Phone: 708-714-6483 Address: 1840 Park Newport Apt. 310
E-Mail: Newport Beach, CA 92660
$35,000 a year in boiler treatment chemical reclamation by designing a system to collect
condensate created from heating r...
● Process Safety Management: Responsible for ensuring department was ISO-compliant with
regards to department work instruc...
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Nadim Hamdar Resume 9-12-15

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nadim Hamdar Resume 9-12-15

  • 1. Phone: 708-714-6483 Address: 1840 Park Newport Apt. 310 E-Mail: Newport Beach, CA 92660 Nadim J. Hamdar Education: University of Illinois in Urbana Graduation Date: May of 2007 Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering Site Manager (April 2012 – Present) W.R. Grace & Co. (Fire Protection) Santa Ana, CA ● Managed a 2 shift operation that generated over $16.6M in annual sales revenue. Direct reports included 1 Logistics Coordinator, 1 QC Technician, 1 Maintenance Coordinator, 1 Supervisor, and 10 Production Operators. ● Responsible for all site EH&S, productivity, quality, engineering, maintenance, and production activities. Highlights include implementing a Kan-Ban Inventory Management System that reduced raw material stock outs by over 90%, achieving over $100K in productivity savings each year, reducing maintenance downtime by over 10%, and increasing production throughput by over 17%. Site also went 3 years without a recordable injury. ● Acted as the main communication link between the site, upper management, EH&S, quality, and customer service. Responsible for the site achieving all company goals and directives as required by upper management. ● Acted as the site lead ISO coordinator. Conducted internal audits, in addition to taking the lead during the annual ISO audits for the facility. ●Acted as the site EH&S manager. Was responsible for ensuring that the site was compliant with all corporate implemented procedures, in addition to all government regulations for the state of California. Was the main company representative during the 3 year EH&S site recertification audit in 2015. ● Responsible for all site financial and accounting information, reporting to upper management as needed. Delivered favorable annual manufacturing variances of at least $50,000 every year. ● Acted as the site training manager. Created and implemented a large array of operating procedures and training modules. Offered training to all employees on a weekly basis. Training methods varied from presentations to in field demonstrations. Responsible for setting the annual training agenda. Coordinated with outside training vendors. Created the agenda for and lead several team building activities. Personally reviewed all employee PDRs. Created agendas based off the PDRs for the employees to follow to foster their development. Plant Engineer (April 2010 – April 2012) W.R. Grace & Co. (Darex / SCC / Disc Sciences) Chicago 51st. St. IL ● Maintenance Manager: Responsible for all maintenance functions including planning, scheduling, purchasing, contracting, and inventory management. Additionally acted as the department supervisor. ● Six Sigma: Completed several Six Sigma Black Belt projects. Highlights include saving $90,000 a year in product reclamation installing a slanted bottom mixer in addition to saving
  • 2. $35,000 a year in boiler treatment chemical reclamation by designing a system to collect condensate created from heating railcars and returning to the boiler feed system. ● Process Safety Management: Created, maintained, organized, and improved a significant amount of maintenance and engineering documentation including P&IDs, PMs, inspection forms, SOPS, troubleshooting guides, permits, equipment files, engineering reports, equipment certifications, and contracts. ● Maintenance Excellence: Implemented a substantial amount of maintenance excellence practices into the department. Specifics include predictive maintenance practices such as vibration analysis, ultrasound, laser alignment, and improved lubrication equipment and procedures. The preventative maintenance practices were enhanced to capture more facility equipment in addition to providing better and more in depth procedures. ● EH&S: Held accountable for all departmental safety. Reviewed all safety procedures relevant to the department on a frequent basis. Managed and signed off on all relevant life critical safety procedures including lock out tag out, line breaking, confined space entry, fall protection, and hot work on a daily basis. Led investigative efforts for any safety or environmental issue that occurred within the department. ● Engineering: Assisted in several capital projects including designing a tank truck wash out system for preventing NOx releases. Initiated and completed many small scale maintenance projects that improved the process from a reliability standpoint. Process Engineer (July 2007 – April 2010) W.R. Grace & Co. (Hydroprocessing) Curtis Bay, MD. ● Quality Control: Directly responsible for day to day quality regarding the alumina and spheres processes. Analyzed process trends and quality information on a daily basis and coordinated appropriate information/instructions to management and operations. Revised and took ownership of the department’s entire quality program which includes but is not limited to: GLIMS quality set up and protocol, operation’s quality response protocol, processing overview guidelines, historical database set up. ● Process Optimization: Increased spherical catalyst production capacity by 112,000 lbs per month (37%) in 2009 vs. 2008 resulting in a profit margin increase of $1.5 million annually. Assisted in increasing the alumina production capacity by 500,000 lbs. per month (15%) during the last quarter of 2008. This resulted in a profit margin increase of $6 million annually. ● Unit Ops Team Leader: Was a team leader for Hydroprocessing Operations on a cross functional companywide initiative aimed at improving the spherical catalyst product line in terms of both quality and production capacity necessary to meet expected demand increase from 2008 through 2012. ● Six Sigma: Increased shippable spherical catalyst 1st pass product yield by 7% in the second half of 2008 vs. the first half of 2008. Improvement continued into 2009 as shippable spherical catalyst 1st pass product yield improved by an additional 4%. (Six Sigma Green Belt Project) ● Department Training Coordinator: Trained a variety of operations and management personal as needed. Created and revised department work instructions as training documents on a regular basis. Led weekly communication meetings aimed at strengthening relations between operations and management.
  • 3. ● Process Safety Management: Responsible for ensuring department was ISO-compliant with regards to department work instructions, training records, process overviews, P&IDs, and EDMS setup. Led investigation efforts for any safety or environmental issues that occurred. W.R Grace & Co. (51st St.) Chicago, IL. Engineer Intern (Summer of 2005 and 2006) ● Performed and provided support for a variety of engineering functions such as capital projects, process optimization, data analysis, and quality control testing. Production Operator (Summer of 2004) ● Served as a production operator for the Darex Can Sealant and Procor Pre-Gel product lines Shipping and Receiving Operator (Summer of 2003) ● Served as an operator for all shipping and receiving tasks related to Chicago 51st St. Technical Skills and Certifications: Computer Use: Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Minitab, PHA-Pro, GLIMS, ASPEN, Honeywell System Operation Certifications: Six Sigma Black Belt, Front Line Leadership (Parts 1 and 2), The Effective Management Program, PHA Leadership, Mark Pryor Coaching Seminar, MARC Leadership, Industrial Wastewater Treatment K-License, Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLCS, Internal Audit Training

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