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National Council Poster Session FINAL

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - National Council Poster Session FINAL

  • 1. Improve Access to Care with Central Access and Referral Services Program Overview Changes in consumer expectations and the business/regulatory environment, among other factors, are opening the door to new ways of operating and expanding options for consumers to access services. PSCH and MHA-NYC partnered to implement a Central Access & Referral Service to improve access to the PSCH network of services—by consumers and by major referral sources, as well as to achieve operational efficiencies, and improve key metrics directly tied to patient outcomes and the organization’s bottom line. PSCH, Inc., one of the NYC region’s largest behavioral health systems, and the Mental Health Association of New York City and its Here2Help Connect division launched the Central Access & Referral Service in May 2014. Here2Help Connect’s knowledgeable professionals and advanced call center telephony infrastructure allow PSCH to provide consumer-friendly, clinically sophisticated, and efficient central access and referral services across the PSCH network in New York City and Long Island. This service supports: • Enhanced crisis response services • Same day access to face-to-face clinical assessments at certain locations • Improved discharge planning for hospitals • Sophisticated patient information services In an effort to meet the challenges of the future, this initiative is a major step towards the PSCH network’s strategic commitment to building a high-quality, comprehensive behavioral health system and to work towards an integrative approach towards healthcare for individuals with chronic medical conditions. Alan Weinstock, CEO of PSCH, said “The implementation of the Here2Help Connect telephonic access and referral system will significantly improve the consumer’s experience. The combination of highly-skilled clinicians with immediate access to information on the full array of services we provide will assure that the therapeutic process will begin during the first phone call. Hospitals and all community-based agencies will find the system very user- friendly, efficient, and will eliminate the need for multiple calls.” Here2Help Connect’s specially trained and supervised behavioral health professionals: • Conduct brief assessments for all consumers seeking services • Schedule initial appointments with the appropriate PSCH program • Create/update EHR records for consumers seeking services • Verify insurance eligibility and/or apprise patient of self-pay options • Make reminder calls in advance of appointments • Provide 24/7 crisis response services for consumers within PSCH network Organizational Excellence and Practice Improvement Marshall Ellis, Vice President, Crisis & Behavioral Health Technologies, MHA-NYC Robin Krajewski, Director Network Development and Management, PSCH, INC. Outcomes  Effectively consolidated multiple site protocols and paperwork requirements into a streamlined screening and intake process and workflows based on the New York State Clinical Records Initiative (NYSCRI) common screening and intake form and tied directly to the PSCH electronic health records system.  Successfully transitioned the entry point to the PSCH network to a single toll free number for the entire service area.  Developed and implemented a standardized process for all hospitals to use when seeking to make appointments for patients being discharged  Increased the number of confirmed appointments we’re able to provide hospital discharge planners.  Streamlined the appointment tracking and scheduling process within the PSCH electronic health record system, which provides capacity to track and report on agency wide client interactions.  In addition to streamlining the initial screening and intake process, implemented a comprehensive appointment reminder process to help improve client engagement and decrease appointment no show rates for initial appointments.  The Central Access & Referral Service also serves as the after-hours crisis intervention provider for the PSCH network, thus consolidating multiple site specific after-hours contracts and an ad hoc on-call rotation previously handled by day-time clinic staff. Contact Us. Marshall Ellis, Vice President, Crisis & Behavioral Health Technologies Mental Health Association of New York City | 212-614-6376 Robin Krajewski, Director Network Development and Management PSCH, Inc. | 631-920-8330 Process Recommendations & Lessons Learned Project Management Approach  In order to successfully replicate this project, providers should consider adoption of a specific project management framework.  The planning team should be inclusive and collaborative, to ensure voices are heard and impacted sites feel that they have input into the process and ability to influence outcome—this is key to ensuring post launch buy-in.  The planning team should spend the time to understand the processes in place at each program site and discuss variances between sites in a group setting to make sure all are on board with final process.  The costs associated with this program are related to staffing a 24/7 call center with behavioral health professionals.  Providers can cover costs through existing funding streams by repurposing existing intake positions to call center positions and rolling after hours answering service contracts into the Central Access & Referral Service; individuals holding positions may be able to move to call center position and/or be freed up to perform other duties as needed by the individual sites. Lessons Learned  Clearly communicate process and timeline to clinic/site staff.  Don’t underestimate complexity of processes—be specific with details during pre-launch planning period.  Ensure a sufficient soft launch/pilot period to work out kinks and allow time to incorporate learnings before going full scale.  Clearly outline training needs to ensure seamless transition of care for consumers from clinics to call center. Primary Objectives Improve Access to Services Establish single toll free number for entire network for all referral sources to call. 24/7 availability to ensure new clients can call when it’s convenient for them, not us. Bi-lingual staff to provide better support for multi-lingual communities we serve. Provide High Quality Intake Services Common screening and intake process across network to quickly enroll new clients. Mental health professionals able to provide additional support via phone when warranted. Mental health professionals able to see appointment availability across network when providing referrals, providing more options to clients. Improved Customer Satisfaction Able to get clients to appointments quicker by seeing all clinician’s schedules and availability. Reminder calls have reduced no shows by allowing individual to reschedule if needed before day of appointment. Ability to speak with a clinician 24/7 as needed instead of dealing with answering services after-hours. Achieve Greater Efficiencies Effectively consolidated multiple site protocols into single streamlined process for network. Developed standardized process for all hospitals to use to secure post-discharge appointments. Increased number of confirmed appointments for hospital discharge planners. Reduce Intake Costs Streamlined processes and workflows allow for operational efficiencies on-site. Routing all new clients through single call center allows for staffing efficiencies. Increase In-Network Referrals Real-time access to all network appointment slots allows intake counselor to provide real-time options for Streamlined processes and workflows allow for operational efficiencies on-site. Routing all new clients through single call center allows for staffing efficiencies. About MHA-NYC and Here2Help Connect -- Here2Help Connect is a leader in behavioral health call center services with more than 15 years of experience providing crisis intervention and access services. Our highly trained staff and advanced call center technology allow us to provide customized behavioral health call center solutions for a wide range of public and private partners. Here2Help Connect’s call center services are rooted in clinical excellence. We continuously monitor clinical outcomes and our staff actively participate in the development of best practices and research-based clinical interventions, including the suicide risk assessment standards and imminent risk policies used by the SAMHSA-fund National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Here2Help Connect is a division of the Mental Health Association of New York City, Inc. Here2Help Connect was created in response to increasing demand for specialized, efficient and accountable central access and referral services that triage and are responsive to consumer’s clinical needs. Our growing list of customers includes local, state, and federal government, provider networks, stand-alone clinics, and corporate partners. About PSCH -- PSCH is a comprehensive human service agency whose mission is to empower individuals and families with diverse needs to realize their full potential for achieving meaningful goals, guided by principles of independence, wellness, safety and recovery. Serving more than 8,500 residents of Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, PSCH offers a complete range of integrated services from primary care and clinical diagnoses and treatment, to educational, vocational, residential, rehabilitation, day treatment and family support programs. The PSCH team provides a personalized approach to suit each individual’s needs and goals. We measure success by how well we empower individuals with developmental and mental health disabilities to achieve their highest potential and to enjoy the best possible quality of life as members of their communities. Resources & Tools Scan QR Code to Download Resources No QR Reader? Free Download:

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