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Poly Performance Success Story

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. OzLINK Customer Success Story Poly Performance Staying “Off Road” with OzLINKAt a Glance:Poly Performance Inc., located in San Luis Obispo, California, is retailer ofsuspension, drivetrains, and a growing list of off-road components. In the last fewyears Poly Performance experienced explosive growth that has resulted in "When we first implementedcontinuous improvements in their fulfillment and supply chain. OzLINK we gained huge operation improvements. BeingIndustry: Retail, eCommerce able to continue to leverageOz Solutions: OzLINK ShippingApplications: NetSuite OzLINK with NetSuite wasKey Benefits: key” ."  Migration of QuickBooks to NetSuite, supporting their 70% growth in the last 3 years -Bryan Cole, IT Manager,  Maintain streamlined integration with pack & ship process with Poly Performance upgrade to NetSuite  End to end visibility of order management process from multiple eCommerce channels supporting 120 orders per dayThe Challenge:Poly Performance was continuously expanding, given the escalating demand fortheir products. This meant more of everything including customers, channels,products, inventory, orders, and work. In 2011, Poly Performance first streamlinedtheir fulfillment with OzLINK and QuickBooks. However, given their growingbusiness, there were still a number of issues:  Expanding customers and product offerings were driving varying business processes, making order management more complex  Lack of visibility from the front office into orders, inventory, and fulfillment status  eCommerce orders needed to be better integrated into their order management processThe Solution:Based on their growth they realized they had expanded beyond QuickBooks anddetermined they needed to step up to a new ERP system. They did not want togive up the benefits and automation they accomplished with OzLINK due to thechange. Poly Performance selected NetSuite. OzLINK hadpre-built integration to NetSuite, so the migration was seamless when it came toshipping. The results included:  Real time visibility to orders, inventory, and fulfillment status  Streamlined shipping process for Poly Performance’s three ship stations  Increased automation of order management across eCommerce, call center, and retail partner channels O Z D E VE L OP ME N T , I N C . Phone: 508-366-1969 sales@ozdevelopment.com www.ozdevelopment.com

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