Nadia Qasim
Nadia Qasim is a qualified and skilled professional who is passionate about making a difference in
people’s li...
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Rawalpindi,Pakistan E:
Skype:nadianadia6142 | Marital Status:Married |Natio...
EnglishLanguage AdvisorinIslamabadtodesignanddeliverteacher
• Delivertrain...
School to School (3-09-13 t0 16-09-
Early Grade ReadingAssessment(EGRA) Pakistan
Key Respo...
• Monitoring& Evaluationof teachingstandards&qualityof curriculum
• Developedpromotional documents(brochures,newsletters,
Skillsand Expertise • Excellent communication skill
• Training & Curriculum designing & development
• Independent thinker ...
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Nadia Qasim CV 2015

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nadia Qasim CV 2015

  • 1. Nadia Qasim Nadia Qasim is a qualified and skilled professional who is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through education, training and skill building. With masters in Educational Planning and Management and a decade-long experience in teaching, administration, content development, and training, she possesses exceptional communication and negotiation skills. Nadiaisa globallyCertifiedMasterTrainerforteaching‘Intel EducationGlobal ProductsforTeachers’and has beenawardedtwice byIntel EducationPakistanfor promoting ICT in education through training and contentdevelopment.She has also got distinction in career counseling course offered by Education UK, British Council Pakistan in 2012. Nadiahas alsoreceivedherCertificate inEnglishLanguage Teaching to Adults (CELTA) from University of Cambridge andCertificate inSecondaryEnglishLanguage Teaching(CiSELT) fromBritishCouncil Pakistan. She is working with British Council as a freelance training consultant for its PEELI & teacher training projectsincoordinationwithDirectorate of Staff DevelopmentPunjaband other low cost schools. Under thisprojectshe isresponsibletodeliver& provide feedbackonBritishCouncil’sglobal language products, trainingdataanalysis,reportwriting,monitoring,andobservationof different teachers’ training projects in Pakistan. Nadiahas alsoworkedasa Headof Training& DevelopmentDepartment at Muslim Hands International, a UK charity for the poor and the needy, where she designed and rolled out different training programmes for the teachers and head teachers of the system. In her capacity as a training head she developed manuals, training material and other HR documents for capacity building projects & programmes.She successfully managed to train more than 1000 teachers of rural areas all over Pakistan and established a good rapport with INGOs and NGOs for different educational and capacity building projects. She has also worked with Management System International (MSI) for Early Grade Reading Assessment baseline study as a Master Trainer where she was mainly responsible for designing the training manual, scheduling and training of the enumerators. She has alsoworkedwithInternational Rescue Committee as an English Language Quality Manager for a USAID fundedprojectcalled‘PakistanReadingProject’.Herresponsibilityincluded:contentdevelopment, providing feedback on the training content, training of language specialists and teachers, coordination with In-service and pre-service teacher training managers for delivery of the PRP training programs. A qualityfreak,Nadia’s leadership and training style empowers both team members and her workshop participants to do their best in achieving the shared goals. With Nadia at the helm, team members and participants are expected to take a fast track to personal development and growth because of her mentoring, coaching and personalized attention. A natural at teaching soft skills to managers from education, nonprofit, public and corporate sectors, Nadia’s most popular training courses are in her niche expertise: ‘Train the Trainer’, ‘Early Childhood Education and Development’, ‘Assessment and Evaluation’ , ‘English Language Teaching’ ,‘Teaching Methodologies’ ‘Educational Leadership and Management’.
  • 2. Personal Information Rawalpindi,Pakistan E: Skype:nadianadia6142 | Marital Status:Married |Nationality:Pakistani Education Masters in Educational Planning & Management National Universityof ModernLanguagesIslamabad,2010 Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.) AllamaIqbal OpenUniversityIslamabad,2003 Bachelors of Arts Universityof Punjab,2001 Certification • Certificate inEnglishLanguage TeachingtoAdults(CELTA),University of Cambridge,BritishCouncil Sharjah • Certificate inSecondaryEnglishLanguage Teaching (CiSELT),British Council 2012 • ‘Trainingof Facilitator’(MasterTrainerCourse) Active Citizen Programme BritishCouncil,2012 • Certificate inCareerCounselling,EducationUKBritishCouncil,2012 • ‘Trainingof FacilitatorCourse’forPrometheanPlanet Interactive White Board & Software,Socio EngineeringGroup,2012 • Train the TrainerfromSkill City,anAsianFirm, UAE/Pakistan,2011 • Intel TeachProgram Essential Course (MasterTrainerCourse) from Intel TeachProgram Pakistan,2008 • Intel TeachProgram GettingStartedCourse (MasterTrainerCourse) fromIntel TeachProgram Pakistan,2008 • Intel TeachProgram ThinkingwithTechnologyCourse (MasterTrainer Course) fromIntel TeachProgramPakistan,2008 • PostGraduate DiplomainInformationTechnologyfrom ViqarUnNisa PostGraduate College forWomenRawalpindi,2006 • DiplomainEnglishLanguage fromNational Universityof Modern LanguagesIslamabad,2002 Awards • AppreciationAwardbyIntel &RootsSchool SystemfordevelopingICT curriculumforprimary& preparatorylevel,2011 • AppreciationAwardbyIntel educationPakistanforpromotingICT integrationineducation,throughtrainingandcontentdevelopment, 2010 Publications • Thesis:‘Effectivenessof InformationCommunication&Technologies IntegrationwithScience Subjectat PreparatoryLevel’,2012 {an experimental research} • DevelopedContentof ICTBooksforStudents& Teachers:‘Skillsfor Success’A projectof Intel Education&Roots School System, 2008-10 Experience International Rescue Committee EnglishLanguage Quality Managers,(PakistanReading Project2013-2014) Project: Pakistan Reading Project Key Responsibilities • Coordinate withotherregional EnglishLanguage AdvisorsandSenior
  • 3. EnglishLanguage AdvisorinIslamabadtodesignanddeliverteacher educationtrainingprograms’curriculaandmaterials • Delivertrainingof trainersinEnglishLanguage literacycontent • Supportdevelopmentanddistributionof EnglishLanguage Kitsof supplemental teachingandlearningmaterial • Monitor& provide feedbackonteacherstrainingandtrainingcontent • Provide inputandsupporttoMaterial DevelopmentCommitteefor PakistanReadingProject • Manage rolloutof trainingactivitiesforpre- andin-service teachersin EnglishLanguage • RepresentPRPandIRCto keygovernmentcounterparts,donors,and educationinstitutionsatthe provincial level British Council TrainingConsultant&Head Facilitator,2012-present Projects Trainingon BritishCouncil's global productforteachers training(2012- 13) • ConductedOrientationConferenceonTKTE course,BritishCouncil Lahore & Karachi • conductedface to face trainingsessionsonTeachingKnowledge Test Essential (TKTE)Course toPrimaryschool teachers underFederal Directorate • Conductedface toface sessionsonTKTEand ClassroomLanguage coursesfor low costschoolsinPunjab • providedfeedbackonthe coursesforcustomizationandimprovement PunjabEducationandEnglishLanguageInitiative(PEELI),(2013- present) • Conductedface toface trainingsessionsoncustomizedand developedcoursesforEnglishLanguage teachersunderDirectorate of Staff DevelopmentPunjab.These coursesinclude ;PrimaryEnglish Language TeachersTrainingCourse (PETT), TraininginSecondary EnglishLanguage Teaching(TiSELT) andCertificate inPrimaryEnglish Language Teaching • Conductedface toface trainingsessionsforprimaryandsecondary school teachers • Provided feedbackontrainingcourses&material forimprovement • Compileddataof evaluationformsof the trainingandprovideda detailedreport basedonfeedback,training trendsand recommendations • Observed andmonitored DSDtrainingsessions • HeldInterviewswithDSDmastertrainersandprovidedadetailed reportto BritishCouncil ,providingthe feedbackand recommendations ManagementSystem International (MSI) from 08-04-13 to 25-09-13 TrainingConsultant&Head Facilitator Projects Early Grade ReadingAssessment(EGRA) Pakistan Key Responsibilities • Conductedtrainingof enumeratorson‘EarlyGrade Reading AssessmentTools’ • DesignedandimpartedEGRA trainingsessions • Providedfeedbackonassessmenttoolsforimprovement
  • 4. School to School (3-09-13 t0 16-09- 13) TrainingConsultant Projects Early Grade ReadingAssessment(EGRA) Pakistan Key Responsibilities • Assistance providedinpreparationof operationalschedule and sessiondetailsforthe EGRA trainingfor supervisors,coordinatorsand QCOs • Assistance providedinreviewingthe enumerators trainingsessionsfor Round3 EGRA MuslimHands International 2010-2013 Asst.Manager Training& Development Key Responsibilities • Ledand manageda team of mastertrainers • Designedanddevelopeddifferenttrainingprogrammes forthe need of the organizationandindividuals • Conductedandorganizedtrainingforteaching&non-teachingstaff of the project • DesignedTNA forms,templates&otherHRD relateddocumentsto conduct andassestrainingneedsof teachingandnon-teachingstaff • Designedtrainingimplementationplans • Developedtrainingmanualsforschool teachers,principalsand managers • Monitoringandevaluationof educationalprojectstoensure teaching meetsteachingqualitystandardsandorganisational expectations • Heldinterviewsforhiringschool staff • Preparedconceptnotes,budgetandproposalsfortraining programmes • Developedpromotional documents(e.g.brochures,newsletters, magazines,prospectus) forthe educational projectsof the organization • Liaisonwithdonoragencies,partnerorganizations,individual donors to alignprioritiesforcooperationindifferentprojectsforteachersand headteacherstraining • Social networkingtomanage organizations’image inpublic&building relationswithINGOsandNGOsfor promotingorganization’sservices & projects • Organizedeventsandseminars Roots School System 2007-10 CurriculumResearchOfficer& Master Trainer Projects Development and DesigningofIntel-RootsICT Curriculum Key Responsibilities • Developed contentforICTintegrationacrosssubjectareasgenerally, and withspecificfocusondevelopmentof unitplans,andteacher’s productivitytools • Designedcurriculumof InformationCommunication&Technologies (ICT) for grade I-VIIstudents • Designedlessonplansandassessmenttoolstoevaluate the impactof designedcontent • Conducted&organizedtrainingsessionsforteachersonadvanced teachingmethodologies • Designedtrainingmanuals,teachingmaterialsandresourcesto enrichschool curriculum
  • 5. • Monitoring& Evaluationof teachingstandards&qualityof curriculum • Developedpromotional documents(brochures,newsletters, magazines) • Heldinterviewsforhiringschool staff • Organizedevents,seminars USAID StudentExchange Programme • conductedface to face trainingforschool teacherand studentson basicICT skill,cultural differencesandsimilaritiesbetweentwo countries,andon21st Centurylearningapproaches SpringfieldPublicSchool 2003- 2007 Teacher& Coordinator Key Responsibilities • Taught pre-school,primaryandsecondaryschool students • Planned,preparedandpresentedlessonsthatcateredforthe needs of the whole abilityrange withinthe class • Coordinatedactivitiesandresourceswithinaspecificareaof the curriculum, andsupportedcolleaguesinthe deliveryof thisspecialist area • Organized andtookpart in the school events,outings andactivities • Helpedheadteacherinschool dayto daymanagerial tasks Training & WorkshopAttended • Reading Approach and Reading module writing, World Learning 2014 • SymposiumforCareer Counselors Education UK, British Council 2012 • British Council Focus Group Discussion: 'Expanding English Language Teaching Horizons' British Council 2012 • Emotional Intelligence Workshop British Council 2011 • ELT: "BuildingBridges"Societyof Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) 2011 • FocusGroup DiscussionTeacherTrainingEnglishProgramme of British Council British Council 2011 • Continued Professional Development Course British Council 2011 • ELT Conference “MappingunMappedTerritories” Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) 2010 • Effective ManagementRoots National Institute of Teacher Training & Education Roots School System 2009 • Teacher Development Conference “Every Child Matters” Roots National Institute of Teacher Training & Education Roots School System 2008 • Teacher Development Conference “Every Teacher Matters” Department of Teacher Training & Human Resource Development Roots School System 2007 • Intel Teach to the Future Program Intel Teach Program Pakistan 2003 • ELT Conference “Innovative Teachers: Agent of Change” Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) 2004 • Making Learning Fun for pre-primary children, Seeds Institute of Educational Development (SIED), 2004 • Enhancing Human Productivity & Management Skills, National ProductivityOrganizationMinistryof Industries & Production Govt. of Pakistan, 2003
  • 6. Skillsand Expertise • Excellent communication skill • Training & Curriculum designing & development • Independent thinker and problem solver • Self-motivated • Strong management/administrative skills • Able to work to deadlines • Teaching young learners and adults • Good public relations and marketing skills • Staff training & development • Educational Technology (ICT integration in Education) • Teachers' Counselling • Event Management Interests • AttendTrainingandSeminars • CurriculumDevelopment • Training • DressDesigning • Social Networking • InteriorDesigning Known Languages Urdu, English,Pashto,Hindko References

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