Nabeel Abdullah
B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) +91-780-017-9393
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Mini Project:
Title: Automatic hostel room allotment system (
Technologies used: core ...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Nabeel Abdullah B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) +91-780-017-9393 Integral University, Lucknow Year Institute Degree Percentage 2011-2015 Integral University, Lucknow B.Tech 74.64% 2008-2010 Hindu Inter College, Zamania Senior Secondry 72.20% 2007-2008 S.B.V.M Higher Secondry School, Zamania High School 65.66% ∑ Well versed in JavaSE (basics, Collection API, JDBC API, Multithreading, Exception and File handling) and web based programming using JEE (Servlet, JSP, MVC). ∑ Proficient in web page designing using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ajax. ∑ Area of interest is DBMS and Web programming. ∑ Used JAVA mail API. ∑ Used iTEXT API. ∑ Worked on C language on GCC. ∑ A self-driven person who is able to work independently as well as a team member having strong determination, interpersonal, creative and decision-making skills. ∑ Quick learner with good communication skills. Languages Proficient: J2EE Known: C on GCC Known Technologies ∑ Spring Rest Service ∑ Spring Data with MongoDB ∑ Spring JPA ∑ Spring BOOT Used Databases ∑ SQL (MySQL, Oracle) ∑ MongoDB Major Project: Title: Knowledge based information sharing ( Technologies used: Java , Servlet , JSP, HTML , CSS , JavaScript , AJAX , MySQL , iText API , Javamail API. Description: Knowledge based information sharing is an online solution to facilitate it's user to provide a platform to share their ideas and information . Users can join group and asked question in group and get it’s answer. They can chat, can send files in group as well as individual person and user can change his profile picture. It has one module through that one user can sell their old books to other users. Users can search other users, post their views on a particular subject and can receive feedbacks. User can create his resume in PDF format by filling a form. Security and performance: We use SHA algorithm to store user password in database .We used connection pooling. We used MVC architecture. Team size: 2. Role: My role is spanned in every phase of it's development life cycle like feasibility analysis, project designing, web
  • 2. Mini Project: Title: Automatic hostel room allotment system ( Technologies used: core java , JDBC and MySQL . Description: It is a command based system in which student fill some information like name type of room he need like 1 st seated, 2 nd seated etc and his course and year. And admin allot room in such a way that all the students in a room are of same year and have only that type of room he applied for. Admin can also cancel the allotment of any student at any time and allot other student from waiting list of same year and request for same type of room. All allotment is based on first come and first serve manner. Team size: 1 Summer Training: 6 weeks summer training from Intratum Consulting Private Limited, Lucknow on Java based technologies like Servlet, JSP and MySQL. Personal Credentials: Father's name : Mr. Abdullah Ansari Nationality : Indian Gender : Male Marital status : Single Date of Birth : 05 th April 1993 Languages known : Hindi, English Permanent Address Shanu Electronics, Zamania Bazar, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, India

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