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Press Release Seldon Systems Releases ContinuityCloud in Partnership with opXL Telecommunications Services

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release Seldon Systems Releases ContinuityCloud in Partnership with opXL Telecommunications Services

  • 1. Press  Release               Seldon  Systems  Releases  ContinuityCloud  in  Partnership  with  opXL   Telecommunications  Services     Leading  Cable  Television  Network  Power  Assurance  Provider  Partners  with  Top  Industry  Consulting   Firm  to  offer  Innovative  Cloud-­‐based  Services  in  the  Caribbean  Region.       MONTEGO  BAY,  Jamaica,  Feb.  5,  2015  /PRNewswire-­‐iReach/  -­‐-­‐  Alpharetta,  GA  based  Seldon  Systems,   Inc.,  the  North  American  market  leader  in  enterprise-­‐grade  network  power  assurance  solutions,  and   Denver,  CO  based  opXL,  LLC,  a  premier  telecommunications  management  consulting  firm,  will  provide   cloud-­‐enabled   network   power   assurance   to   Cable   Television   Multi-­‐system   Operators   (MSOs)   throughout   the   Caribbean   region   the   companies   announced   at   the   Caribbean   Cable   &   Telecommunications  Association,  Inc.  annual  meeting  and  conference  in  Montego  Bay,  Jamaica.         Utilizing  Seldon  Systems'  newly  released  ContinuityCloud  software  platform,  the  partnership  provides   an   innovative   array   of   powerful   new   tools   for   operators   of   all   sizes   to   address   retention,   revenue   assurance,  and  cost  management  through  improved  network  power  reliability.    The  program  includes   world  class  monitoring  of  outside  plant  Uninterruptible  Power  Supplies  (UPS),  targeted  network  power   performance  analytics  and  optimization  services  for  workforce  and  plant  assets  through  a  convenient   monthly  subscription.     The  product  and  services  partnership  was  created  to  make  the  power  of  Continuity  software  products,   and  the  expertise  of  opXL  optimization  services,  accessible  to  customers  of  all  sizes  throughout  the   region,  reinventing  the  delivery  of  performance  accelerating  tools  and  services  to  the  market.     "ContinuityCloud,"  stated  Michael  Shaw,  Vice  President  of  Marketing  at  Seldon  Systems,"  is  a  fresh   approach   to   a   pressing   market   need,   and   a   new   way   to   conveniently   deliver   the   power   of   our   Continuity  platform  to  a  wide  range  of  small  to  mid-­‐sized  customers  who  do  not  need  large  enterprise   systems.    ContinuityCloud  can  be  set  up  in  five  easy  steps,  and  customers  elect  to  pay  on  a  monthly,   quarterly  or  annual  basis.  New  clients  are  able  to  sign  up  and  begin  using  the  product  in  less  than  30   minutes.  No  other  product  of  its  power  and  utility  comes  close  to  the  ease  of  use  and  set  up."         ContinuityCloud,  which  borrows  many  features  from  the  company's  Continuity-­‐SPS  software,  widely   used  by  cable  operators  such  as  Comcast,  Time  Warner,  Charter  and  Rogers.  "This  product  lineage,"   explains  Shaw,  "is  not  only  a  recognizable  pedigree  within  the  industry,  it  also  allows  us  to  deliver  an   extremely  rich  suite  of  powerful  tools  from  remote  secure  facilities  while  a  team  of  Continuity  experts   manage   and   maintain   operational   support.   ContinuityCloud   clients   are   liberated   from   the   task   of   maintaining  a  monitoring  tool,  and  can  instead  focus  on  outside  plant  health."
  • 2. Press  Release       ContinuityCloud  features  include:     • ContinuityCloud  NetworkPower  Assurance  Power  Topology  View   • Continuous  interrogative  monitoring  of  outside  plant  UPS  systems   • Centralized  Transponder  Provisioning  and  Inventory   • Scheduled  Standby  Tests  for  Preventative  Maintenance   • Technician  and  Executive  Power  Status  Dashboards  Visibility   • Power  Visualization  and  Reporting     The  new  joint  program  also  features  a  benefit  previously  out  of  reach  to  all  but  the  industry's  largest   cable   operators   –   expert,   C-­‐Suite   consulting   made   available   by   respected   industry   veteran   Tom   Gorman  and  his  innovative  team  of  experts  at  opXL  who  continue  to  help  drive  industry  advancements   in  telecommunications  operations,  workforce  automation,  advanced  technical  learning,  and  business   intelligence.       "opXL  was  founded,"  explained  Gorman,  "for  the  very  purpose  of  making  all  of  the  knowledge  gained   over   the   years   available   to   operators   facing   similar   challenges.    The   business   of   delivering   quality   results   –   whether   they   are   related   to   plant   construction   and   maintenance,   product   selection,   workforce  management,  inventory  control  or  business  intelligence  –  remains  tough;  and  for  smaller   operators,   making   the   right   decisions   quickly   can   often   mean   the   difference   between   success   or   failure."       Since   its   creation   three   years   ago   opXL   has   established   a   solid   reputation   as   one   of   the   premier   telecommunications   consultancies   with   practice   areas   including   Project   Management,   Workforce   Efficiency  and  MSO  Business  Analytics.  "In  creating  this  program,"  continued  Gorman,  "we  are  breaking   the   mold.    By   combining   tools   such   as   ContinuityCloud   with   the   experience   and   analysis   of   expert   consultants  our  clients  are  able  to  make  smart  business  decisions  for  improving  plant  reliability.  It  is  a   powerful  combination,  now  more  easily  accessible  than  ever  before."     Subscription  services  are  available  in  three  levels  to  meet  specific  needs  of  clients  with  different  levels   of  staffing  and  expertise:     • Economy   • Advanced   • Expert     Each  level  comes  with  different  combinations  of  cloud-­‐based  status  monitoring  tools,  hours  of  expert   assistance,   reports   and   custom   dashboards.    Customers   interested   in   the   Caribbean   region   should   contact  opXL  at  1-­‐866-­‐426-­‐0990  or     About  Seldon  Systems,  Inc.   Seldon   Systems,   Inc.   is   the   premier   power   assurance   solution   provider   to   the   cable   telecommunications  industry.  The  company's  Continuity-­‐SPS  platform  is  utilized  by  the  largest  MSOs  in   North   America,   including   Comcast,   Time   Warner,   Charter   and   Rogers   to   monitor   and   proactively
  • 3. Press  Release       manage  critical  standby  power  systems.  Continuity  software  is  designed  with  cutting-­‐edge,  innovative   algorithms  engineered  to  deliver  results  in  the  field  and  in  the  executive  suite.     About  opXL   opXL  is  a  telecommunications  management  consulting  firm  with  one  goal:  Operational  Excellence.  At   opXL  we  specialize  in  helping  our  customers  achieve  operational  improvements  that  preserve  capital   and   improve   the   efficiency   of   operations   across   our   customer's   business.   Practice   areas   include:   Organizational  development;  Workforce  automation;  Learning  and  development;  Business  intelligence   and  analytics;  and  Program  consulting  and  management.     Keywords:  Caribbean  Cable  &  Telecommunications  Association,  Inc.;  CCTA;  Status  monitoring;  cloud-­‐ based   software;   outside   plant   reliability;   enterprise   software;   uninterruptible   power   supplies   (UPS);   network   analytics;   network   power   assurance;   business   intelligence;   artificial   intelligence;   machine   learning;   management   consulting;   organizational   development;   workforce   automation;   learning   and   development;  business  intelligence  and  analytics;  program  consulting  and  management.     Media  Contact:  Michael  Shaw,  Seldon  Systems,  Inc.,  561.543.4338,   News  distributed  by  PR  Newswire  iReach:

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