19858/09/1:Date of birth
srael: ICountry of birth
, Tel Avivtreet: Shenkin SAddress
also up-selling. I was at the top of the list regarding my sales. I was also sent to Kiev for two months to train
Naama Shachar CV
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Naama Shachar CV

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. ShacharNaama-CV 19858/09/1:Date of birth srael: ICountry of birth , Tel Avivtreet: Shenkin SAddress 0545887191:numberPhone Hipit11@gmail.comEmail: I am a motivatedandpassionate person,alwayswillingto learnnew things and alwaysaimingforperfection.Ihave experience inonlineuser-to-user supportmanagement,inconsumer-focusedcommunications,developingcorrectanduser-friendlyservice strategies.Idemonstrate leadershipandmanagementof complex projectswithmultiplecontributorsand workeffectivelycross-functionallywithtrackrecordof drivingresults. :Education Graduated with honors..from Haifa Universityand LiteratureLinguisticsB.A. in English-2010-2007 participated in aIgrade,11thIn the.rtPsychology and AMajored in.High schoolAlliance-2003-1998 unique Advanced Placement program, taking courses in Haifa University in Psychology. :ExperienceWork .Binary Options Trading”Eztrader“atupervisorSSupportCustomer:Now-2014August I am managing a team of 10 customer support representatives, each speaking a different language. My job entails monitoring their work, making sure the clients receive the best care and treatment possible. I monitor their chat conversations, phone calls and email content. I also prepare the schedule, keep discipline and handle any problem that may arise, whether with a client or internally, whenever there is an issue. *Aside for this position, I also play a very active role in coordinating and cooperating with other teams and departments in the company in order to improve products, process and procedures that are not necessarily relevant only for support. January 2014- August 2014: Client retention and withdrawal-reversal manager My duty was to call clients with a pending withdrawal and talk them into staying with the company. I retained 85% of the company's withdrawing clients and made sure they got the best treatment from then on. I implemented new procedures so that fewer clients will want to withdraw eventually. .Companyaming (Casino)nline GO-”Webologic“upport representative atCustomer S:2013-2011 I was a customer service and sales representative to US customers. My job included providing excellent customer service (also to VIP’s) via chat, phone and Emails, while keeping track of monetary deposits and
  • 2. also up-selling. I was at the top of the list regarding my sales. I was also sent to Kiev for two months to train employees for a new headquarter of this company. Haifa.-a prestigious brand of Italian watches,”Toywatch“-Store manager:2011-2010 Started as a sales- girl, I was promoted to be the Haifa branch's manager in the Grand Kenyon mall. I managed a staff of 3 employees, kept track of orders from Italy, sold merchandise myself and dealt with everyday customer service. Israel.throughoutrestaurantsCafés/a chain of”Greg“-Shift manager-2010-2008 Started as a waitress, I got promoted to be a floor manager of the first ever branch of this restaurant, in Haifa. I managed the staff of waiters, barista's and cooks while being in an everyday contact with the customers of the place. Excellent service and a happy staff were my first priority. Languages tonguethero: MHebrew leveltongueother: MEnglish . Can read and write.t a lower levelCan communicate, but a:Spanish, French Skills  Impeccable communication skills with customers, staff and management  Resourceful and self reliant in identifying and solving problems  Attentive to my employeesclients’ wants and needs, always have desire to solve issues and help.  Responsible, proactive and loyal to the workplace. Always on time and appreciate discipline.  Computer and internet savvy: Proficient in Office, CRM and Outlook :Hobbies and interests Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, music, Linguistics, animals, Astronomy and more. I do yoga, go to the beach and do my best to live life with a positive mental attitude. Recommendations will be happily given out. Thank you, Naama

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