinci  Park,  Montreal,  Quebec                                          (summer)
  • 2. - 2 -       EDUCATION   Master  of  Engineering,  Building                                                  2016-­Present   Concordia  University,  Montreal,  Quebec
   Relevant  Courses:  Construction  Project  Management,  Simulations  and  Design  of                                            Construction  Operations     Bachelor  of  Engineering,  Civil                                  2015   Polytechnique,  Montreal,  Quebec
   Relevant  Courses:  Reinforced  Concrete  Design,  Steel  Structures  Design,  Bridge  Design,                      Wood  Design,  Structural  Design  of  Multi-­Story  Building,  Project  Cost                      Estimation,  Construction  Project  Management       Diploma  of  University  Studies,  Civil                                                                  2008   Hassan  II  UNIVERSITY,  Casablanca,  Morocco       Diploma  of  University  Studies,  Building                              2000   Mohamed  V  UNIVERSITY,  Rabat,  Morocco     Certificate  of  Proficiency—English  for  Professional  communication                                                2013-­Present   McGILL  UNIVERSITY   Course  of  general  security  on  the  building  sites  (CSST)                                                                                2013   Cardiorespiratory  and  reanimation  training  (C-­DEA)                                        2013   COMPUTER  SKILLS     Programming  Languages:  MatLab,  Visual  Basic   Project  Management:  MS  Project/Office,   CAD  Systems:  MicroStation,  AutoCAD,  CATIA,  Sketchup,  InRoads,  Sap2000,                                                        Advanced  Design  America  (ADA),  spColumn,  SWMM,  EPANET,  FLYPS,   Operating  Systems:  Windows,  OS  X  (Mac)     LANGUAGES     English,  French,  Arabic         INTERESTS  
   Travelling,  Computer  Systems,  Swimming                                           REFERENCES  AVAILABLE  UPON  REQUEST

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