Founded  by  Mr  Lee  Kong  How  in  August  2015,  Dinasou  is  a  for-­pro...
Official  launch  of  Dinasou.com  in  Kuala  Lumpur,  Malaysia  
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Press release – official launch of dinasou

The official launch of www.dinasou.com – Malaysia's 1st Online Supermart operating on an O2O e-commerce model.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press release – official launch of dinasou

  • 1.                                                                                                                            Dinasou  Group  Sdn  Bhd  (1138683-­T)         No.9,  Jln  YTN  3,  Industri  Desa  Aman   52200  Kepong,  Kuala  Lumpur   Malaysia   Tel:  (60)3-­2106  9996   www.dinasou.com           FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE       Dinasou.com  –  Malaysia’s  1st  Online  Supermart  –  an  O2O  e-­Commerce  Platform     Kuala   Lumpur,   26   Oct   2015   –   In   partnership   with   the   Federation   of   Sundry   Goods   Merchants   Association  of  Malaysia,  Dinasou.com  is  Malaysia’s  1 st  online  supermart  operating  on  an  Online-­to-­ Offline  (O2O)  e-­commerce  model.  Officially  launched  in  August  2015,  founded  by  CEO,  Mr  Lee  Kong   How  who  spent  nearly  2  years  to  conceptualize,  research,  and  develop  this  O2O  e-­commerce  platform   to  provide  integrated  and  innovative  grocery  shopping  and  selling  convenience  as  well  as  experience   to  consumers  and  grocery  retailers  in  Malaysia.       Dinasou.com  will  enable  grocery  retailers  in  Malaysia  to  sell  grocery  items  through  its  e-­commerce  site   directly  to  consumers.  The  grocery  sales  will  be  made  possible  and  convenient  via  either  an  Offline-­to-­ Online   capability   which   creates   a   physical   touch-­point   at   the   partnering   grocery   stores   to   allow   consumers  to  buy  grocery  not  only  on  the  spot  by  cash,  even  better,  they  can  scan  and  buy  at  “Juresic   Mall”  via  QR  codes  with  their  mobile  devices  like  smartphones,  tablets  and  etc  which  will  allow  them  to   buy  items  of  a  variety  of  brands  that  are  not  available  in-­store.  Consumers  can  search  and  buy  other   local  specialty  items  that  were  originally  produced  out  of  Malaysia  like  from  Taiwan,  Singapore,  China   and  more  –  all  these  are  available  on  a  section  called  “Brand  Street”  on  the  e-­commerce  site  itself.     For  grocery  retailers,  Dinasou.com  aims  to  provide  a  game  changing  e-­commerce  platform  for  brick-­ and-­mortar  stores  to  further  expand  their  sales  distribution  channels  as  well  as  increase  their  top-­line   growth.  On  the  other  hand,  all  partnering  retailers  will  have  direct  access  to  user-­friendly  back-­end   systems  called  Dinasou  Express  (DE)  to  facilitate  their  logistics,  and  Dinasou  Super  Console  (DSC),   which  includes  Digital  Marketing,  Branding,  Warehouse  Management  System,  Analytics  System  and   Cloud  System  (coming  soon),  just  to  name  a  few.       For  consumers,  if  they  buy  any  item  online  via  Dinasou.com,  they  will  automatically  be  rewarded  with   Dinasou  Eggs  which  is  a  form  of  online  store  credit,  they  can  use  it  to  deduct  payment  for  their  grocery   items   and   enjoy   other   loyalty   program   benefits.   Furthermore,   as   the   grocery   store   network   is   comprehensively  expanded  across  all  states  and  areas  in  Malaysia,  it  could  be  possible  that  consumers   can  order  online  or  from  a  physical  store  in  one  area  then  collect  their  grocery  items  at  a  different  store   in  another  area  at  their  own  convenience.     “At  the  moment,  we  have  over  9,000  registered  members,  and  we  own  2  warehouse  locations  in  Klang   Valley,  and  our  ultimate  goal  is  to  open  20  more  warehouse  locations  and  wide  spread  our  grocery   store  network  across  Malaysia  within  a  year.  Coming  soon,  we’re  poised  to  launch  a  new  version  of  our   e-­commerce  site  and  back-­end  systems  and  will  constantly  stay  on  the  forefront  of  the  latest  web  and   mobile  payment  technologies  to  meet  the  ever-­changing  needs  of  consumers  and  retailers  altogether.   Our  vision  is  to  be  a  game  changer  in  the  grocery  market  to  bring  disruptive  yet  beneficial  impacts  to   our  target  audiences  in  Malaysia,  it’s  going  to  be  a  whole  new  integrated  experience  which  is  different   that  the  traditional  e-­commerce”  said  Mr  Lee  Kong  How,  CEO  of  Dinasou.com.       -­END-­
  • 2.         ABOUT  DINASOU  GROUP  SDN  BHD     Founded  by  Mr  Lee  Kong  How  in  August  2015,  Dinasou  is  a  for-­profit  O2O  e-­commerce  company  with   a  vision  to  revolutionise  the  grocery  market.  Its  online  product  is  branded  as  Dinasou.com  which  allows   merchants  to  broaden  revenue  streams  whilst  providing  an  online-­offline-­integrated  grocery  shopping   experience  and  convenience  to  consumers  in  Malaysia.  To  learn  more,  please  visit  www.dinasou.com.         MEDIA  CONTACT:  Kyle  Law,  Head  of  Marketing,  kyle@dinasou.com,  (60)10  396  2230     FOLLOW  US:  Facebook,  fb.com/dinasouMY    |    Twitter,  twitter.com/dinasouMY    |           Mr  Lee  Kong  How               Dinasou  O2O  e-­commerce  business  model       Juresic  Mall’s  outlook
  • 3.             Official  launch  of  Dinasou.com  in  Kuala  Lumpur,  Malaysia     NOTE  TO  MEDIA:  Kindly  please  refer  to  the  attached  zipped  file  in  your  email  for  the  above  photos  at   your  convenience

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