Prevalent automotive oxygen sensor faultOnce the oxygen sensor fails, ベンツ専用診断機 will ECU cannot acquire the propersign conv...
collection and set up of the rubber gasket, not specified by the company toimplement apart from the solvent and anti-stick...
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Prevalent automotive oxygen sensor fault

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Prevalent automotive oxygen sensor faultOnce the oxygen sensor fails, ベンツ専用診断機 will ECU cannot acquire the propersign conveyed to the oxygen sensor, and so not on the air-fuel ratio feedbackcommand is executed, and will increase in engine fuel usage and exhaust pollution,engine idle instability, misfire, surge failure phenomenon. As a result, theimportance of timely troubleshooting or alternative, to make certain the normal dothe job of your engine.1 oxygen sensor poisoningOxygen sensor poisoning is frequent and even more hard to avoidance andprocedure of a failure, the brightly colored sediment that leaded gas. Directpoisoning from the typical attributes of the oxygen sensor is always to use a shinyfloor rust layer, as revealed in Figure 1. Leaded gasoline will damage the oxygensensors and catalytic diagnosis tool Eshop Nearly all of the oxygensensor soon after the erosion of leaded gasoline, lifetime will be a sharp decrease.The repeated use of leaded gasoline during the auto, whether or not the brand newoxygen sensor, can only operate a handful of thousand kilometers. Merely a slightguide poisoning, and then use a box of unleaded gasoline, are going to be able toeliminate the the oxygen sensor floor guide it back again to standard get the jobdone. Having said that, due to the higher exhaust temperature of the guide invasionin their inner and hinder the diffusion of oxygen ions, to ensure that the oxygensensor failure, then you can certainly only be replaced.Furthermore, the oxygen sensor silicon OBD2 diagnostic tools China poisoning islikewise widespread, as revealed in Figure 2. In general, produced in thecombustion of gasoline and lubricants that contains silicon compound silica, siliconrubber gasket poor usage of silicone exudes fuel will trigger the oxygen sensorfailure, and therefore to work with good quality gas and lubricants . Repairs to right
  • 2. collection and set up of the rubber gasket, not specified by the company toimplement apart from the solvent and anti-sticking agent coating on the sensor.2. CokeCarbon deposition on the leading face on the oxygen sensor is carbon black. Cokeadhered on the surface on the oxygen sensor, the oxygen-sensitive product can notfully connection with the exhaust fuel, the output signal misalignment, whenexcessive coke, oxygen sensor thoroughly ineffective. Coke is inescapable, for thereason that, even though the normal performing on the motor, after the start, or tospeedily warm the motor large power output is important to produce theconcentrated gas combination,Car OBD2 Tools supplier the excess fuel within theexhaust pipe to carry on to burn off to provide superior temperature, to generatecoke within an oxygen sensor area, accelerated getting older; if some other engineparts, such as the injector drip to ensure that the air-fuel ratio to a massive alterhappens, the final result which the motor will not be regular combustion, the coke isa lot more major, existence is additionally far more limited. High temperature withthe exhaust oxygen sensors for carbon deposition just isnt really severe, removethe cause of the failure on the engine coke can remove carbon deposition over thesurface area in the oxygen sensor to resume normal get the job done.3 oxygen sensor Ceramic the fragmentation oxygen sensor ceramics really hard andbrittle, stay clear of struck using a tricky object or use solid airflow purge within thetechnique of set up or upkeep, in order that may possibly make it shatter and failure,so pay out unique notice.4. Heater resistance wire is blownThe heater resistance wire could be the oxygen sensor is heated, allowed to operateahead of time, if your heater resistance wire ablation, it is actually hard to make thesensor to succeed in normal working temperature missing. Oxygen sensor insideline broken off It might be judged by the coloration of the prime areas of the AutoDiagnostic Tool observed oxygen sensor failure: (1) gentle gray best: This isactually the regular color of the oxygen sensor; (2) to be a white major: from siliconpollution a result of the oxygen sensor need to be replaced at this time; (3) brownmajor: by direct contamination during the oxygen sensor have to also be replaced,if extreme; (4) Black leading: exclude engine carbon deposits failure because ofcarbon deposits, commonly carbon deposition to the oxygen sensor canautomatically obvious.