“Cape Fox Professional Services” Vacancy Announcement, Misawa, JapanAnnouncement No: 001Position Title/Series/Grade: Admin...
5. The ability to interface with all levels of management is required.6. Must present and behave in a manner that presents...
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NAFM Safety Position Hire

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - NAFM Safety Position Hire

  • 1. “Cape Fox Professional Services” Vacancy Announcement, Misawa, JapanAnnouncement No: 001Position Title/Series/Grade: Administrative Assistant, MisawaSalary: $ hourly (HR determines rate)Number of vacancies: One (1)Length of Contract: 5 years ( Contract up for renewal September 2013)OPEN DATE: 19 Oct 2012CLOSING DATE: 20 November 2012Location: Safety Department, Naval Air Facility Misawa, JapanArea of Consideration: Dependants who reside within 2 hours commuting distance.NOTES:1. Work Schedule: Under 25 hours/week without Benefits, Monday – Friday, and weekends if needed.2. This is a part time contracting position. Length of contract is 5 years.3. Must be a U.S. citizen to obtain NACI.4. High school graduation or equivalent education level is required.DUTIES: Perform a variety of Administrative work. Ensure assigned instructors maintain accountability forstudents during training and provide a weekly list/report of student completion to the Deputy Operations Manager,Operational Manager, Program Manager (PM), Region Safety Manager (RSM) or Installation Safety Office (ISO).Reporting structure and timelines are subject to change and may vary. Assist in develop training scheduled andensure lesson materials, ranges and equipment are updated and meet established standards for conducting scheduledtraining. Upon request, complete, maintain, file, and provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual training reportaccordance with Cape Fox Professional Services Standard Operating Procedures and as directed by the ProgramManager (PM) or Operational Manager. Maintain compliance with all Government contraction procedures andmilitary protocols as required by the contract and its references (e.g. Join Travel Regulations). Ensuring adherenceto all company safety rules and SOPs in area of responsibility. Rectifying unsafe actions and/or conditionsimmediately. Participates in maintaining safe work environment by sharing and participating in safety relatedmeetings, training, etc. Coordinate training schedule with Region Safety Office, Installation Safety Offices, andother instructors. Performs other related duties as required and assigned by OM or Program Manager.EVALUATION FACTORS: Applicants should include sufficient information in their resume/application thatdemonstrates their experience, knowledge, skills, training, and /or education.1. Have excellent client service and client retention aptitudes and skills.2. Be reliable and have the ability to maintain confidentiality.3. Have good oral, written, and analytical skills.4. Possess the ability to interface with all levels of internal company management, vendors, DoD officials, and high-ranking military personnel.
  • 2. 5. The ability to interface with all levels of management is required.6. Must present and behave in a manner that presents the CFPS in a positive and professional manner in accordancewith prescribed CFPS dress and appearance standards.7. Support and communicate effectively personnel policies, and procedures.8. The ability to verbally communicate and convey information in a clear and concise manner.9. Ability to utilize MS Office and other basic computer skills.10. Ability to view and read computer terminals on a frequent basis, with or without reasonable accommodation.11. Ability to obtain “American Automobile Association (AAA) Driver Improvement Program (DIP) Leader” and“CPR Certification”.CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT:1. Have to work both inside and outside. 2. Sitting, standing, some lifting may be required. 3. Must be able to workweekends.INQUIRIES REGARDING THIS VACANCY: Call Randall Mills at 080-5535-5536WHO MAY APPLY: Refer to the Area of Consideration.HOW TO APPLY: Application and forms must be received in the “Office name and address” by “Time” onclosing date of the announcement. All applications must show the announcement number and grades applying for.It is applicant’s responsibility to make a copy of the application and attachments for future use. Applications andattachments will not be retrieved for duplication or for return. Each applicant is responsible for submitting completeinformation on his/her qualifications. Applicants must meet all eligibility and qualifications requirements as of theclosing date of the announcement. Failure to submit required information or to meet the closing date may result in aloss of consideration for the position for which you are applying.FORMS/INFORMATION REQUIRED:1. Resume sent via e-mail to rmills@capefox-ps.com

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