Nabeel Qureshi
+92-321-2640465 | | A- 533 Block 12, Gulberg, Karachi, Pakistan.
NED Universi...
- Identify & delete the selective parts which areexcess in CKD, resulting in the cost saving of approx Rs.
1.6 Million/mon...
- MS Office(Word, Excel, Power Point).
- Solid Edge V-12.
- Pro-Engineer Wildfire3.0,4.0.
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Nabeel Qureshi's CV2

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nabeel Qureshi's CV2

  • 1. Nabeel Qureshi +92-321-2640465 | | A- 533 Block 12, Gulberg, Karachi, Pakistan. Academics NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi 2004-2007 Bachel ors in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (B.E, PEC Certified Reg. No. 823) Professional Experience Indus Motor Company Ltd. Senior Assistant Manager Planning & Procurement Jan. 2011-Current - Done the Feasibility study of projects (Corolla CNG 2011, Corolla minor model 2012, Hilux minor model 2012, Fortuner 2012, Corolla FMC 2014 & Hilux FMC 2016) by cost comparison investment analysis and returns on project life cycle and Estimate local Part’s Price and making comparison with MSP(Multi Source Part) part cost for highlighting cost saving to TMC Japan for localization. - Meeting and coordinating with Japanese designers for technical assistance on new projects. - Negotiated with vendors for new parts pricing, development time & taking decision for best price / saving as compare to MSP cost. - Planning and monitoring on time development and availability of parts for achieving volume production on time. - Prepare and Present ongoing projects status to management in weekly meetings. - Based on marketing requirement, CKD & multisource parts ordering to Japan & Thailand. - Coordinate with Japan & South Korea for steel sheet ordering & scheduling according to production plan. - Calculatethe monthly requirement of direct& indirectconsumables based on production plan & issue purchase orders to respective suppliers. - Liaise with exporters for sending PFI/ sales confirmation letter and coordinate with finance department for timely L/C establishment. - Coordinate with logistics department to ensure the clearance of consignments as per required production plan - Conducting Supplier Quality Assurance Audits to check Process Flow, Manufa cturing Quality Control, and inventory level. - Identifying potential suppliers, visiting existing suppliers, and building & maintaining good relationships with them. - Organizemonthly meeting with vendors & suppliers to resolvedisputes and claims regarding supplies & costing. - Monitoring of exporters/suppliers progress for timely development of tooling and parts. - Monitor supplier performance to assess ability to meet quality and delivery requirements. - Participate in the Continuous Improvement Process in terms of cost and quality. Achievements: - Managed transfer of 120 no. of dies worth of Rs.30 million from one supplier to four suppliers and transfer of 108 no. of dies worth of Rs. 20 million from one supplier to two suppliers because 2 suppliers of IMC has closed their companies due to some reasons. - Implementation of 5S and Safety in vendor industries based on learning from Indonesia visit. - Successfully organized the supplier Convention of 2012, 2013 & 2014 at PC Hotel. Following Cost Saving ideas identified and achieved: - Cost saving of Rs. 1 million annually by utilizing scrap of imported material of IMC press shop in producing other small sheet metal parts by supplier. - Cost saving of Rs. 6.1 million in remaining 3 yrs of model life by eliminating unnecessary Nuts from 3 sheet metal parts. - Cost saving of Rs. 17.1 million annually by localized Door Impact Beam and changed the source of imported material of pipe use in Door Impact Beam. - Analyze the container efficiency of Sheet metal parts & revised the Lot size to increase container efficiency by 8%, resulting in the cost reduction of approx Rs. 1.2 Million/month.
  • 2. - Identify & delete the selective parts which areexcess in CKD, resulting in the cost saving of approx Rs. 1.6 Million/month. - Analysis of packing improvement of imported parts increased the efficiency of module & packing cost reduction to approx 2.5 Million Rs/month. DYL Motorcycles Pvt. Ltd. Design Engineer Feb. 2009-Dec. 2010 - Designed jigs & dies of parts, gauges of forging parts, electrodes of mold and clamping mechanism of tools & automotive parts and checking fixture. - Designed different types of pneumatic welding jig to increase 1.5 times production of some assembly parts and also reduced the distortion and twisting of assembly after welding. Allied Precision & Engineering Products Ltd. Trainee Engineer May 2008-Jan. 2009 - Led the Erection/installation of Gravity Die Casting Machine and fully involved in the operational training of Gravity Die Casting Machine given by the Taiwan’s Engineers. - Prepared Standard Operating Procedures of Die casting machine, Heat treatment process and mold rectification & baking process. - Prepare and Monitor production plan and Coordinating with the concerned departments for the smooth running of the shop floor like with material procurement department for availability of material timely and maintenance department to resolve any mechanical and electrical probl ems of machinery. - Monitoring the quality up to the finished product stage by using Pareto diagram, control charts and cause & effect diagram. - MaintainingtheRecords of Quality,Production and Material Procurement data as per ISO Norms and led the internal & external audit and successfully cleared. Achievements: - Developed Trolleys for releasing capacity constrained of Heat Treatment & Quenching process of casted parts. - Conducted training for workers to implement 5s and Safety related activities in their area. - Continuous improvements done for ease of workers and their safety. 1. Alive sensor of Presses to avoid of accident. 2. Trained worker to work on Press in standing position rather than sitting on chair. 3. Place tools near to minimum distance of hands approach. - Improvements done in packing by changing the orientation of parts and got double quantity in 1 box and reduced Transportation Cost of approximate Rs.1.5 million annually. Certified Courses/Trainings - Certified Purchasing Engineer – TMC Purchasing Division, Japan. - PDCA (Plan,Do, Check, Act). - BuildingManagement Consensus through A3 report. - Strategic Time Management Training by Time lenders. - Certified Courseof Instructions in FireFighting by Civil Defence. - Team Building Certification by TrainingImpact. - Project Planner (PRIMAVERA P5) from IPECC consultants affiliated with Skill Development Council. Professional Visits - Led a visit of Toyota Indonesia arranged by Indus Motor for their suppliers to understand the Toyota Production System, working environment, SOPs, Health & Safety environment, 5s activities and Way of Presentation to management of other Toyota affiliates. - Led a visit of Toyota Thailand for the confirmation of newly developed parts on 100% accuracy checking fixtures. This is called Assembly Checking Fixture (ACF) activity. - Led a visit of Toyota Japan for the confirmation of newly developed parts of FMC Corolla 2014 on the 100% accuracy welding jigs. - Led a visit of Toyota Japan for knowing the Assembly issues of new IMV Hilux 2016.
  • 3. Skills Computer: - MS Office(Word, Excel, Power Point). - Solid Edge V-12. - Pro-Engineer Wildfire3.0,4.0. - ANSYS 10.0 (structural). Languages: - English. - Urdu (native language). References shall be furnished upon request.

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