The Polska Herald Issue One 2013 Our Mission: Polish Christian Ministries will assist Po...
traveling extensively to get acquainted with supporters. He also usedthis time to get better acquainted with board members...
TOP SUPPORTING CHURCHES IN 2012 Ben Porter Becomes Newest ...
From the Executive Director A few weeks ago as Sandy let me off at the ...
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Polska Herald 2013 issue 1

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Polska Herald 2013 issue 1

  • 1. The Polska Herald Issue One 2013 Our Mission: Polish Christian Ministries will assist Polish Christians in becoming healthy, growing, self-supporting, and reproducing congregations. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR EMERITUS On March 1st, Wayne Murphy received these words from Paul Howey, PCM’s Board Chairman: “What a milestone day! I think of the decades you have led PCM, endless hours of prayerful and steady-handed nurturing of the organization, and of the lives that have been touched by that service. There is no way of reckoning how many have been introduced to, and grown in their relationship with Jesus Christ, either directly, or indirectly as a result of your service. . .” Wayne Murphy began serving on the board of Polish Christian Ministries in 1979. He joined the staff of PCM on January 1, 1993 and on June 1, 1994 began his role as Executive Director of PCM. These almost 20 years as Executive Director have been some of the most rewarding years of Wayne’s ministry. Wayne has served as the Minister of churches in Maryland and Pennsylvania for 21 years as well as five years on the staff of Eastern Christian College. He is now Wayne and Diana Murphy completing a total of 45 years in ministry. At the annual meeting of the mission in 1986 Paul Bajko recommended that the 1987 annual meeting be held in Poland and all members plan to Wayne with Andrzej Bajenski attend. That was Wayne’s first trip to Poland. He fell in love with the country and began a strong relationship with a number of the Polish preachers. He visited 12 churches during that trip, getting acquainted with preachers and workers. Returning home on the plane Wayne found himself praying for Poland. He prayed for someone to do more for the country of Poland and the churches there. What did he learn from that prayer? Be careful for what you pray. You may become the answer to your own prayer. When Paul Bajko told Wayne that he would be the next Director of the mission, Wayne was speechless and a couple of months later told Paul “No.” However, the Holy Spirit played a significant role in bringing Wayne to the point of saying “Yes.” He learned to never underestimate God’s Spirit working in one’s life. During Paul’s 40 years as Director he laid a great foundation for Ken Meade and Wayne the mission and what was to come. Wayne spent his first 17 monthsPolish Christian Ministries 2410 Creswell Road Bel Air MD 21015
  • 2. traveling extensively to get acquainted with supporters. He also usedthis time to get better acquainted with board members. It was adelightful time. Some of the board members have become some ofWayne’s closest friends and advisors. Throughout these 20 years Wayne has made approximately 30 additional trips to Poland. Not having Polish roots these trips served to help Dorota Hury introduced Wayne to him become acquainted Wayne’s Coffee in downtown Warsaw not only with the preachers and church leaders but also knowledgeable about the Polish culture. It’s been exciting as well as rewarding. Many Polish preachers and their families have become like family to Wayne. He has watched their children grow up and attended Kazik Barczuk, Wayne, and Piotr Karel some of their weddings. He took part in the ordination of several of the preachers and shared in the celebration of manychurch anniversaries. Wayne worked with Polish workers in 1993 to establish the first National PolishLeaders Conference which has become an important event. He was invited to speak for at least one sessionat each of them. Wayne’s emphasis while working with the Polish churches overthe past 15 years was two-fold: (1) work to become self-supporting and (2) help plant new congregations. Somecongregations are self-supporting and others are well on theirway. Planting new congregations brought tremendousexcitement. When Wayne was considering becoming the Executive Directorhe consulted with some friends who serve in similar organizations.One of them gave him some counsel he never forgot. “You willhave three jobs – (1) be the chief public relations person, (2) bethe chief fund raiser, and (3) find your replacement.” Over theyears he accomplished #1 and #2. During the past year he Wayne & Diana with Zosia & Marek Charisaccomplished #3. On March 1, 2013, David Hatfield became the third Executive Director of Polish Christian Ministries. Wayne became Executive Director Emeritus and will assist David in any way possible. He will work on a part-time basis with his tasks involving office work and representing PCM in churches along the East Coast. Later this year Wayne and Diana hope to relocate to West Virginia and continue serving the Lord. Paul Howey’s concluding words to Wayne on March 1st were: “I know the Lord has more jobs for you to do, including continuing to serve with us in the new role you undertake today. For the service you have given in the past, today, and going Wayne with Paul Bajko & David Hatfield forward, you have the sincere thanks of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and myself.”2
  • 3. TOP SUPPORTING CHURCHES IN 2012 Ben Porter Becomes Newest Member of the Board We welcome Ben1 MD Rockville C/C at Manor Woods Porter as the newest PCM2 GA Savannah Savannah CC Board of Director. Ben3 KY Lakeside Park Lakeside CC lives in Rockville, Indiana,4 VA Mechanicsville Fairmount CC with his wife, Rachel, and IN Indianapolis Traders Pt CC their two children. Ben is5 a Technology Assistant6 CA Oceanside Lighthouse CC with Southwest Parke7 IN Indianapolis Southport Hgts CC Schools in Montezuma, IN.8 KY Richmond Salem CC He was recently ordained9 IL St Joseph C/C into the ministry, having received his Bachelor of10 TX Houston Cy-Fair CC Arts in Bible & Theology from Lincoln Christian11 FL Kissimmee First CC University. Ben has traveled to Poland twice12 OH Fairfield Fairfield C/C since 2009 and visited churches in Kolobrzreg,13 MI Brighton Brighton CC Ostroda, and Warsaw. Ben writes, “I have a14 FL Ocala Central CC deep love and passion for the people of Poland and am eager to continue and expand my15 MD Severn Christs Ch involvement in ministry to this region of the16 PA Allentown Parkway C/C world.”17 KS Junction City First CC18 GA Savannah Islands CC Special Gifts19 IN Cumberland Cumberland CC20 IN Lebanon Lebanon CC In Memory of: Given by:21 FL Tallahassee Capital City CC Charles Steele Mark & Marla Steele Charles Steele Mark & Marla Steele22 MI Mt Pleasant First C/C Charles Steele Mark & Marla Steele23 MI Owosso First C/C Charles Steele Betty L. Smith24 IN Whitestown New Hope CC Paul D. Howard Pat & Annemarie Howard25 TN Chattanooga Hickory Valley CC Ruby Maggard Donald & Joyce Edwards26 IN Indianapolis Seerley Creek CC In Honor of: Given by:27 MD Baltimore Slavic C/C Paul & Dela Bajko John & Dot Cachiaras28 AK Kenai Kenai CC29 CT South Windsor Colonial Point CC30 OH Blacklick Eastpointe CC 2013 Short term trip opportunities31 IL Greenville First CC You must be 18 years of age (if younger a legal guardian must accompany you on this trip the entire time) 1) Dates: June 6-18, 2013 Cost: $650 plus airfare and $50 application fee Primary Location: Sosnowiec (includes Auchswitz-Birkenau, Kraków, Warsaw) Primary Involvement: childrens outreach, construction work/painting with Sosnowiec Church 2) Dates: June 15/17-30, 2013 Cost: $750-$850 (depending on arrival date 15, 16 or 17) plus airfare Primary Location: Ostróda (includes Warsaw, Gdańsk, Stuthoff) Primary Involvement: leading a camp for Russian children (teachers, games and rec, crafts, etc.) 3) Dates: June 6-30, 2013 (combination of above two trips) Cost: $1,300 plus airfare and $50 application fee 3
  • 4. From the Executive Director A few weeks ago as Sandy let me off at the Savannah International airport, she left me with two instructions for my trip to Poland: LISTEN and PRAY. “Dave,” she said, “as you visit so many churches in Poland, listen closely to what they are Polish Christian saying and pray for and with them.” I had three Ministries flights ahead of me to ponder this thought. I started by listening to my wife and praying that Staff David A. Hatfield God would have His way during our time with 16 Polish churches, their Executive Director pastors, their leaders, and their people. C. Wayne Murphy Executive Director Emeritus While in Poland I listened to church leaders express theirvision for Lois Harris Administrative Assistant their churches. I heard their passion for ministry in their cities. I wrote Zofia Charis down many of their prayer requests. Over the next several months both Administrative Assistant (Poland) our monthly “Thank you letters” (vision) and monthly eNews (prayer requests) will capture these special moments spent with the churches. Board of Directors Thomas Anders, Saint Joseph, IL *Loren D. Deckard, Joppa, MD What was also exciting about our time in Poland was the opportunity *Judy J. Harris, Crestview Hills, KY we had to share the renewed vision of Polish Christian Ministries with *David A. Hatfield, Brighton, MI each church we visited. PCM is sharpening its focus to assist Polish*Patrick D. Howard, Colorado Sprgs, CO Christians in becoming healthy, growing, self-supporting, and *Paul J. Howey, Rockville, MD *David S. Johnson, Chatham, IL reproducing congregations. We are encouraging each of the Polish Adam J. Korenczuk, Baltimore, MD churches that we support to communicate with us their vision/plan for Gregory W. Meyer, Indianapolis, IN developing leaders, growing disciples, increasing ministry accountability, J. Ben Porter, Rockville, IN John J. Shelley, Kissimmee, FL and reaching greater financial responsibility within their church budgets. *Executive Committee With each Polish church taking on more financial responsibility there will be more funds available for new church plants in Poland. Ideally, new To Contact Us: church plants will be birthed out of healthy churches who are developing leaders to reach, serve, and disciple the people of Poland. There is a Phone: 410-836-6102 great need for PCM to increase its budget to be prepared for the financial Fax: 410-836-6103 challenge that lies ahead. Website: Would you join me in LISTENing to God and PRAYing with me for God’s plan to unfold before our eyes to reach the lost people of Poland? PRSRT STD Address Service Requested Permit #379 Bel Air, MD 21014 PAID Bel Air, MD 21015-6508 U.S. Postage 2410 Creswell Road, Suite 103 Non Profit Org. 4 Polish Christian Ministries

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