Kindle is the new advanced gadget of today’s era. It has recently introduced its new e-bookreaders and tablets. Popular de...
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Kindle the new generation technology

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Kindle the new generation technology

  • 1. Kindle is the new advanced gadget of today’s era. It has recently introduced its new e-bookreaders and tablets. Popular devices like Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire are recent availableon Amazon. These two tablets are very economical gadgets, and easily available in Spain.Comprarebookya confirms this information, and provides more updates on these gadgets.Kindle Paperwhite is a very popular eBook reader. It has gained a lot of attention on Amazon.This device is fit for a gift on this Christmas Season. It uses bright LED technology having aunique backlit display. This feature is notable in tablets, not in ordinary ebook readers; this iswhat makes Kindle Whitepaper more special and distinct.Reading was never so exciting. Most people are attracted to eBooks online rather than hardcover books. To develop good reading habits one should get an eBook reader having longbattery timing with a constant light display.Kindle Paperwhite is an android tablet with a LED touch screen, having only one physical buttonthat is specific to switching it on and off. The brightness can also be adjusted by this button. Onejust needs to press the button, and fix the brightness by touching the screen to suit the lightingaround.The device is compatible for use outdoors and is portable. Users can use the Kindle Paperwhitefor 8 weeks without charging, if used 30 minutes every day. Every other eBook reader pales incomparison with kindle Paperwhite.It has a large 1024x768 LED display; it makes touch a worth it experience. One can enjoy eBookreading on a large screen. It is only possible by Kindle. It has 2 GB of internal memory filled with1 GB of eBooks. It can store up to 1000 eBooks, which is quite amazing. One can enjoy his/herfavorite book anytime, anywhere. Studying was never so easy.Kindle Fire Tablet has set new records of excellence as soon as it was launched on Amazon. Ithas an amazing touch screen; its resolution is 1024 x 600. It makes texts appear bolder andclearer for readers. One can use it casually, and for business as well.Kindle Fire tablet all about having fun while one reads eBooks. It has many specifications alongwith music, pictures, eBooks, and documents. It is in a slim design and it weighs only 400 grams.A unique gadget would serve the true spirit of Christmas. Kindle tablets are not so expensive ascompared to ordinary tablets; everyone can use them and they are affordable.Wi-Fi is something to which everyone should have access. Kindle Fire is an android tablet thathas a dual core processor along with 512 MB of Ram. It is fast and durable. It has one year ofwarranty. For more comparison between Kindle Fire and Kindle Paperwhite, has all the important features and details for android usersin Spain.

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