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- Most moviesmake andleave impressionsonaudiences.Nomatterwhatpeople watch,theywill
teenagersfromeachof the twelve Districtsof Panemare chosenatrandom to fighttothe
death. Luckily,KatnissEverdeenandPeetaMel...
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Prewriting english assignment 1

Prewriting english assignment 1
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Prewriting english assignment 1

  • 1. Pre-writing Paragraph 1 - Most moviesmake andleave impressionsonaudiences.Nomatterwhatpeople watch,theywill alwaysleftwiththe impressionwith“Itwasthe bestmovie Ieverwatched!” - There are different genre kindof moviesandfilms.Film nowadayscanalsobe combinedby more than one elementorgenre.Basically,the genre type of moviecanbe categorizedinto action,cartoon,comedy,disaster,drama,fantasy,horror,musical,war,romance,science-fiction and manymore. - I believethatpeople donotwatchfilmsdependingongenre-relatedreasonsbutalsotoget inspiredbythe storyandits characters. - Mostlyauditors probably use filmsormoviestoannounce theirmessagesveryclearly. - There are alwaysmessagesineveryfilmandithaspotential tochange our lives. - That’s whya filmalwayscanchange a personinthe slightestway,nomatterwhatkindof movie it was. - Those messages probablyconveyemotions,raise awarenessaboutanissue,educate abouta subjector justto entertainthe audiences. Itmaybe relatedwithpolitics,histories,sarcasmora metaphor. - A science fictionfilmisusuallyscientific,visionary,andimaginative.Thesefilmstake place inthe future andfeature worldthatis notexist. - As an example,people watchscience fictionmoviesisbecause theywanttosee a worldand creature theyhave neverimagined. Paragraph 2 - The two moviesthatI have chosenisThe HungerGames and The Giver. - These twomoviesare basicallybasedonnovelswhichiswrote byMichael MitnickandGary Ross respectively. - The directorof the bothmoviesisPhilipNoyce andGaryRoss. - Since boththe moviesgenresare basedonscience-fiction,butThe HungerGamesisactuallyan adventure,science fictionmovie.Onthe otherhand,The Giveris alsoa drama, science fiction Movie. - Adventure fictionisagenre of fictionwhichrepresentsanadventure oranexcitingundertaking involvingriskandphysical danger,formsthe mainstoryline. - Drama fictionmovie isagenre of fictionwhichfocusonstory telling, anditisstronglybasedina character, or characters,that are conflictata curcial momentintheirlives. - The qualityor conditionof the filmsare dramatic - For an example,the dramafictiongenre showsaloton realisticcharactersdealingwith emotional themes,suchas:alcoholism, morals,racism, religionandmore. Paragraph 3 - The storyline of The HungerGamesis aboutthe main character, KatnissEverdeen voluntarily takesheryoungersister'splace inthe HungerGames,a televisedcompetitioninwhichtwo
  • 2. teenagersfromeachof the twelve Districtsof Panemare chosenatrandom to fighttothe death. Luckily,KatnissEverdeenandPeetaMellarkhave wonthe game andtheyhave become targetsof the Capitol aftertheirvictoryinthe 74th HungerGamessparksa rebellioninthe Districtsof Panem.She startedto reveal the truthbehindthe gamesandKatnissEverdeenisin District13 aftershe shattersthe gamesforever.Underthe leadershipof PresidentCoinandthe advice of her trustedfriends,Katnissspreadsherwingsasshe fightstosave Peetaanda nation movedbyher courage. Katniss Everdeen is not just savingher folksbut she must free a whole nation from tyrannical oppressionand poverty. - The storyline of Paragraph 4&5 - The reasonwhy I chose thistwomoviesisbecause there are metaphorof politicalmessage behindthestories. - The hungergamesistalkaboutsocial level,howupperclassespeopleplaywithlowerclasses residents.Theyputthemintoagameandwatchitthroughtelevision. - Democracy needsto eradicate tyranny and take over: thisis a very easyand very simplisticinterpretationof the plot, definitelylackinginreflectionand failing to consider all aspects of the work. - On the otherhand,the directorof The Giveruse the otherwayto presentitspolitical messages. The presidentof the peaceful worlddecidedto preventherresidentsfromtorture,sadnessand emotions.Solastlyshe hasbarredall culture thathas relatedtosuffer. Paragraph 6 - In conclusion,

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