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IBM TotalStorage Solution
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IBM has announced an array of new storage
offerings that further broadens its portfolio ...
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Parke Davis Signs BCRS
Shell Endorses iSeries
Platform for JD Edwards
Shell uses JD Edwards application in
Pakistan for their Enterprise Resource...
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A seven-day training on IBM Tivoli Storage
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Transcripts - press_forPAKevent_inPAKnewspaper

  • 1. Magic! Software CUSTOMER NEWSLETTER - September 2005 S P O T L I G H T UAN: 111-IBM-IBM, Website:, e-mail: PAKISTAN To get more details and free registration’ visit You build the business. We have built the foundation. Conference on September 7-8, 2005, Karachi Linux is the fastest growing operating system in the world (CAGR 44% 2003 - 2008). IBM is a strong supporter of Linux as a way to promote open standards. Open standards allow the interoperability of various applications, technologies, and computer devices, providing customers with a wider choice and flexibility to deploy applications. Because of this, Linux is a key play in IBM's on demand strategy because it can provide enterprises with a flexible computing environment that can change with their needs. IBM, together with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), recently organized a conference on ‘Linux and Open Source Adoption in Pakistan’ in Karachi which was attended by a large number of audience, both from Government and Private sector, representing corporate as well as education organizations. In his welcome address, Mr. Humayun Bashir, Country General Manager, IBM, said that Linux is a revolutionary technology and IBM believes that it has changed the rules of the game. He said that just like the Internet, Linux is the next revolutionary change that the field of IT is experiencing. He emphasized the need for a linkage between the industry and the academia. He appreciated the role played by the Government in promoting Linux in Pakistan and initiatives taken by PSEB. Dr. Aamir Matin, Managing Director, PSEB, in his keynote speech, termed fiscal year 2004 as an excellent time for the IT industry in the country. He highlighted that the domestic IT industry grew by approximately 35% in fiscal year 2004-2005 and foresaw a growth of up to 40% in the coming fiscal year. Dr. Matin shared his views on the shortage of facilities for technology companies. He added that the need of the day was a stronger strategic relationship with the vendor industry. In his concluding remarks he said that the Government is actively providing support to the IT industry to boost this industry to the aspired levels. continued on inside back page... Group of Speakers at the Conference on Linux and Open Source Adoption in Pakistan. Linux and Open Source Adoption in PakistanLinux and Open Source Adoption in Pakistan Show how smart you are. Leave the price tag on. The IBM xSeries 206 offers value, innovation and usability at affordable prices for small businesses and workgroups. The x206 features Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology supporting an easy migration path to 64-bit computing, delivering investment protection and enhanced performance. New features help control IT costs and accommodate growth. Contact our Business Partners to book your order or further information. For list of IBM Business Partners visit, Intel Pentium 4 Processor with Hyper-Threading Technology 3.00GHz with 1MB L2 Cache Integrated Serial ATA with 80 SATA HDD 512 MB RAM Price Rs. 59,999/- Limited time offer IBM is the world’s leading provider of middleware software. It provides organizations around the globe with secure, scalable, open, industry-specific software that helps meet the unique challenges of On Demand Business. IBM is bringing Software Magic, an event which will enable participants to understand what it takes to maximize the reach and impact of an IT environment which enables businesses to, Innovate and respond to ever changing environments with strong capabilities in internal and external integration of people, processes, and information Increase their productivity and streamline business operations with software solutions to integrate, manage, and optimize IT investments in a secure environment Provide the platform for the creation of a modular and service oriented architecture Participants will learn what On Demand Business is all about, gain knowledge and insight to modern day IT challenges, issues and solutions.
  • 2. UAN:111-IBM-IBM, Website:, e-mail: P R O D U C T S & S E R V I C E S A N N O U N C E M E N T S why "i " ? Ten Advantage Areas Provided by the IBM i5 1. The IBM i5 is designed for the needs of business applications, using built-in, not added-on Capabilities. 2. Unsurpassed Portfolio of Business Applications. 3. System resources like processors and memory can be efficiently turned on and off and dynamically moved between partitions. 4. In assessing the Total Cost of Ownership, hardware is a fraction of the total cost. 5. Stellar Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability increase uptime. 6. High Availability Solutions address planned and unplanned downtime including disaster recovery on physically remote systems. 7. State of the art hardware and open software approaches. 8. Investment Leverage. 9. Industry-oriented Business Partners and Software Vendors. 10.The IBM Corporation’ overall capabilities for supporting you. IBM Ranked Number One in Worldwide Marketplace Share for Application Deployment Software IBM has again been positioned as the number one vendor based on software revenue in 2004, according to IDC's "Worldwide Application Deployment Software 2004, Vendor Shares by Operating Environment," IDC report #33697, July 2005. The application deployment software market analyzed by IDC includes application server and integration server software platforms, web server software, transaction server and message oriented Middleware, and all of the associated application deployment adapters. According to the report from market research firm IDC, IBM, with 37 percent, had the highest marketplace share based on software license and maintenance revenue for application deployment software on all platforms combined. In 2004, total worldwide application deployment software revenue for all vendors combined was $6.9 billion. Additionally, IBM experienced 18 percent growth and maintained its leading position with 19 percent of the application deployment software revenue on the Windows platform, according to IDC. Enterprise Content Management Number One in Marketshare Marks Third Consecutive Year of Leadership IBM is the leading enterprise content management vendor (ECM), in terms of worldwide license revenue, for 2004 according to a report issued by the independent research firm Gartner, Inc. The report states that IBM led all vendors of enterprise content management, which includes core capabilities like integrated document management, web content management, records management, document capture, document-based collaboration and workflow. This report marks the third consecutive year that IBM has been ranked the overall market leader as measured by new license revenue among ECM vendors. According to the report, the ECM market grew by 8.4 percent in 2004, driven by business' need to leverage their data and meet changing regulatory compliance demands. IBM introduced the latest version of its DB2 Content Manager portfolio of products in March of 2005. With the announcement of DB2 Content Manager v. 8.3, DB2 Document Manager 8.3 and DB2 CommonStore 8.3, IBM delivered the industry's first content and information integration platform to leverage information across diverse repositories, providing a single view of business critical information. IBM Shatters Computing Performance Barrier Record-Breaking IBM POWER5 Server Running Linux and DB2 Is 23% Faster Than HP and Oracle IBM POWER5 processor-based eServer p5 570, running Linux has attained a milestone in computing history, soaring past other servers and setting a new world record for online transaction processing performance for 4-processor servers of 197,669 transactions per minute (tpmC) according to TPC. Until today, no Linux based server in history from IBM had claimed a top TPC-C mark. On the industry leading TPC-C benchmark test, the IBM eServer p5 570 running DB2 UDB 8.2 on Linux and IBM FAStT TotalStorage turned in the best 4-processor server result ever by topping the best performance of the HP Integrity server and Linux running Oracle 10g by 23% and outperforming by 51% the HP ProLiant system running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. To set the new TPC-C record, IBM leveraged the combined power of its POWER5 processor-based server, the eServer p5 570, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4 running IBM DB2 Universal Database. The IBM system also set a new world record for best 4-processor Linux price/performance at $3.93/tpmC. IBM has announced the availability of new software that delivers the combined capabilities of autonomic and grid computing to maximize the effectiveness of a business' application infrastructure. The new software, WebSphere Extended Deployment Version 6.0, can deliver business value through effective use of an existing IT infrastructure, support for mixed workload and server types, support for new advanced data caching, and improvements in manageability and monitoring. Built upon the foundation created by WebSphere Extended Deployment V5.1, the new release extends the three product functional areas: dynamic operations, high- performance computing, and extended manageability, while including a new functional area -- business flexibility. WebSphere Extended Deployment Version 6.0 enables systems to support large volumes of diverse workloads more efficiently, while differentiating based on the business value of these workloads, so as not to jeopardize work important to the business. This WebSphere software provides an infrastructure for extreme application performance with advanced functionality delivered around partitioned transaction processing environments. In the midst of all this elevated functionality is a focus on system manageability, providing easy-to- use administration features focused on the production operations environment. WebSphere New IBM WebSphere Software Enables Businesses to Achieve Operational Excellence for Business Application Infrastructure
  • 3. IBM TotalStorage Solution for SMB IBM has announced an array of new storage offerings that further broadens its portfolio of solutions expressly designed for the fast-growing small and medium sized business (SMB) market. The IBM TotalStorage N3700, is designed to offer an economical and robust network attached storage (NAS) solution for small and medium-size businesses of less than 1,000 employees, yet is versatile enough to be used in large, distributed enterprises with remote office and branch office storage requirements. The IBM TotalStorage N3700 is a robust NAS solution scaling up to 16 terabytes designed to deliver the ease and functionality of Internet Protocol attached storage along with the pervasiveness of iSCSI SAN technology. It offers features and functions SMB customers value, including support for disaster recovery, which allows users to mirror data both within the appliance as well as to a remote device. UAN:111-IBM-IBM, Website:, e-mail: P R O D U C T S & S E R V I C E S A N N O U N C E M E N T S IBM Ranked Number One in Worldwide Marketplace Share for Performance and Availability Management Software Enterprise Management Market Shares (Gartner Study 2005) According to the latest 2005 Gartner Study titled, "Market Share: Enterprise Management, Worldwide 2004", IBM Tivoli is the market leader in this space reaching USD 2 Billion in revenue. For last three years IBM Tivoli Market share in the end- to-end Enterprise Systems Management has been greater than NEXT three competitors combined. Proven reliability and break-through 64-bit performance up to 32-way Integrated Processor/Memory Controller reduces latency by 3X Up to 2X the performance of EXA2G = 64-bit memory addressability Intelligent caching and integrated snoop filter reduce FSB contention 3X increase in bandwidth critical for application and database servers Higher Performance Server I/o compatible with legacy PCI/PCI-X Max internal storage, increased throughput and enterprise reliability Increase availability without consuming valuable I/O adapter slots Chipkill, Memory ProteXion, Mirroring and Hot-swap/Hot-add Higher performance and density for scalable application performance Advanced systems management for remote monitoring and alerting Authentication and virus protection with integrated security TPM Simultaneously run 32-bit and 64-bit application on the same server Investment protection and headroom for higher performance IBM eServer X3: EXA 3rd Gen XA-64e™ 3rd Generation chipset Support for 64-bit Intel Xeon MP XceL4v™ Dynamic Server Cache 667MHz Dual Front Side Bus Active PCI-X 2.0 up to 266MHz Serial Attached SCSI HDDs ServeRAID 8i for SAS RAID-5 High-Availability Active Memory™ PC2-3200 DDR2 SDRAM RSA II SlimLine Adapter True Hardware-based Security 64-bit Extensions (EM64T) Dual-core Capability Third-generation Enterprise X-Architecture offering mainframe inspired latency reduction, connection-grade proven reliability, and unmatched modular scalability for leadership in virtualization, commercial enterprise applications, and web services. Features The industry’s leading x86 server architecture delivering break-through 64-bit performance and XpandOnDemand™ scalability up to 32-way The x86 64-bit Server Solution for: Application serving Database, ERP Virtualization Web Services New Class of Open Virtualization As part of its new systems strategy, IBM has introduced a standards-based virtualization platform that will allow customers to pool, manage and optimize their IT resources across a variety of servers, networking and storage devices in order to help improve the economics and operations of under-utilized IT assets. The IBM Virtualization Engine 2.0 platform uses open interfaces, virtualization building blocks and Web services to connect server and storage systems. IBM's virtualization innovations are designed to help address the spiraling cost of systems management by enabling clients to manage and administer their IT resources more easily. The Virtualization Engine console provides a single view of systems and platform health, as well as a road map or "topology," for the virtualized systems infrastructure. This can minimize the necessity for specific operating systems skills for some IT operations personnel. IBM has again been positioned as the number one vendor according to IDC's report, "Worldwide Performance and Availability Management Software 2004 Vendor Shares." The performance and availability management software market analyzed by IDC includes software tools routinely used in IT operations or by end users to manage the performance and response of the systems to nonscheduled system and application events. Performance and availability management software is made up of performance management software and event automation tools. IDC ranked IBM as the top vendor overall, and also ranked IBM as the leader in both sub-categories: performance management software and event automation software. "Retaining the number one market share position in the management software market demonstrates that IBM's management strategy and tools are resonating with our customers and are essential for their businesses," said Bob Madey, Vice President, IBM Tivoli strategy and market management. "We believe our continued ranking as the number one performance and availability management software vendor is proof that we are delivering the technology innovation and end-to-end management solutions and services that our customers need." According to IDC's report, in 2004 total worldwide performance and availability software revenue for all vendors combined was $3.9 billion in 2004, a strong 9.3% increase over 2003. The IDC report analyzing the worldwide market for performance and availability software is based on the IDC 2005 Software Market Forcaster (SMF) Database, which covers over 85 functional software markets worldwide by multiple operating environment and many geographic dimensions. The definition of software revenue, as well as the survey methodology and the operating- environment/regional modeling assumptions underlying these rankings are detailed in the report.
  • 4. UAN:111-IBM-IBM, Website:, e-mail: C U S T O M E R N E W S Parke Davis Signs BCRS Agreement Parke Davis has signed an agreement for IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Services (BCRS) that will help them meet their business continuity requirements. IBM BCRS will provide them Tape Recovery options for their IBM iSeries and Intel platforms. BCRS provided them IBM iSeries and IBM Blade Servers for the solution with user work space, High Speed Tape Backup and Laser printing. IBM launched its BCRS Centre last year in Pakistan. IBM BCRS is the leading provider of business resilience, continuity and disaster recovery solutions. IBM will be able to draw upon more than 35 years of experience in assisting clients to develop and implement their business continuity strategies and plans. United Bank Limited (UBL) has signed an agreement with IBM Business Consulting Services (BCS) to deliver an Information Technology (IT) Strategy to UBL. The objective of this project is to align the UBL IT investment with their business objectives and to ensure that IT becomes a key pillar in increased competitiveness, efficiency and profitability of the organization. This IT Strategy project shall provide to UBL a road map and an investment plan to streamline the IT function and to enable it to deliver value to the various business units by identifying projects for improvement and enablement. BCS is the consulting arm of IBM. It delivers integrated e-business solutions, which customers need, to compete in the Internet economy. BCS has expertise across nineteen industries, helping companies capitalize on new business models, re- engineer core processes, implement packaged solutions and create management systems that keep e-business initiatives on track and generate solid returns. Middleware is Everywhere. Middleware software is the glue that integrates modern e-businesses and provides the foundation that On Demand businesses run on. IBM is the world's leading provider of middleware in terms of revenue, its support for open standards and its continued focus on innovations and patents. For example, IBM's annual software patents continue to exceed those from its principal software rivals combined. Pakistani businesses are ramping up their drive for automation and infrastructure modernization and choosing IBM software as a means to obtain competitive edge over their competition. Some of the Pakistani businesses that have recently chosen IBM software are: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd., Faysal Bank, Indus Motor Company, Sui Southern Gas Company and Cadbury have all moved to IBM Lotus software for their messaging and collaboration needs. Both Sui Southern Gas Company and Faysal Bank have migrated from Microsoft Exchange messaging platform to the IBM Lotus collaboration platform. Lotus will give them a secure and powerful collaboration platform that will help them serve their customers better by being more productive and collaborative. IBM Lotus leads the instant messaging and collaboration platform markets by revenue. Indus Motor Company has opted for IBM Tivoli for their storage management needs. Information is fast becoming the most ritical business asset, and storage and backup management is fast becoming a key need of growing businesses. Tivoli is the worldwide leader in systems management and systems operations software markets. Pakistan Navy has chosen IBM WebSphere and IBM DB2 for deploying their various internal business applications. For more information on IBM Software visit: WebSphere Lotus® software IBM BCS Defines IT Strategy for UBL PTC Selects IBM Unix Server Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) has acquired IBM eServer p5 servers for their Disaster Recovery site. They are currently running SAP application on their production site. These servers will provide a resilient back up platform. PTC chose IBM servers after an extensive exercise because of the superior high availability and IBM POWER5 technology leadership in the UNIX market place. IOP, IBM Business Partner, delivered and implemented the solution. Picture shows (R-L) Mr. Baqar Muzaffar, IT Head, UBL, Mr. Nishat Kazmi, Business Consulting Services Manager, IBM and Ms. Erum Azhar, Client Representative, IBM at the signing ceremony. CDC Relies on IBM pSeries Central Depository Company (CDC) yet again trusted IBM to assist them in managing their increasing transaction volumes and fluctuating workload. They have acquired new IBM eServer pSeries model p570 to run their NCSS and CDS databases and p550 to use it as an Application server. CDC and IBM’s relationship spans over nearly a decade. CDC is one of the early adopters of the IBM Unix servers technology in Pakistan. Customers like CDC have made IBM pSeries leader in the Unix space and IBM claimed worldwide UNIX revenue leadership in 4Q04 (Source - IDC). For more information on pSeries visit:
  • 5. Shell Endorses iSeries Platform for JD Edwards Shell uses JD Edwards application in Pakistan for their Enterprise Resource Planning. The application coverage extends to all Shell locations in Pakistan where performance and availability are critical factors. To ensure a high service level, Shell decided to upgrade their existing iSeries server to the new state-of-the-art POWER5 processor based IBM eServer iSeries with significantly higher processing power. Shell expects to improve their existing service level and also accommodate growth of users with this investment. Geared for the constantly changing requirements of enterprise businesses, the IBM eServer iSeries can deliver not only the power and capacity to run core business applications, but also the ability to add new e-business applications on the same server. IBM eServer iSeries can help companies reduce complexity, simplify their IT infrastructures and reduce their total cost of ownership. Advanced Virtualization technologies allow the iSeries to run multiple operating systems and application environments simultaneously. For more information on iSeries visit: Government College University Selects IBM eServer xSeries with TotalStorage DS4300 Government College University, Lahore, has selected IBM eServer xSeries (Intel Processor based servers) for their IT infrastructure. They have acquired five IBM eServer xSeries model x226 to use them as mail, Proxy, Primary Domain Controller and as a backup server. In addition, they have selected SAN DS4300 for their storage needs. ABM Infotech, IBM Business Partner, proposed and implemented the solution. Delivering on the new IBM Extended Design Architecture initiative, the IBM xSeries 226 offers affordable two-way performance with Intel Extended Memory 64T, increased availability with integrated RAID 0 or 1 and a choice of hot-swap SCSI or simple-swap Serial ATA drives, and innovative management features such as Alert Standard Format 2.0. The IBM TotalStorage DS4300 (formerly FAStT600 Storage Server) is designed to be an affordable, scalable storage server for storage consolidation and clustering applications. Its modular architecture, which includes Dynamic Capacity Addition, Dynamic Volume Expansion, and a turbo option, can support On Demand Business environments by helping to enable storage to grow as demands increase. For more information on TotalStorage visit: UAN:111-IBM-IBM, Website:, e-mail: C U S T O M E R N E W S MCB Enhances Their Computing Power Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) has selected IBM Unix Servers (IBM eServer p5) and IBM Enterprise Storage Servers (ESS) for their Symbols core banking application and as part of the project have acquired DS8100 and p570. The new DS8100 and 16 way logical partitioned based p570 servers will be placed in the MCB Tower, and will be connected to the main systems of MCB through fibre optic connection between the two MCB offices. MCB is in the process of setting up a comprehensive Disaster and Recovery Center and IBM Global Services team is working with MCB team in its establishment. MCB has also acquired IBM's Intel processor based servers (IBM eServer xSeries) for the various modules of the Symbols application. The IBM eServer p5 570 high-range server implements outstanding price/performance, mainframe-inspired reliability and availability features, flexible capacity upgrades and innovative virtualization technologies. Based on POWER5 processors with simultaneous multithreading and a unique scalable, building block packaging, the p5- 570 is well-suited for server consolidation projects, database and application serving, e-commerce and departmental or regional server deployments. For more information on pSeries visit: xSeries Wins at Allied Bank Allied Bank Limited has acquired a range of IBM eServer xSeries servers (IBM’s Intel Processor-based servers) to run their banking application as well as their ATM driver software. They have selected IBM eServer xSeries Itanium based model x455 and models x445, x365 and x346. The bank decided to go for IBM eServer xSeries multiple range of servers after evaluating IBM enterprise class server features which has far more advantages than the competitive brands. The solution was offered and installed by IBM Business Partners, Infotech and SBS. IBM Intel Processor based servers provide a wide range of outstanding availability and price performance capabilities that can dramatically simplify IT Management and provisioning. IBM eServer xSeries as Server of Choice at HBL Habib Bank Ltd. (HBL) has installed IBM eServer xSeries model x365 and x346 for their business needs. The bank will use these servers to run their ATM application. In addition they will use them as web, portal, messaging and DNS server. HBL chose IBM xSeries server because of its leadership in technology among its competitors. INBOX, newly appointed IBM Business Partner, delivered and successfully implemented the systems. Jang Group Goes for IBM eServer xSeries (Intel Processor-based Servers) Jang Group, after a thorough evaluation, selected IBM eServer xSeries (Intel Processor- based servers) for their IT needs. They selected IBM eServer xSeries based on leading technology benchmarks, low total cost of ownership and support. As part of their overall solution, they have acquired IBM clustered x445 servers along with EXP 400 (DAS) and DS400 based Storage Area Network Solution. They also selected x336 servers which will serve as CRM, web and project server. The x346 servers would act as a NAS for file and print activities. In addition, they have acquired high performance IBM 3582 tape library for speedy backup and restoration purposes. INBOX, IBM Business Partner, provided the solution and closed the sale. For more information on xSeries visit:
  • 6. UAN:111-IBM-IBM, Website:, e-mail: I B M P A K I S T A N N E W S IBM Events IBM eServer xSeries and TotalStorage IBM conducted half day events on IBM eServer xSeries and TotalStorage in Karachi and Lahore. Mr. Andy Parkinson, xSeries Regional Sales Manager IBM Middle East, Pakistan and Mr. Mohamed El-Shanawany, TotalStorage Sales Manager, IBM Middle East, Pakistan were the two speakers in the event. They presented xSeries product covering market dynamics for Intel servers, IBM new announcements along with BladeCenter and TotalStorage product line, DS8000 and DS6000 announcements and Info Life Cycle for TotalStorage respectively. The event was attended by a large number of IBM xSeries and TotalStorage customers and prospects, and was very well received. As part of IBM worldwide developerWorks technical briefings, IBM organized a full day event in Karachi and Lahore in July on Process and Portfolio Management (PaPM) and Building better software with IBM software Development platform (SDP). The PaPM briefing, covered by speakers from IBM US Mr. Alfredo Gutierez and Mr. Randel Powel, featured demonstrations of the IBM Rational Portfolio Manager (formerly PMOffice™) Enterprise Tool Suite, and the IBM Rational Software Development Team Unifying Platform which includes an entire integrated set of Rational tools. Mr. Paul Coates and Mr. Edward Tuggle, who covered the SDP briefing, gave live demos which illustrated the capabilities of SDP tools. These tools are based on the Eclipse open source platform and provide the strongest end-to-end integrated set of tools for all aspects of software creation. The event was widely attended by Project Managers, system architects, software developers, system administrators, IT Managers, System Analyst, Business development managers and received a positive feedback. IBM developerWorks Live! IBM Tivoli IT Service Management. A Better Way to Manage the Business of IT. IBM recently organized an event in Karachi on IBM Tivoli IT Service Management. Mr. Lewis Stroke, EMEA Product Manager, Tivoli Automation Software and Mr. Bashar Qubbaj, Tivoli Software Sales, IBM Middle East, spoke about the recently launched IBM Tivoli IT Service Management strategy that aims to give customers a highly integrated set of tools, ITIL-aligned process models and implementation services to help accelerate the connection of people, processes and technology across heterogeneous data centers. IBM Business Partner, INBOX, demonstrated their Systems Management Solutions / Services around Tivoli which captured the audience’s interest. The event was widely attended and well received by the audience.
  • 7. UAN:111-IBM-IBM, Website:, e-mail: I B M P A K I S T A N N E W S Linux and Open Source Adoption in Pakistan Mr. SM Baqar Muzaffar of UBL, Mr. Sardar Naufil Mehmud of ICI, Mr. Mehmood Ahmed of Al Karam Textile Mills and Mr. Syed Mushtaq Hussain of City District Government Karachi presented their case studies and shared their experiences with Linux & Open Source adoption in their respective organizations. International Experts from IBM, Mr. Rudolf Simmer, Mr. Bashar Kilani, Mr. Ahmed Shanab and Mr. Kelvin Na from Novell Asia Pacific, talked about Linux initiatives in Governments in other countries who have adopted Linux and Open Source. They discussed many interesting facts and figures regarding the benefits to be derived from empowering their organizations with open source. Mr. Mohammad A. Sabzwari, Director LPI, a local open source advocate, presented his views on total cost of ownership and suggested ways for organizations to carry out TCO analysis for their organizations based on their own unique requirements. Mr. Tariq Badsha of Ministry of Information Technology presented Pakistan Government’s initiatives on open source. He highlighted the progress made and plans for furthering the efforts on this front. Mr. Munawar B. Ahmad, Managing Director, SSGC and Ms. Jehan Ara, President, Pakistan Software Houses Association were invited as session chairpersons to summarize the sessions and gave their views on the subject. IBM is the combined leader for Linux-based hardware, software and services according to IDC Data. Roma Business Machines, IBM Distributor, together with IBM, organized Lotus WorkPlace Services Express Event. Mr. Radovan Drsata, Lotus Brand Leader, IBM EMEA and Mr. Roberto Boccadoro, Notes Domino Lead Advocate, WorkPlace, Portal and Collaboration Software, IBM EMEA were the guest speakers. The speakers briefed on the IBM WorkPlace Services Express and gave demonstrations. IBM Business Partners, CorporITs and LMK Resources, displayed their solutions built on IBM Lotus. The event was attended by a large number of IBM customers, prospects and competitive accounts. IBM Workplace Services Express is a new integrated team collaboration, document management, and instant messaging solution with an integrated portal, which makes it a unique offering for businesses to improve communication and collaboration. MIMIX Training A full day ‘MIMIX for iSeries Customers’ training was organized by IBM in August on IBM premises. This training was a part of IBM's continuing commitment to help its customers to maintain the required MIMIX skills set. The training was attended by customers using MIMIX. Mr. Irfan Elahi and Mr. Ammar Farooq of Integrated Technology Services Group, conducted the training. MIMIX solutions ensure accurate, comprehensive, real-time replication of your information systems. With MIMIX, you can fulfill the availability mandate with confidence, knowing that your solution will meet your needs today and in the future. Lotus WorkPlace Services Express Welcome On Board! Three more professionals have joined IBM in the area of sales. 1. Mr. Sadiq Panjwani, Territory Services and Solutions Leader 2. Mr. Zahin-uz-Zaman, Territory Sales Representative 3. Mr. Rizwan Hussain Ravjani, Territory Sales Representative ...continued from the cover page Mr. Hasnain Hussain Merchant of Integrated Technology Services Group has successfully completed the certification of 'Teach The Trainer' program, held in UK recently. Mr. Hasnain has now become a Qualified Instructor to conduct IBM eServer xSeries training for IBMers and IBM Business Partners in the Middle East, Egypt and Pakistan region. Qualified Instructor Status Achieved
  • 8. Business Partners Training A seven-day training on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) for IBM Business Partners was conducted on IBM premises in Karachi in July. The TSM training covered advance aspects of IBM TSM 5.2 / 5.3 (including architecture), Best Practices, Disaster Recovery, BMR Functionality, Tivoli Data Protection for Oracle and MS Exchange. Mr. Kashif Masood from Middle East delivered the training. Prior to this training, a ten-day rigorous boot camp was held to educate IBM Tivoli Business Partners on Tivoli core technology: Ÿ IBM Tivoli Infrastructure Introduction Ÿ IBM Tivoli Monitoring Ÿ IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console Introduction including NetView and Windows The training was held in Karachi on IBM premises and was conducted by Mr. Fatih Celen, an experienced Tivoli consultant, based in Dubai. INBOX Appointed as IBM Business Partner IBM has appointed INBOX as their authorized Business Partner in Pakistan to market and sell IBM products. INBOX, through its Enterprise Solutions team of certified IT professionals and with branches in all major cities of Pakistan, will provide solutions to the customers across the nation. INBOX Enterprise Solutions team is focusing on providing Enterprise Systems Management around IBM Tivoli software. They have set up a team of certified professionals and intend to become a premier provider of IBM Tivoli software solutions in the country. INBOX will be responsible to market and sell IBM Software, IBM eServer iSeries, pSeries, xSeries, IBM TotalStorage and IBM BladeCenter. UAN:111-IBM-IBM, Website:, e-mail: B U S I N E S S P A R T N E R N E W S CorporITS Partner Level Enhanced CorporITS, IBM Software Business Partner, has recently achieved the status of ‘Advance Partner.’ CorporITS provides IT based business solutions to major industry sectors worldwide, offering Workflows, Document Management, mission- critical reporting and analysis (business intelligence and data management) and unparalleled qualifications in the CRM arena. CorporITS will add strategic value to IBM's broader portfolio of On Demand software solutions through tight alignment with IBM Lotus Family and IBM Workplace Services Express. Participation in ITCN Asia INBOX, IBM Business Partner, participated in the ITCN Asia 2005 held in August. Other than INBOX products, they showcased IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli Enterprise Console, Netview, Security Compliance Manager and Omegamon. Mr. Humayun Bashir, Country General Manager, IBM Pakistan was co-chair in one of the sessions titled ‘e-banking’ presided by Mr. Ali Raza, President, NBP in the ICIT 2005. WSE Executive Pitch Briefing sessions were held in Islamabad and Karachi on Workplace Services Express (WSE) for IBM Software Business Partners. Mr. Uffe Sorensen, Lotus Technology Group Executive, IBM Europe, Middle East & Africa, who was visiting Pakistan, delivered the pitch. IBM Workplace Services Express is a new integrated team collaboration, document management, and instant messaging solution with an integrated portal, which makes it a unique offering for businesses to improve communication and collaboration. Pakistani Business Partner Recognized in BPEC 2005 The annual Business Partner Executive Conference (BPEC) 2005 was held in Dubai in April. The event was attended by Business Partners and IBMers across the region. From Pakistan the event was attended by Executives from RBM, IOP, CorporITS and IBM. Ÿ IOP received the award for ‘Best Business Partner for xSeries in Pakistan'. Ÿ Infotech received the ‘Top Achievement Award for Significant Contribution in 2004.’ Mr. Kenan Ahmed Siddiqui of INBOX IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Deployment Professional V5.2 and V5.3 IBM Product Certifications IBM’s certification program validates that all its Business Partners have developed the sales, installation and support skills to cope within an increasingly complex marketplace. Certified skills are a key component of IBM’s drive to maintain the quality of its channel. Recently, CorporITS, INBOX and LMK Resources have completed certifications requirements for some IBM Software products. These include: Mr. Nooruddin Abbas Ali Shah of INBOX IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console V3.9 Implementation (100% Score) Mr. M. Hammad Masood of CorporITS Lotus Solution Sales Professional Mr. Aamir Dawra of LMK Resources IBM Certified Solution Developer -WebSphere Portal Server V5.1 Mr. Muhammad Kashif of LMK Resources IBM Certified Associate System Administration - Lotus Notes/Domino R6/R6.5 C o r p o r a t e I n f o r m a t i o n T e c h n o l o g y S o l u t i o n s

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