Lesson title: National Grid
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Lesson title: National Grid Class: 10Ph Date: 5th Nov Period: 2 No. Pupils: 30 Lesson Objectives (WALT): • How the NG is used to transmit electrical energy. • Why is electricity transmitted at very high & dangerous voltages? Time Activity Content / Notes (key points, questions to ask, assessment of learning, safety) Before Have all the equipment where needed. entry 9.47 Starter 10 Ask students what is written on every pylon and sub-station and why? Explain mins that the electricity being transferred is very dangerous. 9.57 Main Then explain how so far all we have looked at is producing electricity not activity 1 getting it to homes afterward. This is done by the national grid, substations 30 mins and powerlines. The idea of the national grid is no area relies on just one power station they are all connected. Demo power line a]at 12V b ] at 240V Note the differences. Take ideas about why we have mains at 240V (when it can kill) and transmit at thousands of volts. Power is always the same P=IV so if V is increased I is decreased. The current controls home much energy is lost through heat and by resistance so want to keep it low. Use AQA pg 261 to complete consideration of NG 10.27 Plenary Sheet 10 mins Extra work Risk Assessment Homework Vocabulary (key words) Specification Links 13.3 Electricity is transferred from power station to consumers along the NG. The uses of step-up & step-down transformers in the NG. Increasing the voltage reduces current, and hence reduces energy losses in cables. Equipment Power line demo, 12V lamp 2, Rubber leads 4, AQA text 20 Sheet The National Grid

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