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Prof. Dr. Nader Nada received his PhD degree from George Mason University, VA-USA, and
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Professor Dr. Nader Nada Prof. Dr. Nader Nada received his PhD degree from George Mason University, VA-USA, and his MS degree from Minnesota State University, MN-USA. In 1991 he received the Achievement Award from the American Achievement Academy. He was NASA Fellow for three successive years for the design and implementation of the Earth Observation System (EOS), NASA’s largest global environmental information system. Prof. Dr. Nader Nada has a sincere interest and expert in Innovation Management, Open Innovation, Commercial and Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Human and Organization Development, Strategic Management, Information and Communication Technologies, and Clean Technology including: Energy Efficiency, Clean Industrial Processes, Waste Management, Emission Reduction and Renewable Energy. Over the last 10 years he has consulted and coached a wide variety of SMEs to empower these companies in their growth efforts and overcoming challenges towards successful commercialization of innovative product, service or business model. This goes hand in hand with assessing and strengthening of the company’s capabilities in positioning with changing requirements in the different life cycle stages. This includes aspects such as strategy, organization, management, financing, and resource development added to areas of Creativity, Idea Generation and Management, Innovation Process, Design Thinking, Strategic Management, Project Management, Business Development, Organizational Progress, Open Innovation, Cooperation, and Networking. He published seven books (Two on Creativity and Innovation Management co-authored with Mark Fox, USA) and over 100 journal and conference papers in the areas of Integrated Innovation Management Framework, Enterprise Interoperability Capability Model for Adaptive and Sustainable SMEs, Product and Service Value Creation, and Service Innovation Capability. The Integrated Frameworks, capability assessment tools and models are empirically validated in over 100 Danish, Finnish and Turkish SMEs by using survey instruments, interviews, case studies. Additionally, several High Involvement Innovation Audit Tool and New Knowledge Absorptive Capacity Toolkit are used through the process of the SMEs capability and sustainability assessments. Nader Nada is currently president of Inovya startup company, the chair of the graduate program in “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and the founder of the Design Thinking Lab at Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey.

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