Personality Profiling to Prevent Conflict
In recent years, many employers have turned to personal...
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Prevent Conflict with Personality Profiling

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Personality Profiling to Prevent Conflict In recent years, many employers have turned to personality profiling to assess potential new hires. Not only can a personality test determine if a candidate’s traits will fit a position’s requirements, but a test can determine if a candidate’s personality will blend well with potential supervisors. With so many employees operating in one business, personalities are bound to clash here and there. In fact, Gallup research shows that half of employee turnover is spurred by personality conflicts. How can businesses reduce turnover and avert potentially disastrous working relationships? Personality profiling is designed to spot and prevent personality conflicts before they happen. If significant differences emerge between an employee’s and a manager’s personality profile, a personality conflict will likely occur that may cause stress in the workplace. An aggressive manager could see a more passive employee as working too slowly and lacking motivation, whereas a passive employee could see a more aggressive manager as controlling and micromanaging. Such an environment can have negative effects on employee retention, as the new hire is more likely to resign—and quickly—when such a distinct conflict exists. Comparing personality profiles can deter personality conflicts from being introduced to the workplace. But what if a personality conflict already exists? First, try assigning the new employee to a more compatible manager. Higher compatibility rates yield faster-learning, more productive employees. If that isn’t a viable solution, arrange a meeting with the manager and the new employee. Sometimes, verbalizing how the two are alike and how their differences can complement each other is enough to get them working as a team. Addressing differences in a positive manner puts an optimistic spin on a stressful situation and can help promote harmony. As part of its turnover reduction strategies, GHRO offers employee selection services including personality profiling, employment testing, drug screening, and background checks. These services are only a small part of what GHRO has to offer as your business’ Human Resources PEO. Through GHRO’s services, you’ll receive the expertise of a professional HR team at the fraction of the cost of hiring an internal Human Resources Department. Contact GHRO today to see how your business can benefit from outsourcing its Human Resources needs!

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