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It is a healthy habit.It puts you in control.See my 10 Best HGH Supplements List
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Natural HGH Helps Athletes

Athletes are turning away from injected HGH and instead are now finding success with natural HGH supplements.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Natural HGH Helps Athletes

  • 1. hghm agazine .co m http://www.hghmagazine.co m/hgh-and-athletes/HGH and AthletesVisit HGH MagazineWith so much attention on growth hormones in the news these days I thought itwould be interesting to our readers to give you an insight into HGH and athletes.It’s not unusual f or athletes in the search f or increased perf ormance to seek outinjected HGH.My typical response is, “Don’t inject HGH.” I regularly tell athletes they can achieveperf ormance increases by cooperating with their own body instead of violating itwith injected substances. If f act, I tell them the key is to maximize their owngrowth hormone production.What gets their attention is when I tell them I’ve been taking an HGH supplement f or over eleven years. Nowif I were twenty they might not pay much attention. However, I’m a lot older than twenty and in great shape.Invariably it leads to an entire discussion about how to saf ely raise hormone levels without putting yourphysiology at risk.I explain to them that as I have aged that by keeping my growth hormone levels elevated I can enjoy a qualityof lif e that simply would not be available to me. Plus I rant and rave to them about how it is inexcusable to doanything like synthetically dosing with injected HGH.That’s the story I tell young athletes.Now here is the story I tell my sixty year old f riends…Dr. Ronald Klatz writes in his book “Grow Young with HGH”, the problem with aging is that you can adapt toless-than-optimal health without realizing it. It’s like driving around in an old car and compensating f or itsgrinding brakes or loose steering wheel by pressing down harder on the brake peddle or turning the wheelmore than you would normally need to.It’s not until you’ve had the car worked on that you notice the dif f erence.We Are Creatures of Habit……in that you and I both know that habits, good or bad, literally drive our daily lives. T he reality is that themajority of these habits simply don’t support optimum health.Most of our culture accepts biological aging as a f act of lif e and has come to the conclusion that it reallydoesn’t matter what you do, you’re going to age.While it’s true that you ARE going to age, we can take control of our aging process by changing our habits, Iknow that each of us CAN make a dramatic dif f erence in that process.Our habits can cause us to age prematurely.Supplementing with a high quality HGH product is a good habit.
  • 2. It is a healthy habit.It puts you in control.See my 10 Best HGH Supplements List

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