Namibian Domain Names Capitalize on Growth of Eco-TourismAccommodation NamibiaThere is a superb possibility that Namibia i...
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Namibian Domain Names Capitalize on Growth of Eco-Tourism

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Namibian Domain Names Capitalize on Growth of Eco-Tourism

  • 1. Namibian Domain Names Capitalize on Growth of Eco-TourismAccommodation NamibiaThere is a superb possibility that Namibia is not in your radar screen. Nevertheless it soonwill be, mainly because entrepreneurs and tourism corporations are swiftly snapping upNamibian domains to establish or expand their Internet presence in this southern Africancountry.Did you realize that the Republic of Namibia is definitely the thirty-fourth largest nation in theworld (about twice the size of California), but in addition the second least densely populated,with fewer than 3 people today per square kilometer? Or that Namibia would be the worldsfifth biggest producer of uranium? The fact is, about 3 quarters from the countrys grossnational product comes from mining operations.Accommodation WindhoekNevertheless, whilst mining represents by far essentially the most significant a part ofNamibias economy, tourism is expanding quickly. But this can be not the common tourismwith luxury hotels, dance clubs and hanging out with hordes of other tourists. What Namibiahas to supply is a something new and thrilling - the fascinating planet of eco-tourism.Across the globe, theres ever-increasing interest in eco-tourism, a relatively new kind oftourism that concentrates on nature, untouched wildlife, and cultural heritage. As a substitutefor fancy purchasing, well-manicured golf courses and gourmet meals, eco-tourism highlightsunspoiled natural resources and biological diversity with minimal disturbance with theneighborhood fabric. Eco-tourism appeals to folks who need to practical experience the all-natural beauty of our planet, see alternate strategies of life, and witness cultural and biologicdiversity devoid of commercializing or exploiting it.Why is Namibia a rising star with eco-tourists? And why does a Google search of "eco-tourism" and "Namibia" yield pretty much 320,000 domain names? Thats for the reason thatwith its spectacular geography of vast, breathtaking deserts and plains, 8,400-foot peaks,and giant shallow lakes, Namibia is one of the handful of remaining examples of untouchednature and wildlife on our planet. A lot to its credit, Namibia is very progressive in defendingthose natural resources. The protection of natural resources and habitat conservation isactually written in to the Namibian constitution, and Namibian neighborhood communitieshave the power to handle wildlife, resources and tourism on their own.This has fostered the improvement of a developing quantity of wildlife reservations in so-called communal conservancies exactly where the nearby communities are in charge ofwildlife management and tourism. At this point, there are almost 50 such communalconservancies in existence and they may be attracting a expanding number of eco-tourists.The Kuene area with the 16,000 square kilometer Skeleton Coast National Park along theAtlantic coast, specifically, has turn into a significant eco-tourism hotspot. WindhoekConferences

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