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Press Release - Gov signs bill expanding biometrics in the work place

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release - Gov signs bill expanding biometrics in the work place

  • 1. DNA TOTAL PROFILE, INC • Austin, TX • (512) 255-7210 • www.dnatotalprofile.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Kerri Reeves, President Company: DNA TOTAL PROFILE, INC. Phone: 512-255-7210 Email: kreeves@dnatotalprofile.com Date: June 24, 2009 Governor Signs Bill Expanding Use of Biometrics in the Work Place With Restrictions to Protect Employee Privacy AUSTIN, TEXAS (June 19, 2009) Today, Governor Rick Perry signed H.B. 3186 (Author: Representative, Brian McCall – Plano, Texas) amending the Business & Commerce Code, Section 503.001 (c) by expanding the use of biometrics for a commercial purpose allowing employers to make this biotechnology available to their employees for identification purposes in the event of the individual’s disappearance or death. Biometric identifiers, including fingerprints, photographs / facial recognition, and voice prints are increasingly used by businesses and government entities to confirm the identity of an individual. However, there is concern this type of personal identifier can also be misused by identity thieves to impersonate the owner of the identifier in business transactions or other contexts. H.B. 3186 narrows the circumstances in which a biometric identifier is authorized to be disclosed by a person in possession of an identifier and requires the biometric identifier to be destroyed within one year of the date the purpose for collecting the identifier expires. The bill specifies that the purpose of a biometric identifier collected for security purposes by an employer is presumed to expire on termination of the employment relationship. Kerri Reeves, president of DNA TOTAL PROFILE, INC., an Austin based company specializing in bio identity preservation, worked with Representative McCall and the ACLU on this legislation. The proposed language would have prevented the commercial use of biometrics and ultimately the rights of employers to offer this technology to their employees who work in hostile zones. We are grateful to Representative McCall and the ACLU for listening to our concerns and making the modifications that made this legislation a “Win” for both employers and employees. Globalization and the expansion of the world economy have brought business opportunities to many multi-national corporations. Along with that opportunity is an increased risk in crimes including kidnapping, physical and financial threats. Contractors and expatriates working in hostile zones for high profile Fortune 100 and 500 Corporations’ are at risk and often unaware of their vulnerability. Headlines as: U.S. flagged container ship Maersk Alabama hijacked by Somali pirates taking the captain hostage; Severed Finger of U.S. contractor in Iraq sent to U.S.; $21 Million Ransom demand for seven oil workers kidnapped in Nigeria. These are just a few of the incidents that have occurred, but the threats facing corporate America and their international business partners are real. Today corporations are looking to science to help mitigate some of these risks while providing corporate security teams with needed technology to
  • 2. DNA TOTAL PROFILE, INC • Austin, TX • (512) 255-7210 • www.dnatotalprofile.com confirm an employees’ identity in proof of life matters or a fatality, helping to expedite the rescue and recovery process. The goal is to reunite the employee and their family as quickly as possible. This type of biotechnology can be very helpful in identifying victims killed in an industrial disaster, and is a new tool in corporate safety programs. A bio identity profile differs from other systems such as the TWIC, SMART and CAC cards containing one or more biometrics. These cards are utilized for access entry purposes into a restricted area. A bio identity profile contains multiple forms of bio data including DNA analysis, photographs, fingerprints, dental records, unusual markings etc. and is used for identification purposes in the event of an abduction or fatality. This bio tool is considered to be a biological insurance policy which helps expedite the identification of a victim bringing closure to family members and can help settle insurance claims for both life insurance and K & R (kidnapping and ransom) policies. About DNA TOTAL PROFILE, INC: DNA TOTAL PROFILE, INC. headquartered in Austin, Texas is a certified Small Woman Owned Enterprise specializing in bio identity preservation by combining DNA profiling with biometrics preserved in a secure single source system that is then returned to the donor or their designee. The bio identity profile should be stored in a secure location such as a home safe, safety deposit box, corporate safe with consideration of a virtual safe. We offer this biotechnology to both corporations with employees working in hostile zones and volatile industries as well as the individual, says Kerri Reeves, president of DNA TOTAL PROFILE, INC. Our mission is to empower the individual by providing them with biotechnology enabling them to protect control and manage their own bio data. Kerri and her business partner, who have more than ten years experience in the DNA industry, decided to step outside the traditional DNA business model by offering a combination of biotechnologies in a secure digital format to those most at risk. Kerri says they offer this comprehensive biotechnology because of the events of 9/11 and the more than 1,100 victims that have yet to be identified from the World Trade Center. We never want to see another family suffer this type of anguish. For more information about bio identity preservation and the services offered by DNA TOTAL PROFILE, INC. you may contact Kerri Reeves at 512-255-7210 or visit our website at www.dnatotalprofile.com ###

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