Naeem Ullah Khan (Chemical Engineer)
Village Saleem Khel, Post office Ahmad Khan Wala, Tehsil and District Mianwali, Punja...
University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan 2008-2012
Bachelor of Chemical E...
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Naeem Khan-Resume as chemical Engin

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Naeem Khan-Resume as chemical Engin

  • 1. Naeem Ullah Khan (Chemical Engineer) Village Saleem Khel, Post office Ahmad Khan Wala, Tehsil and District Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan Phone: +92-313 5494950 Email: Skype: qutbisitara33 Career Objective: Seeking a position of process engineer in a reputable industry to carry out my expertise in different industrial processes to run plant efficiently and to be a valuable asset to the employer. Professional Total Experience 03 Years, 07 Months Experience: AGRITECH (Formerly Pak-American Fertilizer) Ltd Iskanderabad, Mianwali, Pakistan Agritech is Ammonia / Urea Complex having capacity of 750 MTPD of Ammonia and 1420 MTPD of prilled Urea, started commenced production in November, 1999. Plant is equipped with Totally Distributed Control System (TDCS 3000X by Honeywell-Yamatake). Company is certified in OH & S Management System (OHSAS 18001:2007) and Environment Management System (ISO 14001:2004  Process Operation Engineer (Urea Production) (19 Sep, 2012-Present)  Prime responsibility is to ensure Urea product quality  Shift operation activities at urea plant, monitoring process parameters, provide advices & instructions to alter operating parameters, controlling planned & emergency shutdown in collaboration with Shift Manager  Arrange maintenance through the appropriate channel, ensuring that equipment is isolated, clean & free of toxic gases, issue “permits to work” with relevant approval where necessary & ensuring that jobs are completed safely  Leading the production and maintenance teams in the shift to efficiently use the man power  Ensure the smooth handover of the plant to incoming shift and complete the shift reports including log book and log sheet showing all activities during the shift  Ensure the Implementation of SOPs/checklists during start-up and shut-down of plant  To conduct weekly safety talks to increase safety awareness and communicate safety hazards to relevant operating staff, maintenance teams and visitors at urea plant  Following jobs have been done in my supervision during annual shutdown;  Rotor Replacement of HP casing vertical type CO2 Compressor  Maintenance, fabrication and Inspection of Urea reactor internals  Chemical and hydro jet cleaning of heat exchangers and surface condensers  Cleaning of Evaporators, flash separators, Knock out drums and flushing pumps  Training at Ammonia and Urea Plant  Detailed Process P&IDs / line tracing of all sections and utilities of plant  Studied process parameters and developed understanding of operation handling  Studied Standard Operating Procedures, startup and shutdown procedures  Draining, Depressurization, Heating and Cooling Procedures  Heat Exchanger basics, types and operation  Purging, Priming, Flushing and Changeover of Pumps  Lube Oil, Control Oil and Sealing system of Compressors and Turbines  Developed understanding of Interlocking logics and Instrumentation  Developed understanding of DCS and PLC system  Completed assignments given by mentor and unit manager  Training at Utility Plant  Boiler Feed Water Treatment  Cooling Water Treatment and Cooling Tower operation  Power generation via Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine  Inert Gas generation by Linde-pressure swing adsorption method  Instrument Air/ Plant Air generation  Heat Recovery Steam Generation system  High Pressure Steam generation and Boiler Operation Dr. A. Q. Khan Institute of Technology, Mianwali  Senior Instructor (Chemical) (April, 2012-August, 2012)  Delivered lectures on Heat Transfer, Organic Chemistry and Thermodynamics
  • 2. Educational Achievements: University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan 2008-2012 Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Abdul Razzaq Fazaia College Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan 2005-2007 Intermediate, Pre-Engineering Govt. Comprehensive High School Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan 2003-2005 Matriculation, Science Internships:  AGRITECH Ltd Iskanderabad, Mianwali, Pakistan (8 weeks)  Maple Leaf Cement Factory Iskanderabad, Mianwali, Pakistan (4 weeks) Personal Skills:  Communication Skills:  Performed in Radio Pakistan Mianwali  Conference speeches facing doctors and engineers  Initiative/Drive Skills:  Created a social group for the interaction of graduate and professional engineers  Initiated welfare work for students at district level  Management Skills:  Managed and organized annual get-together functions  Effective time management and meeting deadlines  Leadership Potential:  Lead and motivated juniors at university and now at work place  Lead groups for class presentations and semester projects  Presentation Skills:  Arranged, designed and delivered guidance lectures on career counseling  Designed, prepared and delivered power point presentations  Recited NAAT and Holy Quran in front of audience up to 1000 Short Courses:  1 week training by Agritech HSEQ department on the following topics; Firefighting, Personal Protective Equipment, Emergency Response plan, First Aid, Permit to work and hazards identification procedures  Training and Tests of following APIs ; Compressors, Pumps, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbine, Heat Exchangers, Nature of Heat, Furnace, Instrumentation, Valves, Couplings, Cooling Tower  1 day Lecture on Analytical and Quality Control Laboratory by Unit Manager LAB  3 days Disaster Management Course organized by Pakistan Red Crescent Society (May, 2010)  Attended and successfully completed 1 month Spoken English course (debates, presentations and group discussions) organized by UET Lahore (August, 2010)  2 weeks training course on Aspen HYSYS and MATLAB Achievements:  Hafiz-e-Quran (August, 2002)  Got prominent position in the class throughout my educational career  Awarded merit scholarship by Petroleum Institute of Pakistan (Jan, 2009)  Won 1st prize in running competition (Sep, 2006)  Raised money of PRs 60,000 for a deserved family (Feb, 2011) Hobbies and Interest:  I enjoy Playing musical instrument “Flute”  I enjoy Playing “Badminton and Table tennis”  Volunteer working for NGO and teaching poor students Additional Useful Information:  Father Name: Naimat Ullah Khan  Date of Birth: 07-Feb-1989  Registered Engineer PEC (2012-present)  NIC: 38302-0393520-9 Passport: FB4125201  Nationality: Pakistani Domicile: Punjab (Mianwali)  Marital Status: Single Gender: Male  Health: Excellent Driving License

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