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Nacaa sp poster 20112

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. UTILIZING AUDIENCE RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY TO CAPTURE GROWER CORN PRODUCTION PRACTICES TO IMPROVE EXTENSION EDUCATION Prochaska, S.C., Lichtensteiger, S.D., Arnold, G.J., Chirra, F.A., Hoorman, J., Lentz, E.M., McCluer, G.E., Reeder, R.C., Smith, J.M., Sundermeier, A.P., Wilson, G. W., Young, C.E. Ohio State University Extension, Columbus, Ohio Abstract CTC Facts Corn Production Practices % of Audience response system technology (RST) was Question Practice Audienceutilized at the Ohio Conservation Tillage Conference Responses(CTC) to capture farmer corn production practices. What is the mostThis information will be useful in planning future Lack of plant available - Total registration 1024 (increased 25% in 4 years) limiting factor to high 49.6%Extension educational events and applied research water - Acreage reported by participants - 697,681 yield corn?trials. At CTC one large room with a seating capacity - 77% participants from Ohio, remainder from 19 states and Describe the cropof 425 was populated with 210 RST. After each Canada rotation that is used on Corn/soybean (2 yearsession participants were asked up to four questions 52.21% - 65 presenters; 48 hours of CCA credit offered the majority of your rotationthat related to speaker evaluation and grower corn - Primary reason participants gave for attending CTC was for crop acres?production practices. Key finding included the information on corn and soybean production Describe the cornfollowing: 52% of respondents utilize a two year Conservation tillagerotation (corn/soybean); 29% of respondents utilize a tillage system that is (30% residue after 33.7%three year rotation (corn/soybean/wheat); 64% of corn How used on the majority of planting)is planted utilizing conventional or conservation your corn acres? - TurningPoint by Turning Point Technologiestillage, no-tillage is utilized to plant 30% of the corn; - Software creates interactive slides What is the most Time or suitable soilthe most common corn plant population for 2011 will - Analysis via an XLS file immediately after limiting factor to conditions to build strips 42.25%be from 32,000 to 34,000; and finally water close of survey adopting strip tillage in in the fallmanagement was identified as the major limiting - Audience utilizes radio frequency cards (or your farm?factor to higher corn yields. clickers) to respond to questions (in our What is the most case immediately after speaker). limiting factor to Cool soils leading to adoption of no tillage Objectives corm on your farm or delayed/uneven 35.62% emergence Attitudinal Variables in your agricultural1. To evaluate CTC program and speakers with RST business?2. To determine participant corn production practices with RST What is the most important problem confronting crop farmers in What factor would3. To capture participant attitude toward major issues 2011? cause you to adopt no Greater profit per acre 64.38% confronting agriculture with RST tillage corn? Soil Erosion 5.18% At what corn seeding rate per acre will you 32,001 to 34,000 42.11% Hazardous Algae Blooms 7.25% plant the majority of CTC Conference your corn in 2011? Land values/land rent 28.50% Summary Profitability 17.62% RST was used to gather agricultural industry and farmer CAUV taxes on agricultural information on corn production practices, and attitude 1.55% farmland toward major issues confronting agriculture. The New agricultural regulations information gathered can be used to plan future Extension 20.73% educational programs and indentify relevant applied research projects. Less opportunity for young to 19.17% enter production agriculture