Nadee T. Dissanayake
Spitzkrautweg 17, Stuttgart 70599 Germany
Phone 0049 71146924248 E-Mail:
I am an en...
Junior Department. In my present school I have held the post of Co-Literacy Coordinator and I am presently
the Internation...
Nadee T.
Please see the link below
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philosophy and
classroom activities.
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Nadee T. Dissanayake Spitzkrautweg 17, Stuttgart 70599 Germany Phone 0049 71146924248 E-Mail: I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated and reliable Primary School Teacher with over 17 years experience at international schools in Sri-Lanka, the U.K., Austria and Germany. I am committed to presenting a broad-based curriculum within a highly stimulating and rewarding atmosphere. Encouraging children to produce a sense of pride in their ability and allow them to work to their full potential is of vital importance. Within this environment the children are motivated in an inquiry approach across the curriculum areas. I believe that all students should have the opportunity to learn and take risks in a safe and supportive setting. I encourage them to progress at their own pace, through a variety of situations ranging from whole class, small group and individual activities. Formative assessment enables me to further develop my delivery of each lesson and consider each student’s needs with appropriate questioning and interaction. Having taught children from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds I have learnt to be flexible, and possess the ability to adapt and differentiate by making use of available resources. Within the classroom I encourage students to increase their problem solving and investigative skills by providing stimulating learning areas, which also promotes and develops independent and responsible learners. Working in many multi-lingual international schools I have been fortunate to work closely with members of staff in developing individual learning programmes for EAL students, collaboratively planning PYP inquiries, and relevant assessments. For a rapidly changing world, I endeavor to change and adapt to new educational theories in order to give students the best possible preparation for the 21st century and become life-long learners. My goal is to encourage students to be critical thinkers and responsible citizens. Further, I believe in encouraging a strong sense of self-esteem, personal integrity and a respectful, caring attitude towards others and the environment. Being trained to teach English as a Second Language has proven to be an asset in International Schools. The ability to cater for the different levels of English language skills and to be able to implement a variety of different pedagogical approaches plays a vital role in the teaching of international students. During my career, I have had a significant amount of experience in developing and shaping the school curriculum and also of putting assessment strategies into place. Having taken a postgraduate course in curriculum development, I have been able to use my interest and expertise in curriculum matters for the benefit of the schools where I have since worked. In these schools, I have been involved in adapting the curriculum and the schemes of work, so that they adhere to the criteria of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. I have also developed, the frameworks for portfolio and rubric based assessments. I have gained further curriculum expertise from my work as a curriculum coordinator. At the Overseas School of Colombo I was the Primary Literacy Coordinator and at the Danube International School I was the Elementary School Science Coordinator. At my previous school to ISS I was the Literacy Coordinator for the
  • 2. Junior Department. In my present school I have held the post of Co-Literacy Coordinator and I am presently the International-mindedness Coordinator, further, this year I have played a key role in shaping the whole school Mathematics Scope and Sequence. In all these posts I was responsible, not only for the curriculum, but also for assessment, monitoring, resources location, staff development and liaison. Within all my posts I have valued teamwork and nurtured a positive and strong partnership between staff, senior management, parents and students, endeavoring to create a positive working environment and a warm community spirit. Since I believe in developing as many of a child’s skills as possible, in all of my posts I have involved myself in the wider education of children through my involvement in extra-curricular activities. I have been involved in a variety of sports, as a coach for badminton, hockey and tennis. Being bilingual, I was able to teach German as an after-school activity. I have also taught children to sew through a rag-doll club. I have involved myself in a number of school drama productions, where I have been responsible for costumes, make-up and directing. Last but not least, as the world moves forward with new technologies, I strive to uphold the changes that it brings. I am competent in using Atlas for curriculum documentation and Veracross for student documentation, report writing and school calendar updates. This year I have introduced the usage of iPads within my classroom as a tool for learning and I am using Evernote to document student’s learning engagements in form of an electronic portfolio. I possess the drive and ambition to succeed in any challenging situation. I consider my strengths to be an endless enthusiasm towards all aspects of school life as well as my willingness to respond and adapt to changing environments and responsibilities. I am an excellent team player and enjoy interacting with colleagues. I have a wealth of skills and experiences to bring to a teaching post in a new school and I am keen to face fresh challenges. Finally, I hope that I have been able to convey enough of my knowledge, skills and experience for you to be interested in me as a suitable candidate for a post at your school. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
  • 3. Sincerely, Nadee T. Dissanayake Please see the link below for a glance into my philosophy and classroom activities. Further I would request permission to email you my electronic portfolio on evernote. My philosophy of education begins with the idea of educational progressivism. This simplymeans that students are social beings and learn best through real lifeexperiences. It encompasses an integrated curriculum focused on units of inquiry while involving reallife, hands on learning engagements that forward what the students are experiencing. Each and every child is unique in personality, learning style, and ability. From my time spent in the classroom I have found that students understand materialbetter and remember it longer when they are learning through their own discovering. They can dothis by working with one another to uncover key concepts about central ideas. My roleas an educator is to be a positive rolemodel, who creates a welcoming, yet structured environment for students to feel comfortable. The classroom has a schedule of class times, daily agenda and a learning center board, this gives students the structure they need,yet it also allows choice for open-ended inquiry. This structure sets a tone of responsibilityfor the young students, which creates the expectation that they will be prepared and organized. I believe an educator should not be a lecturer, but rather a mediator of learning. For me, teaching offers an opportunity for growth both as an educator and for my students.My goals as a teacher are to actively engage my unique students through inquiry based learning centers in Literacy, Numeracy, Unit of Inquiry, Artand Drama in a comfortable environment. Providing relative opportunities so that students can expand their knowledge by asking questions and providing them with as many hands on activities as possible. When my students enter my classroom, they become inquirers. My future goals as an educator is to keep learning moreabout the changes that are accruingwithin the PYP curriculum framework and create an E-learning classroom based. Education opens new doors for everyone-teachers and students alike. I am collaborative in nature and enjoy sharing what works and what doesn't work with other teachers. Personally, I am looking forward to the continued opportunity to implement this philosophy and these goals.