Honestly, modern people would be amazed if they just realized what people used to call beds some
years back. These beds we...
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King size divan bed

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - King size divan bed

  • 1. Honestly, modern people would be amazed if they just realized what people used to call beds some years back. These beds were made from animal skins, piles of feathers and straw. Although this may sound absurd, they were still regarded as very comfortable sleeping grounds just like modern beds are perceived to be. Recent revolution has greatly transformed bedroom furniture with the introduction of modern good looking beds ranging from the popular bunks to the four poster beds and even divan beds. Essentially, most people have no idea what divan is all about and would not even differentiate these beds from the ordinary cheap beds out there. In simple terms, a divan bed comprises of two parts which are separate. These are the mattress and the base. The base of divan is notably differentiated by its sturdy and unique wooden frame that gives the appearance of a hollow box. The base either has a flat top that is hard or one which is fitted with springs. A damask or cotton fabric that matches the colour of the mattress cover is used to cover the base. The real usefulness of a divan bed is attributed to the hollow space found in the box. The large wooden base frame is specially customized to contain four compartments or drawers on its sides. At the end of a divan bed, also possible to find a slide compartment or a drawer also. In other times, the base can be used for storage by simply lifting it up. To facilitate easy moving of the bed around, the base bottom of the bed is fitted with wooden legs or some casters are attached. This tends to raise the bed higher from the floor which is actually more of its traditional style. The bed is simply completed and made comfortable for use by placing a mattress on top. Divan beds are available in varying styles and are of different types. This may include memory foam beds, pocket sprung beds, hypoallergenic and back cared beds. For people with back problems and require firm support when lying, one can buy orthopedic divan bed which is specially designed for that. Finding cheap beds of divan style is as easy as using the power of the internet. There are great online sites that specialize on bed sales where you can get any type and design of divan bed to suit your needs. The best part with online bed shopping is that in addition to shopping at the comfort of your home, you can do comparative shopping to get simply the best divan bed at the best possible price. One way that a divan bed is different from other ordinary beds is the absence of end boards and support frames which are very common in all most all ordinary beds. The mattress is simply supported on a box base. For more info visit :- http://www.bedguy.co.uk/kingsize-divan-beds

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