Narrative of ‘The Watcher’
In the opening sequence of my film it shows a close up of a clock hitting 3:30 in a
classroom. T...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Narrative of ‘The Watcher’ In the opening sequence of my film it shows a close up of a clock hitting 3:30 in a classroom. Then we see a long shot of students leaving school to go home, and the camera focuses on one student. A young girl who’s walking with her best friend and heading towards a field to where they both live. We see a over the shoulder shot of the girls walking with only the side of a mans head to the left hand side of the shot. One of the girls then turns back because she feels like someones watching her and she sees the man. So she then nudges her friend and asked is she’d ever seen him before because living in a small village you tend to notice everyone. When her friend looks back the man has gone. As the girls are getting closer and closer to home they depart and go their separate ways. Amelia Rose walks right and Annabelle turns left. Annabelle is walking at a steady speed and puts her headphones in as Amelia isn’t there to talk to anymore and as she turns another corner there is a small bridal footpath and when she walks past it there is a long shot of a gloved hand coming out and puts it around her mouth and pulls her down. Amelia gets home and walks through her house into the kitchen in the back rooms, as she walks through she dumbs her bag in the corridor and goes to the fridge to get a drink. 3 hour later Amelia is in her bedroom doing some homework on her computer when she doesn’t know how to complete a question for her maths so she rings Annabelle, there was no answer. She doesn’t think anything of it apart from she didn’t have her phone with her. Amelia puts her phone down and moves on to the next question. Suddenly she hears the front door slam close and hears footsteps coming up the stairs at quite a speed. Her mother opens the door and says ‘Is Annabelle here?’ and Amelia responds ‘No?’, ‘Has she been here at all tonight?’ and Amelia says ‘No, i last saw her where i normally do when i turn right and she goes left?’. ‘Well she hasn’t got home yet and its been 3 hours?’. Amelia and her mum go out to look for Annabelle and find nothing. It’s 4 weeks later and the police have given up the look for Annabelle, it was left that she probably wasn’t happy where she was and has run away. Amelia was so down for the next few months as she’d just lost her best friend. It’d been nearly 2 months now since Annabelle’s disappearance and Amelia started to feel like she was being watched, everything she did she felt someone was there, glaring at her from every angle. She went out with her sister and her mum for a days shopping and kept turning her back at every corner. A man became frequently spotted by Amelia and she seemed to see him everywhere, she didn’t think twice about who he was or why he was always there.

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