Nabil Ahmed
175-11 89th
Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11432 · 347-639-4867 ·
New York University, School of...
Nabil Ahmed Resume 2016 V1
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Nabil Ahmed Resume 2016 V1

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nabil Ahmed Resume 2016 V1

  • 1. Nabil Ahmed 175-11 89th Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11432 · 347-639-4867 · EDUCATION New York University, School of Engineering, New York, NY Expected Graduation June 2018  Grade Point Average: 3.87 (4-point scale)  Major: Computer Engineering  Courses for Spring 2016: Object Oriented Programming (C++), Physics 3, Physics Lab 2, Data Analysis, Expository Writing 2, and Circuits 2 Aviation High School for Career and Technical Education, New York, NY Graduation June 2014  Grade Point Average: 97.46 (100-point scale) EXPERIENCE New York University MatLab Computer Science Department (CS1133), New York, NY Fall 2015-Present Teacher’s Assistant  Manage labs for the class and teach/help students with MatLab content  Evaluate and grade homework assignments Polytechnic Playing Machine: New York University, New York, NY Fall 2015 Team Designer and Implementer  Teamed with three people, designed a digital state machine which plays a game with a certain strategy in order to beat another machine player which has its own strategy  Created by ISE Project Navigator and implemented by gate networks, combinational circuits, and sequential circuits K-12 STEM Education: New York University, New York, NY Summer 2015 Robotics-7th Grade Student Instructor  Taught seventh grade students robotics and college-level programming skills  With a team, created and perfected 15 power-point presentations with robotics content and schedules for the program Bomb Disarming Robot: New York University, New York, NY Winter 2015 – Summer 2015 Team Designer and Programmer  Designed, built, and programmed a robot to move along a long course with many obstacles  Teamed with one person, coordinating a project schedule and accounting for a cost estimate  Presented the robot and the business created for the robot four times, including a final presentation Color Guard Drill Team (60+ members), New York, NY Summer 2013 – Summer 2014 Commander: Cadet Colonel (Appointed)  The face of the official cadet-run program, representing the most hardworking team at Aviation HS and ensuring safety  Oversee all equipment, analyze all documentation, manage all activities, fundraising, presentations, and recruiting ACTIVITIES AND AWARDS The Opportunity Network, New York, NY Spring 2012 - Present Chosen as one of 60 high-achieving New York City students for a prestigious career development program that provides access to career opportunities, professional networks and college preparation. Aviation High School Valedictorian Award, New York, NY Summer 2014 Awarded to a student who achieved the highest cumulative grade point average in his/her four-year time in a very competitive high school with 450+ graduates, while leading and motivating the class to do better. SKILLS AND INTERESTS  Certified Airframe Aircraft Maintenance Technician (FAA certified), skill to draw schematics  Mastery of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint  Competent in C-Programming, MatLab, Xilinx, and Microsoft Excel

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