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Naba Chinde

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Naba Chinde

  • 1. NABA CHINDE San Jose, (408)455-5035 CA 95112 EDUCATION MS Electrical Engineering Jan 2014 – Dec 2015 Specialisation: Networking (Expected) San Jose State University, San Jose, CA COURSE WORK  Virtualization technologies, Internetworking, Voice and data networks, Network Security.  Virtually configured Cisco Routers and Switches using putty as a part of Lab exercise. B.E Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Aug 2009 – May 2013 Mumbai University, Mumbai, India COURSE WORK  Mobile communication Systems, Computer Communication Networks, Wireless Networks. CERTIFICATIONS: CCNA (Routing and Switching) San Jose, August 2014 SKILLS  Languages: Python, C, Java, Linux/UNIX scripting, SQL.  Operating systems: Linux, iOS, Windows  Networking concepts and Protocols: VoIP, SIP, SS7, H.323 , HTTP, HTTPS, IPSEC, DES, AES, RSA, DNS, DHCP, Frame Relay, EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, VLAN, VTP, SMTP, SNMP, Net flow, MPLS, HDLC, PPP, VPN, LAN, WAN, MAN, STP, RSTP, HSRP, VRRP, GLBP, TCP/IP and Policy Based Routing (PBR)  Tools: Web traffic Analysis - Wireshark Routers and switches simulators - Packet Tracer and GNS3 Web penetration testing - Deter lab, Mininet, Putty PROJECTS Juniper Innovation Contest - Troubleshooting IP CLOS Fabrics for Next Generation Data Center Clouds  Learned Data Center Fabrics, CLOS L2 and L3 technologies  Developed a Python program to troubleshoot the IP CLOS fabric with/without a user interface. Network Security (Ongoing)  Performing DoS de-authentication attacks  Proposing a defence mechanism to detect such attacks using IDS/IPS. Setting up a hacking lab for penetration testing using KALI Linux/Backtrack.  DNS analysis, ARP poisoning MITM attack followed by DNS spoofing using Deter lab.  Vulnerability analysis, Port stealing and Mac-flooding attacks in switches. Network Address Translator:  Configured NAT and PAT on Cisco router via telnet using putty.  Implemented access-lists, Configured NAT for IPv6 using Packet tracers and GNS3. Cisco - Challenge Participant, October 2014. Won a challenge form Cisco - "How would you troubleshoot as a network engineer?" on Mind Sumo platform. Voice Recognition using Hidden Markov Model:  Developed a voice recognition system using Hidden Model.  Trained the robot so that it can work based on input given by humans through voice. Published a Technical Paper on Voice Recognition using Hidden Markov Model at National Conference on Electronic Technologies (NCET) on 12th April 2013. Line Follower Robot | Arduino UNO:  Designed a robot capable of sensing black or white lines and follow them accurately.  Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) algorithm and Pulse Width Modulation were key parts of the project. OTHER ACTIVITIES  Chairman and Treasurer of IEEE society at Mumbai University Jul 2011 – Apr 2013  Editor of IEEE MHSSCOE magazine Live Wire 2011 – 2012.  Volunteer: Be The Match- National Marrow Donor Programme, USA. Career Interests – Big Data/ Hadoop, Computer Networking, SDN

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