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Press release final rev1b

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. What Matters Most to Families? Financial Management Partners Changes Name to Matter Family Office Reflecting the Real Conversation With Families FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEST. LOUIS, MO / DENVER, CO, March 8, 2013 – Family office industry pioneer Financial Management Partners,founded in 1990, announced today that the firm has changed its name to Matter Family Office. Serving CEOs andbusiness owners, beneficiaries, professionals and single-family offices, Matter Family Office advises on more than $5billion in family assets.“After deciding that the perfunctory name of Financial Management Partners was not commensurate with the serviceand delivery model of our privately held multi family office, we began a journey to try to find a name more reflective ofour work,” said Katherine B. Lintz, Founder and CEO. “Since 1990, our primary purpose has been to help familiesmake great decisions on their human and financial capital. In order to do that, we need to help the families determinewhat is important to them… what matters most.”Matter Family Office determined that incorporating what matters to families into the name of the firm is essential tocommunicating the firm’s DNA, and to change the conversation with families. “In addition,” Lintz continued, “mypartners and I want to highlight our family office point of view: independent, holistic integrated, service, andpartnership for every family member. It is a privilege to play an industry leadership role in the development of a truefamily office for multiple families.”Matter Family Office believes incorporating what is important to families and highlighting the family office concept inits name should stand out in a crowded and confusing industry, and hopes to continue to change the conversation.About Matter Family OfficeWith offices in St. Louis and Denver, Matter Family Office advises more than 70 families in 26 states representingover $5 billion in net worth. Committed to remaining a private company, the firm is owned entirely by active partnersand associates. For more information, please go to www.matterfamilyoffice.comContactKatherine B. Lintz, Founder and CEOMatter Family Office(314) 862-5190klintz@matterfamilyoffice.comwww.matterfamilyoffice.com

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