GETIT on your mobile!GETIT Infoservices Ltd., pioneer of Yellow Pages in India and leading provider of informationproducts...
technology enables these to be rapidly deployed on other WAP sites, thus powering themwith the GETIT search. ...
nor only for youth. FoneMine enables customers to offer mobile services in whatever waythey want: to any demographic, buil...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. GETIT on your mobile!GETIT Infoservices Ltd., pioneer of Yellow Pages in India and leading provider of informationproducts & services, has launched its exciting new mobile local search offering. The mobilesite is available on / and can be accessed from any mobile device,which has GPRS connectivity, anywhere in the world.The salient features of the service are, that it works across platforms, is available for free, isfast, accurate and easy to use. Currently, GETIT has made available data from around 40cities in India. Soon, this service will be expanded to include all major metros and minimetros.The service has been launched in association with Fonemine Inc, USA, who are pioneers inWAP based technology solutions. As part of GETIT‟s tie-up with Fonemine, the two leaderswill jointly develop a variety of information products and services on mobile phones.“GETIT is delighted to present this extremely useful service, which will enable consumers toconnect with businesses efficiently. The service utilises the best technology available tomake the search experience simple, exciting and satisfying,” said Ramesh Gupta, Chairman,GETIT Infoservices Ltd.This service is of significant importance, given the growing number of mobile users in India.The user interface has been developed, after careful consideration, to make the search easywithout compromising on its efficiency. Users can search for services by keywords in specificareas or cities. For instance, a product search for “Sarees” at “M G Bangalore” throws upover a dozen results. Similarly, a search for “restaurants” in “Cunningham” throws up around17 results.What is extremely exciting about the service is that, the results can be refined by zones inthe city (North, South, East, West, and Central) and also by categories. Thus, users lookingfor specific companies by name can further drill down by category to find the exact matchthat they are looking for.Jagadish Bandhole, the CEO of Fonemine, said from the US, “Where it came to partneringwith a Yellow Page service provider in offering Yellow Page listings on the mobile, ourchoice was very clear. We wanted to partner with the leader in the space. In addition to thisleadership position in India in the delivery of information services, GETIT has a trustedrelationship with the Indian consumer. We look forward to rolling out many such serviceswith GETIT in the future”.“The strategic alliance with Fonemine allows us to leverage their strengths and expertise inthe mobile space. There is great synergy and we complement each others‟ strengths,” saidSidharth Gupta, COO, GETIT. He further added, “We recognise that there is immense powerin using the mobile both as a communication and information device. The availability ofvoice, text and Internet access on the same device will make it the preferred search mediumin times to come and GETIT is positioned well to serve this growing market.”GETIT plans to roll out this service in a manner that paid advertisers will get preferredpositioning on the search results. It has a performance based revenue model enablingbusinesses to target users cost-effectively. GETIT will be launching a series of exciting newservices to help businesses and consumers connect effectively and efficiently.Another important point about this service is that it is available as a “widget”. In other words,GETIT will make available this service for plug-ins with partner WAP sites. The Fonemine
  • 2. technology enables these to be rapidly deployed on other WAP sites, thus powering themwith the GETIT search. The Service at a glanceMobile URL www.getit.inAccess Irrespective of the phone service provider, all users of any mobile phone who have GPRS connectivity, can access the service.Charge The service is free of cost to users. (Except for the price of GRPS connectivity).Information Searches can be conducted for:available  Specific companies by name (like a white pages search) or;  Suppliers of products and services (like a yellow pages search) Search criteria The service is very flexible and is powered by an intelligent search engine. Searches can be conducted for any keyword in any city or locality. As regards the locality – consumers can type in any street name and/or pin-code. Data coverage The service currently covers around 40 cities in India. GETIT will expand the scope of the data to all major metros and mini-metros soon. Speed The service is very fast. However the actual speed of access varies for different service providers and in some cases it varies for different handsets. Refining of GETIT‟s powerful search engine enables users to refine their search on:results  Location (Zones in the city – North, South, East, West, Central)  Categories. Categorisation The entire data is categorised enabling users to get the best results with minimum clicks. Click to call Users can connect to the business establishments featured in the results by simply clicking a button – which dials the phone number.. Revenue GETIT is introducing a performance based revenue model. Herein paidmodel advertisers will get preferred positioning on the search results.Partnering with Companies wishing to integrate the power of the GETIT WAP search on theirGETIT WAP sites may contact GETIT to quickly integrate this service. A feedback link is available on the home page of the service itself.About GETIT Infoservices Ltd.:GETIT Infoservices Ltd, is the pioneer of Yellow Pages in India. It currently is the largestdirectory publisher and publishes “GETIT Yellow Pages” in over 37 cities. GETIT offerscomprehensive, reliable and relevant information solutions through all media (print, voice,mobile & online) effectively bringing buyers and sellers together.Over the last two decades, GETIT has built a strong national infrastructure and professionalteam that delivers a high quality of service offering value for money. The company has astrong network of over 40 offices around the country with employee strength of over 1000.GETIT has been a recipient of Industry Excellence Award presented by YPIMA, USA forproduct innovation, customer service and marketing initiatives.In Bangalore city, GETIT brings out its B2B and B2C yellow pages in print. These are thelargest circulated and used directories in the city with over 90% usage in key consumersegments (in surveys conducted in the past); In addition GETIT‟s 24 x 7 voice service,“GETIT NOW” can be accessed on 4444-4444. GETIT‟s web services are available, a new version of which is due to be released shortly.About Fonemine, Inc:FoneMine is the first company to launch a next generation extensible Mobile Services (XMS)platform. This platform is designed around the fundamental belief that mobile must betreated as a „first class citizen‟ and is neither just an extension of earlier computing models
  • 3. nor only for youth. FoneMine enables customers to offer mobile services in whatever waythey want: to any demographic, building their offerings based on their own strategies.FoneMines extensible mobile services platform is unique because it is the only companywith an offering that is fully integrated (voice, data, messaging, social networking, etc.), realtime publishing and completely interactive between groups and individuals. It offerscustomers the ability to choose any starting point for their mobile strategy and develop andevolve their services easily in real time.

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