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Polycom HDX Series Comparison

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Polycom HDX Series Comparison

  • 1. Polycom HDX Series TM High-Definition Room and Personal Telepresence Solutions
  • 2. Experience telepresence anywhere, anytime Polycom HDX telepresence Polycom HDX™ 8000: The Ultimate Room Telepresence Experience solutions offer users extraordinary Precisely engineered for superior clarity, Polycom HDX 8000 systems enable users to interact over video visual communication, enhancing freely and naturally. Rich-media content and data are easily enabled, further enhancing collaboration and collaboration from the desktop audience participation. to the conference room. For organizations migrating to high-definition video and audio communication, the Polycom HDX 8000 Series Flexible connectivity options and powerful content provides a flexible and robust solution ideally suited for sharing gives professionals the ability to communicate distance education, remote medical diagnosis, on-demand over distance easily and securely. Polycom HDX room and project collaboration and more. personal telepresence solutions include offerings to suit any application and any budget. Polycom HDX 7000: Extraordinary Telepresence for Everyday Communication Integrated in each HDX experience, Polycom UltimateHD™ brings amazing, high-definition communication to every The Polycom HDX 7000 Series provides flexible, user, every time. UltimateHD includes not only HD video affordable HD visual communication for high-quality up to 1080p resolution, but also HD voice with crystal communication throughout mainstream workplace envi- clear stereo audio. Sharing HD content is also part of the ronments. Expanding visual communication quickly and Polycom UltimateHD experience, allowing colleagues easily throughout the organization, the Polycom HDX and partners to easily include rich content during a video 7000 Series is ideal for education, medical, enterprise and call. Also included in each HDX telepresence solution is on-demand collaboration applications. Polycom Lost Packet Recovery™ (LPR™), a technology that ensures an optimal experience even when calling Turnkey options enable the Polycom HDX 7000 Series to over the Internet or over congested networks. deliver visual communication in any room, while patented, crystal-clear audio enhances collaboration and audience participation.
  • 3. Polycom HDX 6000: Room Telepresence presentations, graphics, spreadsheets, multimedia files with a Fast ROI and more, facilitating more immersive collaboration and High definition can be achieved by everyone with the quicker decision making. Polycom HDX 6000. Users will have a quality experience from the quick setup of a single HDMI output for both Polycom HDX Packaged Solutions: Flexible audio and video to connecting a computer to share high designs for advanced visual communication definition graphics. The Polycom HDX Executive Collection floor system and Polycom HDX Media Center deliver high-quality visual Packaged solutions are also available to help deploying communication uniquely configurable to a variety of envi- the HDX 6000 solution in medical, education and other ronments and requirements. These sophisticated, innova- organizations tive and stylish design solutions provide turnkey flexibility and power to deliver enriched, high-definition meeting experiences whenever, wherever requirements demand. Polycom HDX Executive Collection plasma screens show- case high-definition video perfectly in 1080p resolution, while an intelligently dynamic microphone array provides finely tuned audio. The Polycom HDX Media Center 720p and 1080p solutions offer an alternative high-performance visual communication experience that includes free-stand- ing pedestal or integrated wall-mount form factors with high-quality audio. Integrator Telepresence: Premier visual communi- Polycom HDX 4000: Personal Telepresence cation systems for high-impact visual experiences Performance-engineered to deliver high-definition visual The Polycom HDX 9000 Series telepresence solution communication, the Polycom HDX 4000 Series delivers delivers high-definition collaboration experiences to premium, rich-media personal telepresence, redefining indi- conference rooms, lecture halls, executive suites and more. vidual and small group communication. Merging an extraor- Attendees interact naturally for more productive meetings dinary degree of visual and acoustic clarity with powerful thanks to intuitive user interfaces and high-performance functionality, the HDX 4000 Series brings unprecedented architectures that radically boost the quality of communica- immediacy to video conferences, audio interactions and tion. Polycom HDX 9000 Series systems integrate seam- content exchanges. lessly with rich media tools to enhance any presentation and meeting environments. Through a powerful set of APIs A 20-inch, HD video screen and acoustically superior stereo and multiple video and audio connectors, customers can sound allow for professional-level visual communication create and customize conferencing solutions from simple with full computer monitor functionality, making content to advanced applications. collaboration easier than ever. Users can incorporate
  • 4. Polycom HDX™ Series Polycom HDX 9000 Polycom HDX 8000 Polycom HDX 7000 Polycom HDX 6000 Polycom HDX 4000 UltimateHD™ Features HD Voice™ with 22 kHz of Audio • • • • • HD Content Sharing • • • • • HD Video (720p 30fps) from 512Kbps • • • • 832 Kbps HD Video (720p 60fps) from 832Kbps • • • receive only HD Video (1080p) from 1 Mbps • • • receive only SD (4CIF30) Video from 128 Kbps • • • • • SD (4CIF60) from 512 Kbps • • • Connectivity H.323 and SIP Max Line Rates Mbps 6 6 2 | 4 (MP) 2 4 Optional BRI, PRI or V.35 Module • • • Video I/O Max Video Outputs 3 3 3 1 Max Video Inputs 4 4 3 2 1 General Information Audio Only Line (POTS Analog) • • Integrated 20.1" LCD, HD Display • Internal Multipoint (HDCP, SDCP) OPTIONAL HDCP HDCP SDCP HDCP Max # HDX Microphone Arrays 4 3 2 1 3 Content Sharing People+Content™ / H.239 for Data Sharing • • • • optional People+Content™ IP • • • • optional People On Content™ • • optional Adjustable Content 10, 50, 90% BW • • • • • Other Key Differentiators SoundStation® IP 7000 Speakerphone Integration • • • • • Dual Monitor Emulation • • • • • Polycom SoundStructure® Integration • • • • Polycom Lost Packet Recovery™ (LPR™) • • • • • APIs Supported • • Standard Encryption (except where prohibited by law) • • • • • Polycom Worldwide Headquarters 4750 Willow Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588 1.800.POLYCOM or +1.925.924.6000 www.polycom.com © 2010, Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. POLYCOM®, the Polycom “Triangles” logo and the names and marks associated with Polycom’s products are trademarks and/or service marks of Polycom, Inc. and are registered and/or common law marks in the United States and various other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. No portion hereof may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, for any purpose other than the recipient’s personal use, without the express written permission of Polycom. Part No. 1374_0310

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