Native Americans of North America Name ___________________________
Clothing Food Housing
Seminole Seminole men wore breech...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Native Americans of North America Name ___________________________ Clothing Food Housing Seminole Seminole men wore breechcloths. Seminole women wore wraparound skirts, usually woven from palmetto. Shirts were not necessary in Seminole culture. The Seminoles also wore moccasins on their feet. Corn, beans, squash, deer, fish, turkey, rabbits, alligators, and turtles. Lived in houses called chickees made of wood and plaster with roofs that were thatched with palmetto fibers. Their houses were also built on wooden stilts. Inuit Clothes made from animal fur. Hunted foxes, caribou, and polar bears. During the winter they lived in igloos or houses made of ice. In the warmer months, they would live in tents made from animal skins. Nez Perce Their clothing was made from fiber and animal skins. Salmon, deer, bear, berries, and roots. Lived in tule-mat covered homes. Later, they lived in tipis. Hopi They wore light clothing with feather head bands. They wore animal skins. Corn, beans, and squash. Lived in Pueblos made from dirt, rocks, and straw. Kwakiutl Their clothing was made from bark and animal skins. Fish (salmon), meat, and wild foods. Lived in coastal villages of rectangular cedar-plank houses with bark roofs. These houses could be up to 100 feet long. Pawnee Pawnee women wore deerskin skirts and poncho-like blouses. Pawnee men wore breechcloths and leather leggings. Men did not usually wear shirts, but warriors sometimes wore special buckskin war shirts. The Pawnees wore moccasins on their feet, and in cold weather, they wore long buffalo-hide robes. Corn, pumpkin, beans, squash, and buffalo. Lived in settled villages of round earthen lodges. These lodges were made from wooden frames covered with packed soil. When they went hunting they would use tipis (or teepees) made from buffalo hide.