A male,adultvoice wasusedwithinthe advertinaPortuguese accentwhichwasverystrong
so helpedtoaddextraeffecttothe salsathemed...
Was there any contact details mentioned? (Phone number, web address etc)
What music or sound effects were used?
What is th...
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Nandos radio advert analysis sheet (1)

Published on: Mar 5, 2016
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Transcripts - Nandos radio advert analysis sheet (1)

  • 1. A male,adultvoice wasusedwithinthe advertinaPortuguese accentwhichwasverystrong so helpedtoaddextraeffecttothe salsathemedmusicwithinthe background. The accent while beinghumorouscouldalsobe takenasoffensive forstereotypingreasons due toit beingemphasised/stagedsomuchitalmostseemedfake orlike avoice overusedfroman actual foreignperson. What style of radio advert is it? (humorous, serious, factual, fiction, pastiche, repetition, simple, complex, nostalgic, modern, futuristic, aggressive, seductive, persuasive, surreal, immediacy, long term) What was the overall message? What types of voice/s were used in the advert? (Male/female, young/old, foreign accent, British accent, celebrity?) What tone of language was used? (Conversational, informative, jokey etc) Was there a tag line or slogan in the advert? How many times was the product or company name mentioned? Thisadvertis mainlyveryhumorousandrepetitive.The comical side will alwayshelpto attract an audience,however,Ithinkthe male speakingonthe advertalmosttriestoohard to be funnywithsome commentsandendsupsoundingharshandoffensive.An example of one of hiscommentsiswhenhe saysabouthissister’seyebrowsmeetinginthe middle.Besides this,youhear the words‘it’sok’overand overagainwhichindicatesthe use of repetition.It’s useful touse repetitionwithinadvertsasyouget it stuckin the audiencesheadandthe more theythinkaboutthe advert,the more theywill thinkaboutpurchasingfromthiscompanyor inthiscase, visitingthe restaurant. I thinkthe message thatthis advertisdeliveringisthatwhoeveryouare,nomatterwhat you looklike orsoundlike, howoldyouare, whatjob youhave or what imperfections/quirksyou have,youare welcome atNandostodine andeat amongstothersbecause everyoneshould be able to enjoyit.Like the male onthe advertsays ‘if youare a wardenof the traffic,itsok!’ The Nandosrestaurantitself hasa specifictagline ‘the spiritof Nandos’,whichismentioned at the beginningandendof the advertso it’sthe firstand lastthingyou hearallowingitto stickin yourmind.Thistag line wouldallow customerstothinkthatNandosisunique, spiritual andhasits ownspecial vibe withinthe restaurants.Besidesthis,the actual adverts tag line is‘itsok’beingusedfrequentlyaftermanyhumorouscomments,italso wouldget stuck inthe audienceshead. On termsof the tone of language,nothingtoextravagantwasused.The male wasjokey and made the advertmore aboutmakingsillycommentsandtryingtoattract attentionby humourrather thangivingoutuseful information…Inthisrespectthe tone of language could alsobe classedasinformative. The Nandosbrand name wasmentioned3timeswithinthe entireadvert.Thisrepetitionis useful inthe manoritwouldmake the customercertainas to whatrestaurantthe advertis basedon,but the more frequentlyit’ssaidthe bettertoensure you’re reallyadvertisingthe companybroadlyandnot lettingthe publicforget. Radio advert analysis sheet - Nandos
  • 2. Was there any contact details mentioned? (Phone number, web address etc) What music or sound effects were used? What is the main purpose of the advert? (Informational, sales or special offers, promoting a particular product) Why do you think the advert was good or why do you think it wasn’t verygood? Throughoutthe advertthere were no signsof contact details,itwasall justbasicfood informationandafewjokes/funnycomments.There wasnonumberorwebsite mentioned whichI thinkcan be classedas pooradvertisementbecause if anymembersof the public wishedtocheckout the company/restaurantfurthermore theywouldn’tknow how toreach it.Obviously,theycouldjusttype Nandosintogoogle searchtofinddetails, however,they couldjustthinknevermindI’ll justleave itbecause theycan’tbe botheredgoingouttheir wayand in thisrespectyou’re losingcustomtooeasily. Tyinginwiththe Portuguese stylefoodandthe Portugueseaccentof the male onthe advert, there wasalsosalsa musicplayinginthe background withanupbeat,energeticrhythm includingaSpanishguitarwhichsoundedlikethe mostdominantinstrument.These music themeswill allowthe audience toknow the foodisfroma foreignoriginsotheycan be expectingsomethingexoticandunique. The main purpose wouldbe to promote the restaurantbyinviting the audience and setting a scene with the music and the accent themes. Although the advert isn’t packed with general information,itstillsinvitesall the membersof the publictocome anddine with the franchise restaurant. The adverton a whole was anaverage rating,nothingtoospecial howeverIdidenjoythe theme because itaddedreal effectandfunkyvibestomake itunique comparedtoother adverts. Onthe other hand,I thoughtitwas far tooinformative ontermsof givingprimary informationsuchasthembeinga franchise,whereyoucanfindthemor givinganycontact informationatall.Itbrieflymentionssome of the foodsthey serve butnothingaboutthe dishesbeingmainlychickenbasedandaswell,nospecial offerswerementionedwhichIthink makesitautomaticallylessappealingforthe audience astheyhave noideahow expensive it can be.Finally,the advertdidseemas if ithad a verybroad targetaudience butI thinkthe enthusiasmandupbeatrhythmcouldbe off-puttingtoadultsandthe elderly meaningit wouldbe more attractive forteensandyoungeradultsas to themitwouldbe funnyand exciting.