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Nam Lik Article by K Held

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nam Lik Article by K Held

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In 1995 David Phabmixay asked himself that very question and then opened the Nam Lik Eco Village as a refuge from Vientiane for himself, his family and his guests – many of whom are Vientiane weekenders. He wanted to provide sport activities, adventure, discovery and participation in Lao rural life. “People need to get out of Vientiane and do something from time to time. They need activities – it’s boring to just sit near the river all weekend.” In 1996 he bought himself and his kayak and took his first descent down the Nam Lik River and fell in love. After his first descent down 15 kilometres of the clean class I and class II river, he Weekend escapes from Vientiane Nam Lik River – riding, rest, relaxation and river running decided he wanted to have an eco-lodge in which his guests could “discover nature through activities”. He added the activities of kayaking, biking and trekking to his peaceful lodge on the banks of the Nam Lik River . He also added a climbing wall and a zip line in 2012 as “people needed more excitement”. In 2013 Mr Phabmixay added tubing to his repertoire of activities in the great outdoors. Next year – in 2014 - he plans to include rock climbing. “TheNamLikEco-Village is also the best museum for invertebrates in Laos and you won’t see anything else like it in the entire country” says long time fan and eco-lodge guest Thomas Calame. Calame, a French-Korean consultant in eco-tourism and biodiversity living in Vientiane with his family, is impressed by the large display of invertebrates as they are all named and identified. He enjoys coming to the lodge as he feels it’s more personal than other places. He also states that “you can come here quite often and never do the same thing twice. It’s quite nice actually.” Four friends and I had the opportunity to spend the weekend at Nam Lik Eco- Village and we all returned to Vientiane feeling refreshed from such a great time on the river, on the trails and in the village near the lodge. Biker extraordinaire Nancy Knapp and I (the weaker of the two person crew) biked over half the way from Vientiane to the lodge while her husband drove the rest of our party in his car. Although Knapp has over 15 years on me, she had not a hair out of place during our 50 kilometre ride while I was begging for the airconditioner and imaginary cooler with ice from her husband Mark Goreman’s car. Mark and our other two friends, Karen Smith and Zoe Greatorex met us at the Vang Sang Buddha caves. Vang Sang literally means “the elephant’s court” and served as a perfect cultural stop on our way to the lodge. After a home cooked delicious lunch at the lodge the five of us took an amazing kayak trip down the Nam Lik River in which we did not pass one restaurant, bar, or segment of loud noise. It was pure river, blue sky and jungle at its finest. Depending on which time of year you go, the river offers a couple of nice class II rapids and a class III rapid during the rainy season. It is suitable for beginners with a guide. Intermediate paddlers have an opportunity to play in some nice rapids and waves. The second day Mark and Nancy opted for a bike ride along the bike riding trails made by the eco-lodge which take you through the local village, rice fields and dirt roads. Zoe caught up on reading and relaxing in the cabin and Karen tubed down the river while I acted as her safety kayak. I think we all appreciated a day on the river together but also enjoyed the options of doing our own separate activities on our second day depending on our moods. As Oscar Bilingual School ’s international coordinator Seamus O’Grady says “I like to escape the hustle and bustle of Vientiane ’s city life from time to time. I like to remind myself that just 30 – 60 minutes travel in any direction lies this magnificent, unspoilt landscape that is truly breathtaking.” I count the area in and around the Nam Lik Eco- Village among such places and highly recommend a journey there. When I asked Karen if she would go back her retort was “definitely! Just put me in a car and take me!” Karla Held is a freelance photojournalist based in Laos. She can be contacted with questions and comments at The Nam Lik River. The Vang Sang Buddha caves were a perfect cultural stop on our way to the Nam Lik Eco-Village. Karen Smith takes a break from her NGO in Cambodia and enjoys a tube trip from Hinheup bridge to the Nam Lik Eco-Village. Owner of the Nam Lik Eco- Village David Phabmixay and Karen Smith at the put in of the river trip.

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