Narrative of the Misery<br />Q1) Who is the hero and who is the villain? How do you know?<br />A1) The hero of the film ...
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Narrative Of The Misery

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Narrative of the Misery<br />Q1) Who is the hero and who is the villain? How do you know?<br />A1) The hero of the film is the novelist because when he is in a position of danger, despite defending himself, he kills the antagonist and runs away after being imprisoned in a bedroom belonging to her board house. The villain of the film is the women who saves the main character` s life after hurling him out from the wreckage. We know the woman who saves the protagonist is the villain because of her facial expressions, her psychopathic tone, and her estranged movements. One section in particular, is when she gives the injured protagonist paracetamols, and then almost immediately follows that up with another set of tablets, causing us to believe that she is trying to overdose him.<br />Q2) Where is the story set? What does this tell you about the genre of the film? <br />A2) Judging by the psychopathic tone of the antagonist, in which the protagonist, after weeks of treatment, realises she is trying to kill him finally enters his head; we learn that this film is a psychological thriller. In addition to this, the continuous noise of the antagonist, which enters the main characters head whilst still dazed, illustrates the fact that this film is a psychological thriller.<br />Q3) How many principle characters are there?<br />A3) In principle, there are four characters that play an integral role of the film<br />Q4) How is the story told? Chronologically? What is the effect? <br />A4) The story is not told chronologically, instead it jumps from one period of time to another and then back to the related scene. This is effective because it enables the audience to gain an understanding of what the characters are saying, so by going back to the related scene, audience know who the characters are referring to. <br />Q5) What questions are you left with?<br />A5) The first sets of questions we are left with after watching the first part of Misery are; What is the antagonist after? Is the main character even going to get better? If he does get better, how is he going to escape? <br /> <br />

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