National Control Board I (NBC)
Position(s): 3-4 MCVP responsible Opportunity Status
Case solving manager Matheus Koeri...
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National Control Board

National Control Board NCB Quality Customer Experience
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. National Control Board I (NBC) NCB Position(s): 3-4 MCVP responsible Opportunity Status Case solving manager Matheus Koerich Available Role:  NCB is the decision making body within AIESEC in Poland on exchange quality issues;  NCB has the decision making power on cases happening on Local Committees of AIESEC in Poland;  NCB is the initiative by AIESEC in Poland to educate the national plenary to stick to XPP and improve exchange quality standards. Responsibilities:  Consultancy for Local Committees in terms of exchange quality;  Consultancy in terms of Exchange Program Policies (XPP) implementation for Local Committees;  Case solving, following-up and review;  Support in passing cases to ICB (if needed). Workload: 5 - 10 hours per week (depends on demand) Work period: July 1st – March 31st Desired NCB member profile:  LCPs  AIESEC in Poland Members with at least 2,5 AIESEC Experience (pref. Exchange) Application and selection process:  Deadline for submitting your application is not later than 18th July 2013, 17:00.  Application should be sent to MCVP Operations Matheus Sell-Koerich (  Decision will be made according quality of the application and desired ST member profile.  Results will be announced on 24.07.2013 Questions: 1. What would be the ideal role of National Control Board in your opinion? What are the main interactions with MCVP Operations and how would you like to foster this relation? 2. How this group can foster our role as AIESEC in Poland to improve our customers’ experience? What will be the kind of consultancy you would like to fulfill in this job? 3. How would you like to see the National Control Board of AIESEC in Poland for this term, and what do you see as the steps for the evolution and development of this? 4. Describe a case regarding ICX GIP side in one LC and briefly explain how NCB would take part to solve it. Remember that NCB is responsible for decision/solution and communication making for AIESEC in Poland with Member Committee. 5. Provide recommendations to AIESEC in Poland regarding the strategic role of NCB, ensuring quality delivery of ELD experiences. What would be the innovative approaches that you would like to recommend?

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