A. nervous B. digestive C. circulatory D. respiratoryOOOO 9. It can be inferred from this art...
OOOO 17. The writer advocates that A. there should be equality between males and females...
H. Items 25Uniquely exemplifying seamanship and meticulous attention to royal protocol and comfort, Britannia – the larges...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. NAVOTAS NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST PRACTICE TEST IN ENGLISHREADING COMPREHENSIONDirections: Read the following selections carefully. Then answer the questions asked and/or complete the statements under eachselection by choosing one of the four possible options marked A, B, C, and D. Blacken the circled letter that corresponds to youranswer on your answer sheet.Drug addiction is a serious threat to our society. If it is not eliminated but instead increases in extent, it may produce chaosand disorder in our society. The young and the poor seem to be the easiest victims of the social menace because of theyouths emotional instability and the many problems of the poor. Of course, it may attack anyone; no one has immunity to itbut some people are particularly susceptible.A BCDO O O O1. What would likely happen if drug addiction is not controlled? A. The poor will remain in poverty. B. The youth, will fall victims to drugs. C. Drug-rotated diseases will increase. D. Society will be unstable and disorganized.OOOO 2. The youth are particularly susceptible to drug addiction because of their A. immaturity. B, aggressiveness. C. unstable emotions. D. inferiority complex.OOOO 3. In the phrase social menace, the menace means A. threat. B. trouble. C. disease. D. disorder.OOOO 4. Who are the easiest victims of drug addiction? A. Aggressive men B. The rich and the young C. The young and the poor D. The old and the disabledB. Items 5-6 My surprise at her exuberance over a plain gray sweater must have shown in my eyes, for she salt, "But wait till yousee the real present?" and, handing me a little note, explained, "This was tucked in the box." The note read: "I thought youd tike to know that when I showed your husband a lovely Jeweled sweater he said,No, my wifes too pretty for that; Ill take the plain one. That will let her real beauty show." The note was signed: TheSalesgirl.OOOO 5. What was the cause of the womans "exuberance"? A. The salesgirl guessed what she liked. B. The salesgirl took time out to send her a note. C. Her husband was thoughtful enough to send a gift. D. Her husbands admiration for her beauty was revealed.OOOO 6. Why did the salesgirl send a note to the woman? A. She wants to inform the woman about her husbands expressed admiration for her. B. She feels that it is her duty as a salesgirl to write the note. C. She wants to give the woman a chance to exchange the plain sweater with a jeweled one, D. She feels that the sweater bought by the husband will not do justice to the wifes beauty.C. Items 7-9Everyone has heard of a faint heart, a strong heart or even a fickle heart. But a radioactive heart? According to the nuclearmedicine staff of the Philippine Heart Center for Asia, it is the newest wrinkle in the field of cardiovascular medicine. Itinvolves the injection of a radioactive substance intravenously into the blood of a potential heart attack person and with thehelp of a detector or "scanner", important data on the heart and its function can be obtained with accuracy, utmost comfortto the patient and with almost no risk at all. Statistics show that an exercise test with electrocardiogram is about 69.9percent accurate in discovering such a potential heart attack victim. But when used with the data obtained by the scanner,accuracy of detection increases to 92.3 percent. It will cost about Php600.00 to Php9OO.OO to avail of this medicalsophistication.OOOO 7. Approximately, how many percent increase in accuracy of detecting a potential heart attack victim is madepossible with the use of the "scanner"? A. 11% B. 22% C. 70% D. 81%OOOO 8. Cardiovascular medicine deals with disease of the ______ system.
  • 2. A. nervous B. digestive C. circulatory D. respiratoryOOOO 9. It can be inferred from this article that so far, A. with the scanner, heart attack will be a thing of the past. B. the scanner is the safest and most accurate way of detecting potential heart attack victims. C. if one has the means, one can avail of this newest wrinkle in cardiovascular medicine. D. the Philippine Heart Center for Asia has the most sophisticated equipment for detecting heart disease.D. Items 10 -13Many young people have remained happy-go-lucky in their attitude to work and get easily bored with routine. Feelingthus, they usually fall back on the customary "bahala na" mentality - leaving everything to luck. Some people rely on theirfamilies to carry them through bad times. Since the Filipino family is usually extended, dropouts from schools or jobs aretaken in hand without question, with even their vices taken care of by their family. Or, if a family member at an early age getsmarried, he then drops out of school, and because he is unskilled, he cannot get a decent job. The family once more comesto his rescue- Meanwhile the married but unemployed dropout begins to procreate, adding to the burdens of his family. Is itany wonder that few Filipinos, especially the young ones, are making their own way?OOOO 10. What characteristic of the Filipino family is mentioned in the selection? A. Paternalistic C. Extended B. Maternalistic D. NuclearOOOO 11. If many young people in our culture manifest the "bahala na" mentality, who is mainly responsible for the development of such attitude? A. The family B. The community C. The peer group D. The individual himselfOOOO 12. What will most likely happen to a family member who marries at an early age and drops out of school? A. His family will disown him. B. He becomes a social outcast. C. He will find it difficult to get a job. D. He will be left alone to support his growing family.OOOO 13. In the last sentence, the phrase "making their own way" means A. living independently, B. looking for a decent job. C. getting what they want out of life. D. knowing where they are going.E. Items 14-17 The word "sexism" was coined to denote discrimination based on gender, In its original sense, sexism referred toprejudice against the female sex. In a broader sense, the term now indicates any arbitrary stereotyping of males and femaleson the basis of their gender. Men and women should be treated primarily as people and not primarily as members of opposite sexes. Women aswell as men have been leaders and heroes, explorers and pioneers, and both have made notable contributions to science,medicine, law, business, and lately, politics. It has been suggested that attempts be made to break job stereotypes for bothman and woman. There should be no implications that certain jobs are incompatible with a womans "femininity" or amans "masculinity." They should be represented as whole human beings with human strengths and weaknesses and should be treatedwith the same respect, dignity, and seriousness.OOOO 14. As used at present, the word "sexism" refers to A. prejudice against the male sex. B. prejudice against the female sex, C. stereotyping males and females on the basis of their gender. D. stereotyping males and females on the basis of occupations.OOOO 15. One may infer from the content of the selection that A. a man loses face if his supervisor is a woman- B. women should exercise authority only over women. C. both men and women have shared humanity and so have common attributes. D. it is dehumanizing for women to manifest an interest in mechanical areas as for men to show interest in them.OOOO 16. Stereotyping means most nearly like A. playing a stereophonic tape. B. conforming to a fixed pattern. C. discriminating against a group. D. grouping according to sounds produced.
  • 3. OOOO 17. The writer advocates that A. there should be equality between males and females. B. men and women have their own strengths and weaknesses. C. certain Jobs are suited for men while other jobs are suited for women. D. women, being the weaker sex, deserve more respect and dignity than men.F. Items 18-21The Odyssey of the Tasadays started 700 years ago during a pirate raid on a small coastal town in a huge land calledMindanao. It was a new village and the group of Manobo-speaking people thought it safe and an ideal launching pad fortheir fishing expeditions far out in the sea, until the pirates swept in for plunder.The handful of survivors hid in the dense jungle and watched helplessly as their houses burned to the ground. Behind themthe rainforest loomed dark and sinister. But there was no going back to their old homes.Soon a young man led them deeper into the Jungle with the pirates in hot pursuit. Still they plunged on, seeking shelterunder giant trees when night fell. Many days turned into many weeks that soon dissolved into months. The young man whohad led them to safety was lost forever to the jungle. But the valleyhe had found them gave them a dense safety. Some of them died, but the others lived. And the children begot children oftheir own. And the dense rainforest was no longer so fearsome as it first appeared to be.OOOO 18. What incident led to the wandering life of the Tasadays many years ago? A. A tidal wave B. A pirate raid C. A tribal fight D. A search for foodOOOO 19. From the selection, one can infer that the Tasadays A. as a group have established their homes in the forest. B. have easily adopted the civilized ways of life. C. belong to a new breed of Filipinos. D as a tribe have existed many years ago.OOOO 20. Why should the Tasadays be grateful to the young man who helped them escape from their enemies? A. He taught them to fight their enemies. B. He made himself the leader of the tribe. C. He taught them how to live in the jungle. D. He found a safe place for them to stay.OOOO 21. Which of the following emotional tones is implied in the last sentence? A. Happiness and satisfaction B. Resignation and defeat C. Acceptance and Joy D. Peace and securityG. Items 22 - 24Don Julio was a two-class ship first and tourist. A1 the top of the scale were the great four-room suites named after Visayanprovinces. Equipped with everything from televisions to kitchens, each had its own steward, stewardess and chef. Theywere occupied mainly by movies personalities and sugar magnates. On a two-day cruise, they rented for P20.000 (for fourpeople).The vessel offered the largest theater afloat, two swimming pools, a complete hospital. There were also bowling alleys,squash count, a medicinal bath, saunas, rifle range, golf and skeet shooting, nightclubs, shops and beauty parlors.OOOO 22. Which of the following is NOT found on Don Julio? A. A beauty parlor B. A night club C. A theater D. A churchOOOO 23. Which of the following is not directly stated but may be concluded from the selection? A. Don Julio is a Philippine vessel. B. Don Julio is always full of people. C. Don Julio does not cross the Pacific. D. Only rich people can go on tours on Don Julio.OOOO 24. In the third sentence of the first paragraph, "each" refers to a A. television set. B. four-room suite. C. class in a vessel. D. Visayan province.
  • 4. H. Items 25Uniquely exemplifying seamanship and meticulous attention to royal protocol and comfort, Britannia – the largest officialroyal yacht in the world - is the Queens seagoing palace. Complete with state apartments and even a garage for the royalRolls Royce, she has transported the monarch and her family in befitting style to every continent, six timescircumnavigating the globe and tying up at places as diverse as Chicago and Hong Kong. Her twin 12,000 h.p. turbines giveher a cruising speed of 21 knots and she has a range of 3000 nautical miles without refueling. In its Jubilee year, whichbegan with a long Australian tour and included a tour of Britains coastal towns, Britannia steamed more than 40,000nautical miles - a record annual total.OOOO 25. Which of the following sentences sums up the description of Britannia as a seagoing palace? A. It has circumnavigated the world Six times. B. It has all the facilities and conveniences for royal protocol and comfort. C. It has powerful engines that give her a cruising speed of 21 knots. D. It has already established a record of more than 40,000 nautical miles.I. Items 26-27Friendship transcends all other relationships, because it is dictated by the heart - not by the mind. You are my friendbecause my heart tells me you are. Time or duration has nothing to do with it. An acquaintance of many years may nevertruly be a friend.OOOO 26. The word "transcends" in the first sentence means most nearly the same as A. exceeds. B. transforms. C. disregards. D. discourages.OOOO 27. An important element that determines friendship is A. what your mind tells you B. what your heart tells you. C. what your heart and mind tell you. D. what you are when you are with people.J. Items 28-29On Tuesday, the postman brought Carlos a letter from his grandmother, dated February 9, Sunday. She said that she wassending something for his birthday. Every day Carlos watched for the postman, but nothing came. On Thursday, a smallblue and white van stopped at Carlos house. It said "Philippine Mail" on the side. A man brought a big box to the house. Ithad Carlos name on it and he hoped that what he wanted was inside. But Carlos did not open the box that day. There was asign on it: "Do Not Open Until Saturday!"OOOO 28. How did Carlos know that a gift was coming? A. His grandmother wrote him. B. He saw the postman bring it. C. He just expected one on his birthday. D. His mother told him he would get one.OOOO 29. When was Carlos birthday? A. Sunday B. Tuesday C. Thursday D. SaturdayOOOO 30. What did the sign on the box mean? A. The box should be opened right away. B. The gift was supposed to be a surprise. C. Carlos should open the box on his birthday. D. The post office should not open the box.

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