NATIONAL ASSEMBLY DECISIONSEventWhat was it? What changed?Who were the winners?Who were the losers?Declaration of the Rig...
National assembly decisions
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National assembly decisions

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. NATIONAL ASSEMBLY DECISIONSEventWhat was it? What changed?Who were the winners?Who were the losers?Declaration of the Rights of ManThe Declaration of the Rights of Man was influenced by the Declaration of Independence and the Enlightenment. The main idea was that men are free and their natural rights should be kept. People were also guaranteed freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The slogan of the revolution became, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” One thing that wasn’t included was the rights of women.The lower classes. They were declared to be equal with everyone else. Anyone with different religious beliefs or who wanted to speak out against the government.Upper classes, who were above the majority, and women.State Controlled ChurchThe assembly took over the land owned by the churches. They declared that church officials had to be elected by property owners and paid as state officials. The church’s land was sold off and the church was no longer politically independent.The bourgeoisie. They needed more money, but didn’t want to tax people. Selling church land helped pay off France’s debt.Catholic Church. They lost both their land and their independence.Limited Monarchy and Legislative AssemblyThe National Assembly created a Limited Constitutional Monarch, meaning that there would still be a king, but he had to give up the power to create laws and declare war to the Legislative Assembly.The majority (represented by the legislative assembly). They now had a voice.The King, he lost a lot of power.<br />War with AustriaMonarchs in other countries saw the changes that France was making and became scared they would happen in their own countries. Austria and Prussia suggested to France that they put Louis XVI back in power. The Legislative Assembly didn’t like this idea and responded by declaring war on Austria in April 1792, eventually Prussia joined on Austria’s side. It was a disaster for the French, they weren’t prepared at all. When the Prussian and Austrian forces reached Paris the city went into complete chaos. When this happened the National Assembly made some radical decisions/Austria and Prussia.France. They were not prepared at all for war. This caused chaos and the reign of terror. This also didn’t work out very well for Louis.National ConventionTo deal with Austria and Prussia the National Assembly decided to ignore the Constitution they had just wrote in 1791 and depose (overthrow) Louis. The National Convention was put in place to rule France and Louis was executed.Members of the National Convention. People who didn’t like the constitutional monarchy (radicals).Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, as well as supporters of the constitution (conservatives and moderates).<br />

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