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Nae partnering for smarter faster combat ready naval aviation

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nae partnering for smarter faster combat ready naval aviation

  • 1. A product of... Navy Office of Information www.navy.mil May 24, 2011NAE: Partnering for Smarter, Faster, Combat-ready Naval Aviation "Naval aviation works; we project power and deliver the right effects, whenever and wherever needed. The NAE [Naval Aviation Enterprise] supports the delivery of these effects by encouraging the larger process view by naval aviation leadership, so we can resolve issues quickly and ensure naval aviation remains capable, efficient and combat-ready." - Vice Adm. Al Myers, Commander, Naval Air Forces / Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific FleetEstablished in 2004, the Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) is a partnership of leaders across Navy and Marine Corpsaviation commands committed to working together in a transparent, collaborative manner to make the best possiblereadiness decisions and to foster a culture of continuous process improvement (CPI). The flexibility and forwardpresence of naval aviation are unique strengths of the Navy and Marine Corps and are essential to ensuring thesecurity, prosperity and vital interests of the United States and its allies.Enterprise...Now and in the Future• NAE achieves cost-effective readiness through CPI initiatives in keeping with congressional/DoD directives.• The enterprise fosters transparency and collaboration for better, smarter and faster delivery of warfighting assets and aligns government and industry partners to the needs of naval aviation warfighters.• NAE works to facilitate better leadership decisions through data-driven analysis and policy recommendations. The enterprise removes institutional barriers that often hinder effective naval aviation mission accomplishment. A Culture of Commitment• NAE is committed to efficient and effective execution of naval aviation processes.• The Naval Aviation Enterprise strives to be the best steward of taxpayer dollars by producing the readiness that the nation demands, at the best possible cost.• Aviation commanders are relied upon to understand how much unit readiness is needed to fulfill current operational commitments, and then produce and execute to that readiness level as efficiently as possible.• Military service members, civilians and contractors are expected to apply a mindset of CPI throughout the enterprise.• The goal is to provide trained personnel and operable equipment that are delivered on time and at optimal cost to meet operational readiness demands. Key Messages Facts & Figures• With the nation at war and in a strained economy, • NAE dramatically reduced growth in flying-hour costs the NAE is spearheading cost-effective initiatives from 2004 – 2009, avoiding as much as $4B in increased in line with and in advance of congressional and costs. DoD directives. • Major process changes within Fleet Readiness Centers surpassed a $1B goal of reduced costs - ahead of the• NAE collaboration, transparency, and metrics lead BRAC schedule. naval aviation to better, smarter, faster ways to achieve cost-effective readiness. • NAE future readiness initiatives in the FY12 budget are estimated to result in a 10 to 1 ($1.5B) return on• The Naval Aviation Enterprise supports the best investment over the life of the programs. stewardship of taxpayer dollars driving a change in • NAE paired expert civilians with apprentice Sailors to culture from “readiness at any cost” to “readiness increase aviation maintenance productivity, saving at optimized cost.” approximately $2.6M in 2010.

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