Political Jobsites and the Energy of FightingWhen your worksite has a lot of politics, then you arelooking at a very negat...
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Political jobsites and the energy of fighting

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Political Jobsites and the Energy of FightingWhen your worksite has a lot of politics, then you arelooking at a very negative situation, one that is much moreso than you may realize. Politics and emotional stress inthe office can make employees feel as if they will bepersonally attacked if they go in to work today. If theenvironment is harsh enough, then some people may resortto something as strong as substance abuse. Unfortunately,the cycle of this behavior tends to spiral downward, even ifthe political stress which was there before is identified bymanagement and eliminated.It’s so important to see how employees get the best ofthemselves in this situation. Even political situations canbe diffused and eliminated by the parties involved, if theyknow what to do about it.The first step is to make sure that there is not an actualproblem concerning business with a client or customer.Then, make sure that no one in the office or some asset in the office is not getting hurt.Secondly, make sure that everyone feels heard. Only at that point can understandings be dealtwith appropriately. Employees can come to an understanding or have time to think about theirown actions or can begin to feel a sense of remorse only after they feel that they themselves havebeen heard. It is so important to make sure that this is taken care of.In the meantime, whether or not your worksite is filled with politics, you must make sure that noone is resorting to substance abuse to cover up their feelings. Workplace Drug Alcohol Testinglaws can make drug screening necessary in some workplaces, but mostly Drug & AlcoholTesting and alcohol screening is implemented by the company and its desire to keep the jobsitepositive and running smoothly. Smooth operation depends on there not being an energy offighting. Alcohol Drug Testing and drug screening can really make a difference with that.Deep down inside all of us, if we are fighting, our brains are not reasoning and blood flow istaken from the logical reasoning part of our brains and carried over to the reactive stanceand fight or flight reactions which we all have. Don’t let this pervade your worksite. CallMediscreen today to start implementing drug screening: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.This article has been taken from http://mediscreen.net.au/articles/?p=1978

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