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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA/IFAS EXTENSION RAINWATER HARVESTING DEMONSTRATION TRAILER Authors Rudisill, K.R.*1, Jackson, L.S.1, Stevenson, C.T.2, Dunning, S.O.3, Williams, L.L.3, Brasher, C.L.4, Knox, G.W.5, Hylton, T.6 Wells, S.7, Bolques, A.8, Miller, C.9, Diller, A.P.2, Verlinde, C.M10, Saari, B.R.3, Dukes, M.D.11, and Clark, M. W.11 1Extension Agent, University of Florida – Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences (UF-IFAS) Bay County, Panama City, FL 32401. 2 Extension Agent, UF-IFAS Escambia County, Cantonment, FL 32533. 3Extension Agent, UF-IFAS Okaloosa County, Crestview, FL 32536. 4Extension Agent, FAMU Jackson County, Marianna, FL 32448. 5 Extension Specialist, UF-IFAS NFREC, Quincy, FL 32351. 6Extension Agent, FAMU Leon County, Tallahassee, Florida 32301. 7Extension Specialist, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, Griffin, GA 30223. 8Extension Agent, FAMU Gadsden County, Quincy, Florida 32351. 9Extension Agent, Auburn University Marine Extension, Mobile, AL 36615. 10 Extension Agent, UF-IFAS Santa Rosa County, Milton, Florida 32570. 11Extension Specialist, UF-IFAS Gainesville, FL 32611 Abstract Objectives Results The purpose of this project is to increase awareness, knowledge, To increase awareness, knowledge, and efficient use of Through the use of the Rain Harvesting Demonstration Trailer and efficient use of rainwater harvesting, smart irrigation, and rainwater harvesting, smart irrigation, and sustainable over 500 homeowners received information regarding sustainable landscaping by homeowners and irrigation/landscape landscaping by homeowners and irrigation/landscape sustainable landscapes, irrigation technology, and rainwater contractors in Florida and proximal states. After receiving an contractors in Florida and proximal states. harvesting. Extension Enhancement grant, our team created a “Rainwater o 117 initial surveys were completed post consultation and all Harvesting Demonstration Trailer,” which is wrapped in eye- To assist homeowners in implementing Environmental expressed interest in sustainable landscapes, irrigation catching graphics and can be towed throughout the district, state, Landscape Management or known in Florida as Florida- technology, and rainwater harvesting. and adjacent states. The trailer contains everything needed for friendly Landscaping™ practices which include provisions for o 18 reported intent to apply knowledge gained in sustainable workshops and/or demonstrations, including a working rooftop wildlife, proper fertilization, mulching, efficient use of irrigation, landscapes, irrigation technology, and rainwater harvesting to water collection display, a rain barrel, a cistern, a mock landscape reduction of stormwater runoff, and protection of natural their home landscape. Additional follow up surveys are with multiple irrigation distribution types, and educational banners shorelines. scheduled for 2011. and handouts. A CD was compiled with regional publications and o At least 200 names of interested parties have been gathered instructional guides on irrigation, plant selection, and using cisterns and will be contacted at a later date to determine whether and rain barrels. A website was launched and will feature maps of interaction with our exhibit encouraged them to make rainwater reuse demonstration sites around the district with photos, changes to their landscape and/or water use. a workshop schedule, database of suppliers, demonstration videos, testimonials and photos from homeowners who have installed rainwater harvesting devices. Rain barrel workshop participants consistently respond (over 90%) that their understanding of water conservation’s importance and application at home has improved. Additional economic and environmental impacts can be estimated remotely with combined data supplied by program participants and regional weather station information. Multiple surveys are being conducted to determine overall impact. Initial results from 117 surveys indicate an interest and willingness to adopt water conservation practices in the home landscape. Photo 3. Bay County Sea Grant Agent Scott Jackson discusses irrigation with a client at the SunBelt Expo in Moultrie, GA.Photo 1. Rear view of the new Rainwater Harvesting Demonstration Trailer. By creating adesign and message on the trailer, it will serve as an educational tool even while parked ordriving down the road. Photo 2. Eye-catching banner design used with exhibit. Photo 4. A view of the traveling rainwater harvesting exhibit set Introduction up at the Big Bend Green Expo in Wakulla County, Florida Stormwater runoff is the primary source of pollution in coastal Methods Impacts waterways in Florida. Along with algal blooms, reduced dissolved oxygen, seagrass and fishery population decline, increased runoff A 6’ x10’ enclosed trailer was purchased to hold materials that Homeowner application of micro-irrigation, water-efficient can cause erosion and flooding inland. When faced with drought, would be used to educate homeowners on rain water harvesting landscapes, and rainwater harvesting are expected to provide property owners are encouraged to conserve water to prevent and ways to use rain water in the landscape. The trailer had a cost savings to individuals, limit non-point source pollution, and shortages. Northwest Florida is unique in that our relatively low custom wrap designed by the agents and the graphics conserve water resources. Each year approximately 30,000 population and abundant underground water sources and rainfall department at the University of Florida. gallons of water runs off the roof of a 1,500 square foot house in have not necessitated frequent water use restrictions. There is a The trailer has been shown at seven regional events in Florida Northwest Florida. general lack of awareness and understanding among homeowners and Georgia with over 90,000 participants attending. as to incorporation of harvested rainwater into existing landscape A CD was made with existing EDIS, UF, SWFWMD, and regional irrigation. This project aimed to help homeowners and horticulture professionals become proficient at collecting and distributing publications and instructional guides on irrigation, plant selection, and using cisterns and rain barrels was produced. A website, Conclusion rainwater to supplement or replace utility water. Water quality has been launched and will The rain harvesting trailer has been shown to be an effective tool problems associated with stormwater are severe and projected feature maps of rainwater reuse demonstration sites around the to educate homeowners regarding landscape water population growth could bring water restrictions to the region. In an district with photos, a workshop schedule, a database of conservation practices and preventing stormwater run off. effort to educate homeowners about the need for water suppliers, demonstration videos, testimonial stories and photos Imminent program evaluations will pinpoint the effectiveness of conservation and prevention of stormwater pollution, a water from homeowners who have installed rainwater harvesting our current efforts and will guide our future rain harvesting harvesting demonstration trailer was designed. devices. programs.